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What did dylan have around his wrists in the picture of him and eric dead was it bracelets

Those silvery gray ‘bracelets’ were functional match strikers which the boys’ ingeniously cut from the side of a box of matches and taped together with silvery grey electrical tape, each bracelet had two strikers. They could easily light the fuses of their pipe bombs and other incendiaries in a very consistently accessible manner. In the boys’ usual symbolically contrasting yin/yang, aesthetic, Dylan being left-handed, wore his striker bracelet on his right wrist and Eric being right handed wore his striker on his left wrist.  The ingenuity of their amateur invention was considered ingenious by the authorities.

Below: match striking strips cut from the side of a match boxes.

‘Scream & Shout’

Thank You @tapefaceboy for the perfect inspirational photo behind this portrait… one of my favorite, creative, celebrity personalities! You can view more detailed photos of the process for this artwork on my Instagram page (link in bio). ‘Scream & Shout’ is the name and that’s what i’m doing right at this moment with the launch of my Etsy Shop! 

Yes, you can now buy some of the artwork i’ve created using the following source link: 

You’ll find quite a bit of familiar 'faces’ with new artwork to be added in the near future. I’ll let you explore what’s available, but for now I would like to point you to one section in my shop under items: Downloadable. Here, you will find download links for The Muppet Series. I felt this was the best way I could make these available immediately. In addition $5 from every Muppet download purchase will go to support the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. As a child Sesame Street and similar shows like it were a part of my upbringing and continues to be a source of positive inspiration for all… kids and adults. This will be one of many ways of trying to use my talents to afford the same opportunity to those in need. With that I would like to say Thank You for all your continued support, words of encouragement, and friendship! 

Sincerely, Kulorbandit

Serial Killer! Michael

Words: 5.5k

Warning: Smut! Also people getting killed in front of you and you killing someone. Please don’t let this influence you, don’t become a serial killer it’s not sexy and it’s not attractive. It’s wrong. But hey enjoy the smut.

Request: okay for the serial killer one, one of the boys (idc which one) kidnaps y/n and ends up being as crazy as him and kinda obsessed with him because she loves serial killers and they end up being a murderous duo.


I was supposed to be there by now, be with my friends laughing like the idiots we all were. Watching the new Finding Dory film, even know I was way to old to be watching that at the age of 20. But no, I was now in the back of a white van, my legs and hands tied with rope and some grey duct tape strapped across my mouth.

Today had started out the same, me waking up with my parents arguing. There loud screeches being heard from miles away. My home life was shit, along with my work life. The people at work were bullies and sexist, most of them male apart from me because it was a ‘males role’ to do what I did. After work I had made my way home to get ready to go out. The only good thing in my life was my two friends who understood most of my problems. When walking to the cinema someone had cupped my mouth and dragged me into a white van. I tried screaming, shouting and kicking but the man had duct taped my mouth and tied me up.

The van came to a halt, hearing the breaks squeak and my head smashed against the the back of the van. I tried pulling on the rope but it was to strong and giving me a slight burn on my wrists. I heard the rattling of the side door open and there was a bright light shining through the hole. The man was wearing a balaclava and held onto the rope that was tied around my ankles pulling me forward. I looked at him in the eye’s, he had the most enhancing green orbs. If I wasn’t tied up and probably not about to get killed this guys eye’s would have me screwed. He picked me up and flung me over his shoulder. I felt my heart beat quicken as he slammed the van door shut. We were in his garage as I heard him click a button and the revolving door roll closed.

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Hello love! For those cuddle prompts could you do 6 and 10 with gramander (or if your not feeling them a pairing of your choice)? I hope you’re having a beautiful day xx

Thank you so much! Modern Police!AU, and both fluffy and angsty.

Warnings: mentios of torture, PTSD

The inside of Newt’s car was an exact projection of Newt himself – covered in old tweed, full of pointy angles digging in your back, and stuffed with things. Literally, terrifyingly stuffed. Uncomfortably crammed in the backseat of the Beetle – the paint so faded and encrusted with mud its green was barely recognizable – Percival could see stacks of scientific papers tied together with actual twine, numbers of Scientific American covered in felt-pen notes and dog-ears, rolls of sturdy grey tape, vials filled with different shades of mud, his battered shell phone buried in a sprawl of granola bars shoved hazardously under the passenger seat, and an untouched package of plastic zip ties that, had it been anyone else, would have sent his cop senses tingling with serial killer vibes. 

Having seen how neat and clinical his laboratory was, the spectacle was even more shocking.

Still, there were pleasant surprises buried there, too. Interesting glimpses into the car owner’s personality. The scent of grass and plain soap hanging heavy in the cabin, for example. The pack of nicotine gums shoved in the cup holder. The couple of photo taped on the dashboard behind the wheel – one with Newt smiling wide and hugging a hairy nightmare of a creature with teeth as long as his head, and the other occupied with an auburn-haired head Percival easily recognizes as Theseus’s.

