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“Don’t be beautiful. They keep saying that beautiful is something a girl needs to be. But honestly? Forget that. There are an eternity of other things to be other than beautiful.” Insp.

Learn Korean Online!

Hii guys!! I decided to make this tutorial for online Korean learning, this is a method my Korean teacher gave us, is completely free, really easy to use, and fun! Made this specially for @diaduithannah, hope you like it!
1. You must enter the page and create an account. You can set it for it to be in english so it is easier to use.

2. Click on: Create an account

3. Once in there, click on the grey mark points so they turn blue, and click on General Membership Signup, if you want you can use the Social Media one but I was taught this method.

4. Fill in all the information and remember to select that you are a Student

5. Confirm your accont and go back to the home page

6. Once in the home page, click on Learn and Standard Curriculum

7. Go to the bottom of the page for the beginners option, if you are more advanced look for the one that suits you

8.  There will be an option bar, choose Learn.

9. A tab will open up. Click on the korean “start”, this page will give you animations, conversations, audio, explanations, and exercises for you to practice grammar and vocabulary. 

10. This is a little extra, but I would recommend for you to already know how to read Hangul (korean) in case you don’t know and you want to practice deeper the exercises, the page offers textbooks you can print. Click on search and select the option Sejong Korean Workbook in the ebook section. Choose the one that suits you. The one I pointed is for beginners and explains how to read Hangul! However I do recommend watching videos for learning Hangul as well.

Sincerely guys, this webpage is everything. It even gives you cultural lessons, it teaches you cultural traditions in Korea according to what you are seeing in the lessons! It is really fun and helps a lot. Any doubts about this web page I am all yours! Thank you!
Please share if you find it helpful!

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I've seen a blog say that Chris and Seb aren't friends, that Chris hates Seb. What do you think? This is giving me anxiety, I think they are friends, but now I don't know.

They’ve both said multiple times that they’re pretty friendly, and that even if they go months without seeing each other between movies they’re perfectly capable of picking up right where they left off and it’s like no time has passed.

They’ve also both gone out of their way to compliment each other and each other’s work even when they didn’t really need to bring the other person up, and particularly with Chris I think it’s pretty easy to see when he’s not feeling very comfortable, yet in all the footage we’ve gotten from the movies press tours and different events we can see them constantly laughing and having fun being very at ease around the other.

They may not be the closest friends ever, but I do think they mean it when they say they get along super well (lbr we’ve all seen what happens in movies when the 2 main actors have zero chemistry or don’t get along, and Chris and Seb work AMAZINGLY together), and tbh even if we didn’t have lots and lots of evidence, just them saying so should be proof enough. They have no reason to lie, they’re both grown men and very professional and perfectly capable of making these movies together just keeping a polite work relationship, no need for them to say they’re good friends if they’re not, imo.

So I really do think they get along super well and feel comfortable around each other (which, with Chris’ social anxiety, it also tells you something), and I’m gonna respect what they’ve both said about the topic. But in case you’re still worried about it, nonnie, I gathered these for you <3

  • them sharing a private moment and laughing together while someone else was answering a question [x]
  • Seb walking out and going straight to squeeze Chris’ shoulder and Chris holding his hand [x]
  • you can’t fake THIS [x]
  • they’re both all Heart Eyes™ is2g [x]
  • ahemm… [x]
  • AHEMM…. [x]
  • and just… what even was this hug i swear [x]
  • the Chubby Dumpling Incident [x]

and honestly I just had to stop there because I could go oooon and on and I’d never see the end of it, so I hope these few examples will help calm you down!

I’d recommend unfollowing/muting/blocking that blog if it’s making you feel that bad about this, and just ignoring whatever they’re saying about these two or about Chris hating Seb, because, really, look at this man:



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45 for rhack?

this got long….but i ended up with an idea i really liked so 

“Mmm? What’d ya say, pumpkin?”

Jack had been on the verge of falling asleep, half on top of Rhys with his face nestled between Rhys’ soft pecs. He snuffled into wakefulness as he heard Rhys talking to him, squinting up at his omega’s face. 

Rhys raised an amused eyebrow at him, mismatched eyes peering at Jack over the rims of his glasses. Jack still didn’t totally get why Rhys bothered wearing them, considering the whole cybernetically enhanced eye and all, but Rhys looked cute wearing them so Jack didn’t harp on it that much. 

“You were falling asleep, weren’t you? Jack, it’s not even nine yet.” Jack chuffed, blowing a strand of gray hair out of his eyes.

