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“I love [Steve Aoki’s “Welcome To The Black Parade” remix] it!” I mean I grew up loving-”

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Pairing: Captain Boomerang (Digger Harkness) x Reader

GIF Credit: ^^^

Warnings: Smut and swears, rough sex

Rating: Explicit

A/N: I got two requests from anons and I thought they would be good together: “Anon: Captain boomerang having a tiny s/o who is very fiesty and won’t put up with his bullshit” and “Anon: Digger Harkness begging the reader for sex after him being away for longer than expected but she’s pouting, but finally gives in after him charming her” Also, don’t kill me, I can’t write accents 😂 so just ignore it. Also, this is literally the LAMEST title ever, I’m sorry. @speedypan wanted to be tagged!

You heard the front door open and then he was on you in seconds. He littered your neck in hot, sloppy kisses, his beard slightly scratching your neck. “I’ve missed ya so much love,” he purred in your ear. You punched him lightly in the stomach and pushed him off you. “What the hell was that for?” Digger asked, pouting. You stood up.

“Digger you were gone for over three months! You said that you would be gone for two weeks!” He shrugged his wide shoulders, the faded grey leather trench coat squeaking. Almost reluctantly, he smiled, his gold tooth glinting in the light from the ceiling fan light above him.

“The score was good.” He reached forward and pulled your hips to him. With a low groan, he pulled up your shirt to be above your hips and started kissing your hips. His hands slipped around and grabbed your ass. “I need ya. Now.” You pushed him off you, glaring at him.

“No Digger. You are getting no sex.” Digger mouthed wordlessly at you.

“W-what!? You can’t do that!” He yelled, grabbing the waistband of your shorts and pulling you hard enough that you fell into his lap.

“I can, and I will.” You got up and walked away. Digger got up and literally ran after you. He caught up, pulling roughly on your waist, pulling you tightly against him.

“Baby girl I have missed you.” You fought out of his arms.

“Yeah? Then spend time talking to me and stop trying to get me naked.” Digger groaned loudly. He let you go but sunk to his knees, rubbing his face against your stomach.

“Please baby girl,” he begged. You could not believe it. The ‘terrifying’ Captain Boomerang was literally on his knees, begging you for sex.

“No,” you say, disentangling yourself from him. “Stop begging.”

“Y/n! Please! I need ya. I miss ya and that body.”

“You have two hands,” you snap.

“But those aren’t the same!” He whines loudly, it almost sounded like he was going to cry. You looked down at him, shaking your head and laughing. There was an actual tear rolling down his cheek.

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Kalopsia (M)

» the belief that things appear more beautiful than they are.

Summary: Jungkook’s a photographer who has a knack for finding the beauty in the simple things.
Word Count: 10,623
Genre: Photographer!Jungkook + angst/smut/fluff 
Warnings: Mentions of death 
A/N: Based on this song. This is incredibly long, and I’m sorry.

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Credence Barebone ~ Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Originally posted by perryskeet

You love Credence and want him to have a better life.

Requested by: My soul

Written by: Head Honcho

Warning: Long, mentions of abuse

AN: My bb boi needs love


You let out a deep breath as you take a seat on the sofa in your living room. After a long day, it’s good to snuggle up with a book to forget about all the problems or rude people you’ve encountered in the last twenty-four or fewer hours.

Right when you’re getting to the part in the book where the main character meets her prince charming, there is a knock at your apartment’s door. A normal person would question why someone would be at their door at this ungodly hour while you let out a sigh of relief.

You rush towards the door, tieing your silk robe shut knowing how easily flustered he gets at the simplest of sleepwear. You open it and there he is, Credence Barebone, in all his… glory.

“(Y/N)…” His voice is weak as he keeps his head low.

“Credence.” You keep your own voice soft. “Would you like to come in?” You step aside and gesture him in.

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Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Boyfriend!Namjoon x Reader

Count: 1753

Summary: This was your leather bound book of stories to be written, a collection of I love you’s preserved in the eternity he had so willingly given you.”

