Grey and Beige

Grey is a basic essential in every man’s wardrobe, being second only to navy, the epitome of menswear versatility and timelessness. A light grey or charcoal suit and slacks are the perfect example of pieces you’ll most likely end up wearing for years to come. The trick, so to speak, is finding new ways and combinations to sport them in order to keep a polished yet unique look: one that reflects your personality among the remaining thousands of guys wearing the “same” suit. Distinction can be achieved through a number of ways, be it fabric quality and fit, or subtle personal details such as linings, cuff length, etc. - basically you don’t need to reinvent those essentials in order to stand out.

This outfit is the result of a balanced mix between classic and edgier pieces, combining the elegance of grey slacks and beige shades on the sports jacket and derby shoes, with highlights of color and pattern on the accessories. The latter, along with the almost melodic color combination, are definitely what gives the whole outfit a new life: this unique button-down patchwork scarf works perfect both under a jacket (assuming a vest-like appearance) or on its own. The blend of different hues of grey and patterns such as checks, houndstooth and herringbone makes it a statement piece in its own right. A perfect fitting white dress shirt works as a blank canvas for the scarf and burgundy tie and pocket square…

Details: cotton piquet sports jacket by Massimo Dutti, MTO spread collar shirt by AGVA, 110s wool slacks (part of a 3 piece suit) by Purificacion Garcia, taupe suede derby shoes by Buttero, patchwork button-down scarf by Zara, polka dot tie by Vicri, vintage pocket square, tie bar by Tie Rack, watch by Daniel Wellington and shades by Ray-Ban.

Model and Styling: Miguel Amaral Vieira

the signs & their lucky colors
  • Aries:red,coral,bright pink,and white.
  • Taurus:brown,russet,green,and turquoise.
  • Gemini:peach,yellow,and light blue.
  • Cancer:light emerald,silver,pale purple,and pale yellow.
  • Leo:gold,royal purple,and orange.
  • Virgo:pale green,grey,beige,and lilac.
  • Libra:ivory,white,pink(or rose),and turquoise.
  • Scorpio:scarlet red,black,midnight blue,and emerald green.
  • Sagittarius:ultramarine blue,tan,magenta,orange,and colbat blue.
  • Capricorn:chocolate brown,royal and navy blue,dark green,dark grey,and black.
  • Aquarius:silver,Aqua,purple, and electric pink & blue.
  • Pisces:pale green,purple, rose,grey-blue,lilac,and violet.