grey's 10x15


“I used to be someone who was always happy. I woke up happy. I was someone who used to skate at work. And then this happened. And everything was hard and everything took thought and planning. It was like my life didn’t fit me anymore. I wanted to tear it all down and start over, just throw it away and find a life that fit who I am now. But I’m starting to feel like I know who I am again.”


Shondaland Parallels ft.:
Cooper x Charlotte (Private Practice) || Callie x Arizona (Grey’s Anatomy)

Grey's Anatomy 10x15 "Throwing It All Away" Review (Spoiler Alert!)

First let’s start with the patients. That little boy was too cute, asking Arizona if she was a robot.  I felt for that girl wanting to cut her legs off. I felt like they made the right decision doing it. She shouldn’t be in that much pain for the rest of her life. Still can’t believe that home boy was asking for his kidney back.. Did he really think he could get it back? I guess that was his weird way of dealing with the fact that his best friend was dead. Who the hell puts a baby, in a box, next to a dumpster? Poor Oscar.

Webber saying he would always be Chief….

Damn right you’ll always be Chief!

Cristina and Owen’s little banters were too cute and funny. I kinda get what Owen was saying in the last scene, she’s upset about him leaving Emma because she doesn’t want to feel guilty. I loved how she blew it off though! Does all this mean that Crowen is coming back? But how could they come back if Cristina is going at the end of the season? *sigh* I don’t know what to think about Crowen anymore!

Looks like Sharky got his groove back! Don’t mess up again Ross!!

Alex.has been.making me want to hug him this whole season! It’s sad that he thinks if he “pushes” Jo too much that she’ll run off like Izzie. Not everyone is like Izzie, Alex!

Sign the damn paper dude!

Calzona and those damn skates got me in a pool of feels.

External image

I miss those damn things. I totally get what Arizona was saying at the end. Everything changed for her and she was trying to find a new “self”, if that makes any sense. She’s finally at that point where she knew what she did wrong, she’s really sorry for it, and hopes that she doesn’t lose the most important things in her life. So this whole time when we thought that Leah reported Arizona, it was Callie? Well damn, way to make me feel bad about being all bitchy about her, thinking she was still in her feelings about Arizona. (Hell maybe she still is Idk) I do get where Leah is coming from. Callie did get a little pissed and refused to teach her. Maybe she should have talked to Callie about it first before going to HR. But I’m still watching you Leah…..

Y'all, I ain’t even mad at Stephanie for what she said to Jackson in the end, she needed to say that! Her saying that he doesn’t exist to her anymore was pretty cold. I was like “Damn! That hurt didn’t it Jackson?”

That’s what you get for dumping her at the wedding! Stephanie, it’s time girl! Move on! It’s gonna be hard to forget it, but just try to ignore it, like you said. Don’t worry about us Japril fans, we’re cool with you now……well I am.

So like is the whole hospital out to get Jackson and April’s head? Nicole had me laughing though.

I see you Jackson, rocking that blingage!

This week wasn’t so eventful for me, but I still liked it, had some fun and touching scenes.

I really can’t wait for next week! Mama Avery’s bringing out the prenup! ooooo. I have so much to say about that, but I’ll wait for next week.

Until next week fans!