Visual Collab with @ohsuga    here

Namjoon | Taehyung | Hoseok | Jimin | Jin | Jungkook | Yoongi

“Need a hand?”

You felt the clasp slip away from your fingers as your boyfriend frees you from your struggles. Necklaces, and especially this one that you had received for your anniversary, had such annoyingly beautiful designs which always fumbled your attempts time and time again to clasp the ends together. However, under the careful hands of Namjoon, the crystal ornament softly falls into place and lays beautifully between your shoulder blades.

It had been a while since Namjoon posted a #KimDaily, and the two of you had decided to explore the city with the intention of taking some shots. A smile graces your lips as you checked your outfit in the mirror one last time, finding it comical that the matching grey trench coat hung beautifully on your boyfriend’s frame while it completely dwarfed you in size. With a satisfied nod, you grab your keys and rush to the call of the lean man standing by the doorway telling you to hurry up. Hand in hand, you and Namjoon stumble through the unknown city while excitedly making a mental list of all the different places to create new memories.

The pair of you had been together for nearly 5 years after meeting through a rather embarrassing incident at your university’s food court which had involved a wet floor, some spilled spaghetti, and a frantic Namjoon sheepishly pulling his lunch out of your hair. Fast forward a few years, and Namjoon’s genius had managed to secure a job in the big city as a researcher at a planetarium and his only request was for you to come with him. Not wanting to be a burden, you initially declined until Namjoon pulled out the painting of the night sky you had drawn him to commemorate his achievement, convincing you to try out your talents in the so-called daunting city.

Lost in your thoughts, you bumped into your boyfriend’s back and hit your nose along the way, a complaint was ready to fall from your lips until your gaze followed his own to a bookstore nestled between the cities modern skyscrapers. It didn’t take long for your inner bookworm to lead you inside with Namjoon’s hand squeezed in your own, ecstatic at the possibility of discovering a hidden gem amongst the bustling city. He could only smile as he let himself be dragged into the second-hand store, amused at how your small frame could withstand such a huge passion for the arts.

The two of you spend hours sifting through old books, laughing and loving as you both point out your favorite stories and run your fingers along the aged bindings. Namjoon quietly listens as you ramble on about how works of literature serve as the biggest inspiration behind your paintings, and that you’ve lost countless hours drowned in the beauty that could only be brought to life by words and paint. It was when you stumble across a favorite childhood story of yours and become lost in the memories it had once held, that he finds himself entranced with you.

Not wanting to lose such a captivating moment, Namjoon quickly digs out the camera buried in his bag and snaps a photo, his dimples showing as he stares down at the image on the digital screen. The picture of you smiling gently as you turn the pages of your treasured childhood memory has Namjoon’s lips reaching his ears. “God I am so in love,” he thinks as he scoots closer to you, asking you to read him the book in your hand.

Of course he asks you to read it, he wants to hear the nostalgia in your tone and the calm excitement in your every syllable. This is as you as he has been yet to see since you’ve moved and it is absolutely intriguing to watch the upward turn of your lips as you gaze at the illustrations beneath the tips of your fingers. His arms drape around you as he rests his head against your shoulder, listening intently as you point out all your favorite characters.

He chuckles when you tell him you had once scribbled a mustache on the Cookie Man in your copy of the book, teasing you by saying that you shouldn’t go changing the artist’s take on the story. “How would you feel if your paintings were altered?”

“I was seven, Joon.” You say in defense, but you’re blushing all the same at the embarrassment of something you had done in your youth.

He only lets out another laugh, tightening his arms around you as he kisses your temple before moving to stand up, ushering you along with him. The tips of his fingers wiggle in a gesture for you to grab on and so with the book now shut and neatly tucked back into its home on the shelf, you slip your hand into his and let him lead you from the memories of your past and the joys of your childhood.