His brother and his beasts, Percival’s muddy brain processed. He made a humming sound in the back of his throat. It vaguely sounded like “aww”. He keeps them close everywhere he goes. That’s cute.

Distantly, he knew that thinking about Newt Scamander’s photos while nearly going into hypothermic shock and being stranded in the middle of a frozen forest wasn’t a good sign. He simply didn’t have enough strength to worry about it.

He heard muffled sounds floating to him from his left – grunts and rustles of clothes, the clack of a car door snapping closed. A gust of wind mixed with snow rushed in, rolling across Percival’s skin, and he felt himself flinching hard enough to bang his head against the opposite window. He couldn’t swallow down a whimper, body curling, shoving itself as far as possible from the cold out of pure, raw instinct. He realized his heart should pick up speed now, but it wasn’t – beats slow and thick and frail. He was cold, so fucking cold.

He blinked. Focusing was hard. Memories resurfaced. Another whimper crawled out of his mouth, turning shriller, rasping.

Last time he felt like this he was dying. Last time he was still with him, and, and –

The contact of another body against his stopped the images. Which was strange. The body was lean and angular, but corded with muscles – smelling clean and fresh-sweat and definitively male. Any other time it had happened since Grindelwald, Percival had fallen apart like a ball of yarn pulled loose, vitals all over the place, panic attacks biting him in the ass. Even with his father. Even with Theseus.

But now, it wasn’t happening. The memory simply faded. No threats whispered in his ear, each word cultured and carefully articulated as he got described how his friends would find his skinned body. No phantom fingers grazing his skin – retracing his scars. There was only the taut, slim body pressing around him, wrapping him, the heat of it almost intoxicating. At some point Percival’s eyes had closed, and against the dark canvas of his eyelids he pictured the body as a shape of light, pure, unbridled warmth seeping into his chilled skin. His lungs. His mind.

“Detective Graves.” The voice sounded familiar. It grew closer – inches from his ear. “Percival. It’s okay, you’re safe. But I need you to open your eyes now. I have to make sure you’re here. Open your eyes. Please.”

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1) “Pull over.  Let me drive for awhile.” -- 100 Ways to Say I Love You

Characters: NCT’s Jaehyun & OC

Word Count: 1578 words

Summary: You and your co-worker are being brutally beaten by a case and when all the evidence that you’ve worked hard on for the past two weeks goes missing last minute, you need to come up with a backup plan to present to your boss.  So you decide to head back to the sight of the crime, but it’s two hours away by car…

“Are you seeing what I’m seeing?” Your co-worker looked at the now empty evidence room that you had both just walked into.  The once packed whiteboard had been completely cleaned, not a trace of black marker to be seen.  The overloaded and layered walls full of pictures, lists, notes, and documents had been stripped to reveal the foreign grey paint, no tape or pins anywhere.  "Are we even in the right room?“ He started frantically looking around the room, outside the room, down the hallway.  You just stood there, not wanting to take in the scene of the emptied room.  "This doesn’t make any sense.  Where did everything go?” You started to find your words again.  "SHIT!“ You heard him slam the wall in the hallway and you could almost feel the vibration going through your body.  

“Y-yah… Jaehyun… you’re going to hurt yourself.” You walked out of the room to where he was in the hallway.  There was a noticeable dent in the white wall, but you disregarded it and shook your head as he shook his hand and bit his lip, cringing from the pain.  You’d seen Jaehyun angry before, being a detective was a stressful and frustrating job.  But this was just unbelievable.  He had a bit of a short temper, and you were the calm one of the two.  But this was making you reach your limit.  And he could tell.  He looked at you and checked your blank expression as you thought of what to do.  "Call Yuta, ask him to check all the surveillance cameras here, I need to see what happened.“ You said to him as you pulled out your own phone and started looking through your contacts.  "I’m going to call Taeil and tell him to send all the medical docs he can find, and then I’ll see if we can get any of that photo evidence from Doyoung again.” You explained as you waited for the dial tone.  He nodded and pulled his phone out too, starting to dial Yuta’s line.  

The two of you spent the next hour and a half trying to recollect all of your evidence, writing down things you remembered, jotting down questions about things you were forgetting, and things you still needed answers to.  Your presentation in front of the precinct was the next morning, but at this rate nothing was working out.  Yuta had checked the videos but all of the surveillance videos were faulty and skipped, giving you nothing.  Taeil was busy with another case, but he said he’d get the documents to you ASAP.  Doyoung wouldn’t pick up his phone, and things were looking grim.  "I think I’m going to cry…” Jaehyun said dramatically, but you knew he really mean it.  You were frustrated too and everything was just not going your way.  "Let’s go back to the site.“ You said.  "Seriously?” He looked up at you from his desk separator across from you.  "Doyoung isn’t going to get back to us any time soon at this rate.  That’s the most important part, the photo evidence.“ You said, trying to prioritize.  

