grey's wrap party


Shondaland cast & crew are the absolute best.They took the time to get to know us and now they really enjoy seeing us every time we pop up! 

Sarah Drew remembered us from the mall and told us she was telling her husband that we should’ve just come up to her. 

I mentioned to Camilla that the last time I met her, she gave us water and she exclaimed, “MY WATER BOTTLE GIRLS!!” and gave us hugs! Then when we were posing for a normal picture, she just turned and kissed my cheek and my jaw dropped! 

When Rob saw us, he instantly walked past everyone to us and the first thing he said was, “You guys are amazing!”  I wrote Rob a letter thanking him for all of the amazing memories he has helped us make this year and telling him how much I appreciate him.

If you could see the was Paramedic Nicole’s face lights up when she sees us… it’s amazing. They are so surprised we know who all over them are and we make them feel so appreciated and loved, it’s magical. Nic the Decorator had her friend take a picture of her signing an autograph for me because she was so stunned I knew and cared so much about meeting her.

Tessa was so kind and so sweet. She’s really hilarious in person. People were coming up to her and telling her how much they were going to miss her, all tearing up and sad, and she just kissed every single one of them. She has an awesome attitude and meeting her in person and experiencing what she’s like makes it really sad she won’t be returning next season.

Karin. When I saw Karin. I instantly called her name and she just stopped and said, “Come here.” She gave me the biggest hug you could ever imagine. I saw her once at the 200th location and waved to her but Rob talks about us so fondly with the crew after we’ve gone to location, they all already know who we are.

There were crew members that I didn’t even know who came up to us and said my hashtag (#HeReallyIsTheBest) to me or mentioned something that happened at one of the locations we visited. Knowing they talk about us when we leave and have nothing but kind things to say is BEYOND.