“Don’t you call me old, pumpkin…” Jack snuggled Rhys closer, pressing his cheek affectionately into the omega’s chest. Rhys set aside the tablet he’d been working on, metal and flesh fingers coming up to comb through Jack’s hair.

“Wh’ were you sayin’ anyway? Wanted to ask me a question…”

“Oh, right,” Rhys chuckled, idly parting Jack’s hair, “um, well…I was gonna say…you should tell me a secret.”

Jack snorted, not sure he’d even heard Rhys right the first time. He turned his head up, nestling his chin in the cleavage between the omega’s pecs as he looked up at him. 

“A secret? You’re kidding….”


“Rhys….how long have we been married…”

Rhys’ smile was soft and affectionate.

“Seventeen years…”

“And yet you’re askin’ me to tell you a secret like we’re a pair of tweens on a first date.”

Sooo you’re saying you don’t have any secrets left to tell me?”

“I-I….well….” Jack stammered, biting his lip as he tried to think. Though Jack was a man of many, many secrets, he actually couldn’t think of many he hadn’t told Rhys. Rhys knew about his scar, about his childhood, about his first two marriages. There was little that Jack had been able to keep from him over the years that Rhys hadn’t either inadvertently figured out of Jack hadn’t eventually broken down and told him about out of guilt.  

“Rhysie….I’m tired….can’t the secret just be ‘I love you’?”

“That’d be like, the worst kept secret ever.” Rhys snickered at Jack’s pout, smoothing the older man’s hair back against his head before letting it spring into place. Jack puffed in frustration, eyebrows knitted together as he tried to think of something, anything so he could go back to napping on his omega’s cute little chest. He was about ready to give up and just try to initiate sexytimes as a last minute distraction, when suddenly he thought of something.

“Wait wait, I know something…” Rhys raised his eyebrows at him, expectant, as Jack levered himself up on his elbows, looking his omega right in the eyes. 

“Before…listen, this is corny but….before we officially met…you know, at that one meeting when you were still working under Hendy…I’d seen you before that.” Jack lifted his hand, the gold and blue ring on his finger winking against his weathered skin as he cupped Rhys’ cheek, forefinger spreading against the delicate little creases around the omega’s mouth. 

“We’d intercepted some illegal communications going down on lines built outside of Hyperion regulation. The usual shit, trying to funnel out trade secrets and plans and junk, alongside black market goods and all that. Mostly routine. But there was this one scumbag who was getting pretty chummy with a hired hitman. Worked in Analytics.”

Rhys’ eyes brighten in understanding. 

“Security wanted my approval on what to do with these guys and….well…they sent me all the files of evidence to look over. Asshole was pissed off about a promotion being stolen from him, wanted the ‘problem’ taken care of. And that’s the first time I ever saw your face.”

Jack brushed his finger over Rhys’ stunned, plush lips. 

“I knew from the moment I saw you….dunno why….but I knew I never wanted anything bad to happen to you.” Jack leaned in and pressed a little kiss under Rhys’ eye, his cheek glowing blue as his eyelid fluttered. 

“So the next morning, I had him airlocked.”

There was a rush of movement and suddenly the distance between them closed and Rhys was pressing a kiss against Jack’s lips, his arms falling to loop around Jack’s neck as he tugged the alpha close. Jack willingly pressed forward, kissing the omega back until the both of them were breathless. 

“Jack…” Rhys panted as their kiss parted, blush high on his pale cheeks. “You mean to tell me….all this time…you saved my life before I even met you.”

“Well, I’ve saved your life a whole bunch of other times too.” 

“And I yours, don’t forget…” Rhys winked, bringing Jack in for another tender kiss. “But this is….wow…”

“It was no biggie. Wasn’t about to let some taint take out such a cutie from stupid alpha jealousy. ‘Specially since now I got a husband and pups outta the deal.” Jack snorted, though he’s more than pleased to see the affect sharing this secret has had on Rhys. Especially when the omega’s touches turn more seductive, his hands running down from Jack’s neck to his chest. A purr builds in the omega’s throat as he looks up at Jack with half-lidded eyes. 

“I’m thinking Mr. Secret Hero deserves a special reward.” Rhys smirked, hands brushing over Jack’s hairy chest. “Unless of course….you’re too tired.”

Jack grinned, showing off eager teeth as his hands find Rhys’ slim hips.

“Nah, pumpkin, now I’m wide awake.”


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Unbreakable (Part 2)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: Torture, Swearing, Abduction
A/N: Prompt. Part 1. So, here is the second part of ‘Unbreakable’! Honestly having so much fun writing this one, let me know what you guys think! Feedback is always appreciated!

All Bucky could do was stand, frozen in place, watching you walk away from him once again.