“I mean I guess, but you do remember the sight is like an hour away by train, it’d take us at least two hours to drive there.” He said.  You looked at the clock.  *9:48 PM….*  Your hands went straight to your head in frustration, trying to wager with yourself as to whether or not it was a good idea to go or to just wait for Doyoung.  "If we go we’ll get there around 12, then it’ll probably take around half an hour to get the pictures we need, and then another two hours to get back, and then the rest of the night to put together the presentation.“ You thought out loud, hands covering your face, slightly muffling your words.  "I’ll make some coffee, and then we’ll go.” He said.  You removed your hands from your face and looked at him, trying to read whether or not he was serious.  "Come on, get your stuff ready, we’re not sleeping tonight.“ He said, walking past you to go to the coffee machine.  You groaned at your own suggestion, but got up anyways and went to grab all the supplies you guys would need to get the evidence.  

It was all very confusing.  The situation you were in, not only in the context of the emptied evidence room.  You and Jaehyun had been friends and partners for years.  From attending and competing against each other in school, to the first few years at the precinct, you’d been through everything together.  And you guys made the perfect pair.  At the top of your class, you both graduated with the highest marks.  While you guys thought differently, you never failed to test each other and make each other better at what you did.  Solving case after case, bumps in the road never stopped you guys and that’s what made you different.  There were a few moments where you’d questioned if working with him was a good idea, and it wasn’t just because of a differing view on a case.  Both of you guys had felt a connection for a while, but neither wanted to admit anything because the stakes were too high to risk.  You needed 100% attention to the cases you worked on, nothing was to get in the way of your thinking.  But there were little things that he did, that showed that you weren’t the only one who noticed that connection.  Even if was simple things like making coffee, you appreciated it greatly.

After gathering all you needed it, was a little past 10 and you guys headed out in the van.  You drove while Jaehyun continuously tried to get Doyoung on the phone while writing up the presentation with the old notes he had on his laptop and yours.  The coffee really helped you stay awake, but Jaehyun started to doze off around one hour through the drive there and you let him nap since Doyoung wasn’t picking up and you could pick up the phone if Taeil called.  You couldn’t even think of sleeping anyways, the adrenaline from going back to the crime scene was scaring the shit out of you.  Of all the years and lessons you’d been through, this case was like no other.  You started to recognize the old and worn out street signs and the GPS was leading you through a small town in the mountains.  Your phone started to ring and you saw Taeil’s name pop up.  You picked up the phone and Jaehyun slowly reacted to the noise.  "I found what I could on the case, but there’s some stuff missing.  I don’t know what happened to it.” He sounded a little distressed.  "Thanks so much Taeil.  Which parts are missing?“ You asked.  "Just small pieces of formulas, it’s like someone handpicked small portions of the formulas and erased them.  This is so weird.” He said.  I heard clicking in the background and I could almost see him frowning at the computer with his glasses at the tip of his nose, trying to figure out what was missing.  

“What in the world is going on…” You sighed.  "I’ll send you what I have.  I finished with the other case, so I’ll just rack my brain until I can remember what parts they took out.“ He said.  "You’re a life saver.” Jaehyun’s groggy voice mumbled in agreement and Taeil laughed.  "Drive safe!“ Taeil said.  "Will do!” You hung up and pulled up to the abandoned building.  Jaehyun put all the stuff back in his bag and carried it with him while you took the camera and your bag as well.  You left the car empty and headed through the security tape into the building.  After taking pictures of what you needed, you headed back out and checked the van thoroughly before heading back out on the road.  You were driving again since Jaehyun was working on the presentation, but you kept yawning, the caffeine slowly wearing off, exhaustion washing over.  You hadn’t even gotten ten minutes out of the mountains yet but you were starting to lose to the exhaustion.  Jaehyun glanced at you through his peripherals and closed his laptop as you covered your mouth as you yawned again.  "Hey.“ He said, turning to you.  "Hm?” You asked, not looking at him, keeping your eyes on the road.  "Pull over.  Let me drive a while.“ He said.  "You’re exhausted _____.  I can drive.” He said.  You looked at him.  "Are you sure?“ You asked, immediately looking back at the road.  "Yeah, pull over right there.” He said, pointing to a curb.  

You silently pulled over and got out of the driver’s seat.  Jaehyun waited for you to come over to the passenger’s side and you sat down in the seat, reaching for the seatbelt.  But he got to it first.  He buckled your seatbelt and pat your head.  "Take a nap.“ He said, closing the door after him.  He walked over to the other side and got in the driver’s seat.  "Thanks Jae.” You said, smiling sleepily at him.  "We’ll have to stay up the rest of the night, so get what sleep you can now.“ He said, laughing a little before starting the engine back up.  You sighed and closed your eyes, drifting quickly to sleep as Jaehyun headed back out on the road back to the precinct.  

OOOOOO this actually came out pretty decently, I was writing it as a drabble but might make it into something?? any thoughts? LOL we’ll see!! :) 
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