While you walk with your shoes brushing the grass of a park tucked in the middle of the city, you don’t notice the knot of your shoelaces fall apart and slip beneath the rubber soles. With a yelp you reach out and grab the corner of blond man’s sleeves in an attempt to steady yourself from tripping, however, it only deters his balance which sends the two of you tumbling into the dewy grass. Namjoon begins laughing loudly as he barricades you within his arms, shielding you from the bruises that he knows you receive so easily.

As you come to a stop he snickers, “We can’t take photos now that my armor has been soiled while protecting your royal highness.” He teases as he peeks down at you, checking to make sure he has protected you fully from the fall.

“I suppose you’re right.” You grin and push yourself up before offering a hand to Namjoon, although your fingers soon extend to fix his messy hair as he straightens up. “I’ll treat you to coffee now that there’s no fear of you staining your shirt.”

Amidst your struggle with a stubborn curl, his arms curl sweetly around your waist and gingerly pull you closer. His fingers gently wrap around your sides and you find your eyes dragging to his as he kisses your palm before pressing it to his cheek.

“What?” you whisper, heart pounding at the intensity of his gaze.

“I just… suddenly really want to kiss you. Can I?” Your heartbeat was thumping so erratically in your ears by now that you barely made out his words.

Yet still you nodded, eyes closing as you felt the warmth of his lips press softly to your own in the sweetest of kisses. You stay like this for a while, with Namjoon peppering kisses in between telling you just how much you mean to him, and how much he loves you. Your heart speeds up as you return his affections, confessing your attraction to him all over again as if you hadn’t done so a thousand times over already.

When your lips part with a final peck, you find yourselves walking once again with the smiles of teenagers in love coating your every feature. Eventually, you come across a small coffee shop where only drip-coffee is served, and you laugh as Namjoon scrunches his nose and puffs his cheeks at the lack of chocolate flavoring available. Nonetheless, the two of you settle into the corner of the café with hot coffee tickling your fingers and eyes peering out at the city that you now endearingly called home.

The two of you end up spending hours telling each other childhood stories of days spent outside, with fingernails caked in mud and smiles as wide as the oceans. He gets lost in your adventures, entranced by you speaking so vividly that your words may as well have been etched into the books lying on the shelves of the bookstore as their own story. In the midst of your melodious words, he tilts his head to the side with the impression of a dimple at the edge of his cheek and suddenly your sentences melt into the air as your cheeks flush pink in embarrassment.

You smack Namjoon lightly on the arm and turn your blushed face away. It is a wonder how after all these years this man still managed to give you butterflies. “I love how you still get embarrassed after all the years that has passed us.” A whined ‘shut up’ instantly tumbles from your mouth as you turn away with a pout, lips pressing to the brim of your cup as you sipped at the coffee.

After a minute of fiddling with his phone, he fell back into his seat and ushers you to check your twitter, asking you of your thoughts on his most recent post with a satisfied grin playing on lips.

“I thought we didn’t take anything for our outfits today.” You mutter as you open up the blue app, clicking on his profile to where said-post was waiting. However, your heart swells as the picture that is displayed before you, recognition flashing immediately as you recall it being the same photo Namjoon had taken earlier at the bookstore.

“New city, new favorite hideaway. Same partner, same love. #TheLoveOfMyLife” read the caption. Your cheeks regained their rose tone as you tell your boyfriend that he was cheesy for sharing such a photo for the world to see. Namjoon can only smile as he sips at his coffee with a hand outstretched for yours, thumb swiftly caressing your fingers as they tangle with his shyly.

Each step home urges you into the world you had built up from those days in the library until you were here, with him, in a present so alarmingly different from the fairy tales you dreamed of that were instead replaced with a life you would never think of leaving. He was the past you never knew of, the present you so graciously adored, and the future you looked to with eyes brimming in the journey you so eagerly awaited.

Although Namjoon was not the books on the shelves of your childhood, inked over with dollar store markers and flower stickers, he was an adaption of a fantasy you had only realized the day he appeared before you. This was your leather bound book of stories to be written, a collection of I love you’s preserved in the eternity he had so willingly given you.

Waiting Turns

Literally could not get this out of my head….. I’m sorry.