“You want to know why she hates water?” A feminine voice murmured from behind him, causing him to jump, much like you had moments before.

“Wanda?” He asked, face a picture of confusion, “How the hell did you get up here?”

“I have my ways…” She smirked, twirling red mist in her fingertips, “But you didn’t answer my question, do you want to know?”

“Yes.” He answered immediately, hands clenching into fists as he took a step forward.

“It’s not pretty…” Wanda murmured, eyes clouding with concern, “I wouldn’t usually do this… but you need to understand what you did…”

“I know Wanda, just… show me.” He answered, sucking in a breath as Wanda placed her hands on his temple, red clouding his vision for a moment, before everything went black.

Eyes snapping open, Bucky immediately locked onto a familiar-looking young girl, who couldn’t be any older than 5.

“Y/N?” Bucky murmured, jaw going slightly slack at the scene in front of him, watching your small form cowered in the corner, knees drawn up to your chest as you sobbed into them. Eyes flickering around the room, he took in the peeling wallpaper and dingy carpet, frowning at the large scorch mark up one of the walls. Letting his hand run over some of the dusty pieces of furniture, he lingered for a moment over a familiar looking stuffed bear, lightly singed around the edges but otherwise fine. Just as he went to pick up the object, the door slammed open, only narrowly avoiding falling off its hinges.

“There it is!” A greying man stuttered, pointing towards your cowered form.

“Get it, before it can do any more damage!” Said another, cowering behind a large group of angry, yet scared, looking men.

Before Bucky could move, two of the men grabbed you by the arms, hauling you out of the room kicking and screaming.

“Daddy!” You wailed, tears streaming down your cheeks, “Don’t let them take me!”

The greying man seemed to slink back at your words, Bucky being able to easily identify him as your father. As Bucky felt the anger begin to build, the same red mist from earlier clouded his vision, dragging him back into the darkness.

Waking with a gasp, Bucky only felt more confused than before. Why did those men seem so scared of a small child? Why would your own father let them take you? Pushing himself up off the hard ground, he quickly realised, he wasn’t back at the compound. Eyes adjusting to the flickering light of the room, he couldn’t work out where the source of light was coming from. There was no lightbulb hanging from the ceiling, none on the walls, and no lamps. That’s when he realised. It was you. Sat cross-legged on the floor, the still young version of you let a small flame fill the palm of your hands. Letting a smile tug at his lips, Bucky watched your childlike wonder at your powers, knowing just how powerful you’d one day turn out to be.

Just as Bucky started to get lost in the moment, letting his eyes focus solely on the flame that was burning in your small hands, it was once again shattered by the sound of the large metal door crashing open, your small form immediately extinguishing the flame.

“Oh look, it’s the freak!” A malicious looking man spat out as he entered the room, your younger self immediately backing away as far as possible. “N’awww is the freak scared?” He laughed, sauntering over to you before dragging you up by the arm.

“No no no no no…” Your younger self sobbed, as the man dragged you towards a small, grimy looking tub. Turning on the rusted tap, water began to sputter out at a slow rate.

Realising what was happening, Bucky felt his jaw clench and hands ball up into fists.

Just as Bucky went to take an angry step forwards, the man hauled you up and dunked you under the water, ignoring the way you struggled in his arms, small hands clawing away at where his arms kept you submerged.

“Stop it! She’s a child! You’re going to kill her!” Bucky found himself yelling, trying to get to you, yet something was holding him back.

Finally bringing you out of the water, the man smirked as you struggled for breath.

“This is what you get for being a freak!” He spat, backhanding you across the face, not hesitating another moment before dunking you back under the water.

Letting out an enraged growl, Bucky went to storm at the man, the red mist stopping him in his tracks and dragging him back under.

Gasping awake, Bucky immediately shot up, eyes wild as he span around, trying to take in his surroundings.

“You’re back Barnes, it’s okay.” Wanda murmured, smiling sadly as Bucky let out a shaky breath and slumped to the floor, covering his face with his hands.

“It’s not okay!” He yelled, the sound only slightly muffled as he threw his head back, “That little girl, she…” He started, flinching slightly as Wanda rested a hand on his shoulder.

“She’s all grown up, Bucky.” Wanda murmured, “She’s okay.”

“But she’s not, is she! I…I fucked that up! She was okay, she was safe, and I had to go and literally throw her back into all that shit!” He shouted, tugging at his hair as he ranted.

“Then make it right Barnes!” Wanda loudly interjected, pulling his hands out of his hair, “You are the only one who can.” She said more softly, patting him on the shoulder before turning to leave.

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