grey's s5

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I always see the Dean + gray area with monsters posts on my dash but I don't think I have seen the situation where at the start of season 6 there's that shapeshifter baby and he won't let anyone kill it. That one always stayed with me for some reason.

I love this episode(6.02). I think part of that was meant to show us how Dean was starting to see himself as father-type material because of the year he spent with Ben, which he and Sam talk about and Sam even calls him father material.

only to have that ripped away from him and spin all the way back to

a few episodes later (6.06). But the shifter baby was a good way to show us Dean knew about babies, and opened up a good dialogue where he and Sam talked about Ben as shown in the first gif from 6.02. But not only that, of course, because Dean has been seeing monsters in shades of grey for a long time, and especially children like we saw with him in Jesse two years before the shifter baby came onto the scene (5.06)

Shades of grey all over the place when it comes to monsters, and especially the innocent monster offspring.