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Milestone Series 

Author: @birdnmouse
Milestone: Christmas [snapshots]
Word Count: 4673  I   Rating: T   I   Status: 5/10
Summary: A series looking at Rick and Michonne’s various relationship milestones. AU. Occurring in the Against Type universe after the events of that series.
Author’s Note: This milestone has callbacks to Chapter 7 of Against Type. As always, it can stand on its own, but you may also enjoy reading them as a set.

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All of the presents had made it from their hiding spot under the bed to their final destination under the tree, however, five minutes after the fact, Michonne was still kneeling in front of the tree arranging them just so. The gifts, wrapped with three different, but coordinating papers, were carefully placed so that no two like patterns were next to each other. Then they were deliberately staged according to height and size, yet came off looking effortlessly perfect in the way they were stacked and leaning upon each other.

“It’s fine. Trust me, it won’t stay that way for long.”

She didn’t turn at the sound of his voice, she just continued to put the finishing touches on her display. He chuckled as he stood back and watched her, not surprised in the least by her eye for detail given the fact that he’d spent the past few months renovating their home with her. He still recognized the old farmhouse that had been passed down through his family, but her touches were everywhere from the new furniture mixed in with the old, to her art that now hung in every room, both pieces she’d had before and new additions to the collection since the wall space in his house compared to her apartment provided her with much more room to play with.

She finally finished up then stood and took a few steps backwards to survey her work. In the otherwise dark room, her pajama clad silhouette was framed by the lights from the tree before her; and he was certain that the visual before him was more perfect than the one she was taking in. He walked up behind her and slid his hands around her waist, and she knowingly tilted her head slightly to the left to make room for his chin to rest on her shoulder.

“You remember what you were doing this time last year?”

“I do…” She began to smile as she covered his hands with hers where they rested on her belly then turned her face slightly towards his. “I was just about to fall asleep on an air mattress on the floor of my nephew’s room when this damn cop I’d been trying to forget texted me. You?”

“I was laying on my ex-wife’s couch thinking about some lady from the city that I wasn’t supposed to be thinking about.”

“I’d say we’re both better off this year.” She could feel his breath on her cheek as he began to laugh quietly.

“I’d say so,” he agreed as he pulled her snuggly against him and pressed a kiss on her cheek. “Merry Christmas, baby.”

“Merry Christmas.”

She lifted her hand up, and reached behind her to blindly place it on his cheek, stroking it gently as she continued to admire all that they had now.

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