grey sunday

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Do you have any really cute stucky head cannons? I'm in the mood for some real good loving between those two

i’m just gonna give u some bullet points out of my own hc stores,,, some fresh n softe hand-grown hcs for u

  • steve sings in the shower. he doesn’t really think about it, it just happens, and bucky teases him relentlessly for it. but while he’s doin it, scrubbin away at whatever goop or dirt or blood that he’s gotten covered in thanks to a mission, or cleanin his hair, or w/e, bucky’s just standing in the doorway grinning dopily because he fuckin loves his guy, so much
  • on the other hand tho bucky snuffles in his sleep. it’s not a snore, it’s not a snort, it’s this lil snuffling noise he makes every so often and steve absolutely adores it, he thinks it’s the cutest thing ever. bucky 100% denies it
  • steve yells at the tv when something he doesn’t like happens. doesn’t matter if it’s sports or a movie or a tv show or a political debate or what, he just makes sure the tv knows his opinions very loudly while bucky just laughs at him and every so often says “you know they can’t hear you right” then laughs more as steve yells louder
  • bucky likes loves napping in the sun, if u can’t find him just look for any large window and he’ll probs be on the floor in front of it, basking like a cat. sometimes steve will sit with him, stroking fingers through his hair, and they’ll either talk about whatever takes their fancy, or bucky will nap and steve will read or draw or whatever. as long as he’s with bucky he’s happy
  • bucky hates mornings. steve likes mornings more than bucky does, but not by much. he still gets up early though, and bucky’s either still asleep, or awake and whining about steve getting up. after steve’s morning run he always ends up back in bed though, usually after a shower, and he just cuddles back up with a complaining bucky and sticks his cold toes on bucky’s legs and kisses his pouty lips and bucky forgives him pretty quickly
  • bucky doesn’t like people behind him, but steve gets a pass bc he’s basically part of bucky anyways. steve uses this power for mischief most of the time, but often he just stands behind bucky and kisses his shoulder, wraps him up into a hug, and bucky just smiles indulgently and pats his hand before he continues whatever he was doing pre-supersoldier-limpet on his back
  • on that note, steve’s a gropey lil shit. as long as bucky’s cool with it he’s all over bucky, always has a hand on him or his arms around him, a hand on his ass or on his arm. he’s just constantly touching, most of the time innocently, sometimes less than innocently, but he just. always is up for some bucky handling and bucky more than just likes it tbqh

sleepover sunday!

Sunday Night Music Club: The Front Bottoms

This week’s featured track is the new song ‘Raining’ from The Front Bottoms upcoming album Going Grey  - out Friday, October 13th! The band also announced a full fall tour with fellow FBR label mates Basement and special guests Bad Bad Hats. 

On the outside I was fine 
but inside I was all torn up
How do you think that felt 
how do you think that felt for me

Watch the official video for ‘Raining’ now on YouTube.

Every ticket purchased online for the band’s fall tour comes with a download of Going Grey when it’s released on October 13th. 

Hôm nay đi coi 50 sắc thái. Chả hiểu sao xui xẻo thế nào mà mình ngồi lọt thỏm giữa một cặp đôi, mà cũng chẳng hiểu sao hai bạn ấy chọn vé khéo kiểu gì mà ngồi mỗi người một bên cạnh mình, chàng bên trái, nàng bên phải, đúng kiểu “anh ở đầu sông, em cuối sông”.

Lúc đầu thấy mặt mình đơ đơ đao đao nên hai bạn ấy cũng không dám bày tỏ gì cả. Chỉ thỉnh thoảng chàng liếc sang nàng, nàng quay lại nhìn chàng, rồi đôi lúc nhìn trộm mình kiểu như nhân vật phản diện chuyên chia rẽ tình yêu đôi lứa =.,=

Tầm 10 phút sau, chắc bạn nam không chịu được nhiệt nên mở lời đổi chỗ với mình. May mà hôm nay mình ngủ đủ giấc, dễ tính nên hai bạn ấy cuối cùng cũng được ở gần nhau. Kết thúc có hậu quá :(

À, kể thêm là phim nghe bảo bị cắt mất tầm 3,4 phút gì đấy, nhưng mình thấy vẫn nóng bỏng lắm ♥.