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When The Light Gets Into Your Heart

My third contribution to the Writer’s Guild Events! It’s a Breakfast Club AU. Please enjoy this one you guys! 

“…and these children that you spit on,                                                                 as they try to change their worlds are.                                                            immune to your consultations. They’re.                                                              quite aware of what they’re going through…”                                                         - David Bowie

Dear Mrs. Ratliff…we accept
the fact that we had to sacrifice a
whole Saturday in detention for
whatever it was that we did wrong,
what we did was wrong. But we think
you’re crazy to make us write this
essay telling you who we think we
are, what do you care? You see us
as you want to see us…in the
simplest terms and the most
convenient definitions. You see us
as a brain, an athlete, a basket
case, a princess and a criminal.
Correct? That’s the way we saw each
other at seven o'clock this morning.
We were brainwashed…

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#217 - For anonymous

Filling the prompt “Catching up with Van a few years after having broken up with him (maybe in The Balcony era??) starting with him saying "we were just kids, huh?” Maybe seeing the way he has changed (from wearing girl sweaters and long hair to wearing white shirts and coats and having short hair and releasing The Ride) Maybe the scenario could be a balcony in NYC, almost evening, looking at him smoking and noticing the way he has matured in many ways. Talking about things that have been going on and their feels"

Note: I’m going to go short and sweet on this one. I’ve done a couple where Reader and Van find each other years after dating, sometimes they get back together, sometimes not. This one is more about mood than plot.

“What are you doin’ here anyway? Thought you hated New York?" 

You looked across the small table at Van. The sun was setting behind him, lighting the city skyline in orange and pink hues. Shadows were beginning to be cast across the landscape. With the brightness behind him, Van’s face was hidden, but even so, you could see all the ways he’d changed. He exhaled out into the air and looked back at you.

"It’s not all bad, I guess. Used to hate a lot of things that I don’t anymore,” you replied.

“Like me,”

“I never hated you, Van,”

“Coulda fooled me… Wouldn’t ‘ave blamed you but,” he said, a small smile playing on his lips for only a second.

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Arkham Nightmare. [Jerome Valeska x Reader]

Request: Hi can I have a Jerome Valeska imagine where the Reader is Jim’s baby sister where the Reader goes with Jim to find Bruce and Selina in Arkham and then Dr Strange kidnaps her and Jim because he knows that the Reader and Jerome had something special in the past and Dr Strange tortures them and the reader is left in tears because Dr Strange taunted her about Jerome’s return and Jim comforts her during the aftermath ?

Tags: Female!Reader, spoilers, mention of death, kidnapping, torture

For: @thecoffeestudyblr

Jim gritted his teeth. “Why did you follow me here?”

Y/N knew nothing to say except the truth, knowing best not to lie to her older brother. “I’m not a baby. I wanna help and I’m going to help you.”

The rest left of Jim was anger, shock and protection. When they were little, Jim help Y/N get back on her feet when she fell off her bike and told her that she no longer needed training wheels.

“My God!” The detective stared at the entrance of the asylum. “Just stay behind me and do as I say, you got it?” And he held out a finger pointed right at her nose.

She didn’t hesitate to nod.

“I don’t know what you want me to do, but Bruce and Selina helped me before and I’m going to owe them my rescue.” She pinches her nose at the stench when they entered the facility.

He didn’t respond. They came in armed both with a gun. However instead of hearing the cries and laughter of the insane, they heard sirens going off meaning something had happened earlier and the inmates were taken away somewhere.

Y/N entered the cafeteria and saw chairs tipped over and moved around. The fear of getting attacked by an inmate ate her mind as she slowly turned around when someone had called her name.

A woman of colour dressed in a white coat and glasses curled a smile at her. “Y/N Gordon?”

“Ms. Peabody- “ Jim began.

“Who are you- “ It had not occurred that the woman had a syringe in her hand as it plunged in Y/N’s neck. She felt an eerie shot of pain as she felt lightly to the ground as her vision went black.

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