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Imagine your OTP

Person A: Here, stuff some huge marshmallows in your mouth.

Person B: Okay.

*stuffs some marshmallows*

Person A: Now say “chubby bunny.”

Person B: sh-ari bwary…

Person A:

Person A: You’re so cute you little shit.

Fairy tail 509 spoilers

My ship heart survive I can have more !! GIVE ME JERZA ANGST ! !! I’M READY TROLLSHIMA !!!

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Imagine your OTP


Person B: No, we can’t.

Person A: WHY NOT?!

Person B: It’s because I’m busy at work and you’re too lazy to take responsibilities.

Person A: *cries*

Person B: but…

Person B: *walks to Person A* *puts cat ear accessories*

Person B:

Person B: yes

Relationship advice
  • Lucy: You know what? Maybe we're going about this the wrong way.
  • Levy: What do you mean Lu-chan?
  • Lucy: Relationship advice! I think we should consult someone who's actually in a proper stable relationship with their partner .
  • Juvia: Juvia slept in the same bed as Gray-sama!
  • Lucy: Slim it Juvia, We all have.
  • Juvia: Every girl has slept in the same bed as Gray-sama?!?
  • Lucy: No that's not what I-
  • Levy: Okay then, back to the topic. Who do we ask? Bisca?
  • Lucy: I guess, I mean she and Alzack were a very shy pair, I wonder how they ended up taking the final step.
  • Juvia: Juvia would like to some day marry Gray-sama.
  • Levy: I wonder what she did exactly.
  • Erza: Tie him up with her rope and make him confess at gunpoint?
  • Lucy: ...
  • Levy: .....
  • Juvia: That sounds like a great plan!
  • Erza: What? Don't tell me you two can't picture that happening.
Imagine your OTP

Person A: I wanna eat.

Person B: Sure, like what?

Person A: Like tons and tons of pizza and ice cream.

Person B: We have ice cream at the fridge and I can order you a pizza if you want.

Person A: What are doing? Are you making me fat?

Person B:

Person B: bitch what the fu-?