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Light Grey Art Lab’s GREAT PERSONALITIES show opened last night! Here are the two environment illustrations I made for the show.

Amazingly they took all of the artwork for the show and used it to make a dating sim game!! Pretty rad if you ask me.

Check out the game and the rest of the artwork HERE!!

Noi chirurghi da piccoli eravamo strane creature, mentre gli altri bambini giocavano all'aperto, noi ci rinchiudevamo in camera a memorizzare la tavolo periodica, chini per ore sul nostro microscopio giocattolo a sezionare la prima rana. Nessuno sceglie di essere strano, la maggior parte delle persone non si accorge di essere strana finché non è troppo tardi per cambiare. Ma per quanto strano tu possa essere, è possibile che al mondo ci sia comunque qualcuno che ti voglia, a meno che, naturalmente, non ti stia già dimenticando. Perché quando si tratta dell'amore neanche gli strani possono aspettare per sempre
—  Grey’s anatomy

Cetacean Fact #2: Not all Orca eat the same thing

Unlike other cetaceans who specialize in eating one or several kinds of prey regardless of their geographic location, Killer Whales all over the world all have varied hunting techniques and various kinds of prey; it just depends on where they live and who they live with.

For example, Killer Whales found in the north eastern Pacific are grouped into at least 3 different eco-types. Residents, who prey mainly on fish such as salmon, generally stay in one area almost year round, though some resident pods will follow their prey north or south for short periods of time.

Transient Orca will sometimes have a larger, less fixed range - aside from special populations like the AT1 Transients in Alaska, who were originally observed in the 1980′s living year-round in Prince William Sound. Transients specialize in hunting other mammals such as seals, sea lions, and other cetaceans like Humpback Whales, Harbor Porpoises, Grey Whales, etc.

Offshore Orca are the most elusive and least studied of the three due to them living so far away from land; occurring at least 9 miles or more offshore. They also are very unique in the fact that, while they are believed to primarily prey upon fish, they have also been observed hunting sharks. Because sharks have rough and abraisive skin, Offshore Orca’s teeth will gradually wear down over many years. However, this also can make it fairly easy for scientists to determine the eco-type when an Orca carcass washes ashore.

NOAA | | WDC | Center for Whale Research

[photo by Chase Dekker]

@adidasoriginals @sneakers76 #consortium
#eqt #guidance93 #thebridgeoftwoseas tale of two seas and one city -
- An aquatic EQT drenched in history -
- Footwear from the heel of southern Italy -
Taranto, September 2016
The City of Taranto was built by the Spartans on the coast of Southern Italy. Together, adidas Consortium and Taranto-natives Sneakers76 present a stunning EQT Running Guidance 93 in a colorway inspired by the sea surrounding the city.
Greek myth has it that Taras, son of Poseidon, was shipwrecked off the coast before being rescued by a dolphin, and went on to first found the city.
The aquatic green on the perforated toe represents Taranto’s natural harbor - known to locals as the Small Sea, while the EQTs mid-foot section represents the swing bridge, Ponte Girevole, which crosses the edge of the harbor. The grey is a similar tone to the modern bridge while the golden brown is a nod to the wooden structure which formerly stood in its place. This theme of new and old is continued on the heel where the adidas Equipment logo is stitched in silver on the left shoe and gold on the right. The seafoam green on the rear of the shoe represents the Big Sea - the open ocean which Taranto overlooks.
Sneakers76 are history obsessives. The retailer takes a classic runner from the adidas archive and reworks it to honor its own, south Italian, heritage. This EQT Running Guidance 93 comes packaged in a box styled on a volume of a bound encyclopedia.
Since its relaunch, the EQT Running Guidance has enjoyed a series of makeovers, contemporized with Primeknit and other modern manufacturing techniques. This time it gets upholstered in luxurious soft suede. The sea-theme ensures this sneaker looks fresh as ever.
September 17th 2016 7 PM CET at Sneakers76 and online via AFTER THE RELEASE ANY REMAINING PAIRS

SIZE US 4 - 12.5 € 150,00
the price includes: - a pair of shoes
- extra laces
- special box called HISTORY BOX
- Cleaning Kit Supported by Jason Markk

for more info please send us an email (presso Sneakers76)

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