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I absolutely love your art and your blog. If you get the chance could you maybe draw some more unmasked Tali she is my fave???

shucks thank you!! and ur in luck i was already working on some more tali designs :OO

She kinda has the boring grey alien head shape but i wanted to be close to the original unmasked tali concept art and since javik said that quarians are really attractive, i added in some prothean-ish features

 i’ve heard that quarians most likely would be brownish if they were real and scientifically accurate but fuck it she’s gonna be purple because aesthetic™

also pointy teeth are a must i won’t accept anything else


My head-canon: Fire-princess Azula in her insanity began worshipping Aku in her own need for a dependable father-figure to measure her self-worth. She mothered 7 children to do his bidding. Ironically Aku began resembling her own Uncle Iroh in her subconscious. Her obsessive and manipulative tactics went on into her own child-raising-skills. It doesn’t help that Samurai Jack reminds her of her brother Zuko.

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Hey! I love your writing very much. You are the reason why I open my tumblr page everyday just to read your bughead fanfictions. So if you still open your requests, can you write about a role reverse. Like maybe Betty is a loner in the school, always wearing a beanie, and Jughead is in the football team (because he can't be cheerleader). Thank you ;)

Thankyou so much love that is so sweet! A role reversal! That is amazing, let me give it a try’

Betty tucked her long blonde hair behind her ears and positioned her grey, crown shaped beanie so that it fit perfectly on her head, she pulled her head phones over the silly shaped hat and sat down in her usual booth at Pops pulling the laptop from her bag and staring at the half filled screen. Writing was becoming more and more difficult and adding her new part time job at the Bijou theatre to her already busy schedule made it almost impossible to find time to write.

Betty Cooper lived by herself, she followed no ones rules, and she answered to no one. Her permanent residence in the tiny room above Pops Diner was all she needed. After losing her family to her mothers alcoholism and her serious involvement in her gang, the Southside Serpents, Betty was fine being alone, she was focused and determined and her sardonic humor made it fairly difficult to make friends.

The bell to the diner chimed rhythmically and she glanced up to the door, shrinking lower into her seat as the entire football team barreled through the doors of her safe haven. Betty shot a glance at Pop and he shrugged his shoulders helplessly. The river vixens followed closely behind and Veronica Lodge caught her eyes, smiling warmly and moving to lift her hand for a wave, Betty smiled softly back before shaking her head and casting her eyes to Cheryl in warning. Cheryl Blossom hated Betty Cooper and if Cheryl Blossom hated you.. well… everyone hated you, except for Veronica Lodge of course, Veronica was in her chemistry class and she had always been incredibly interested in the mysterious blonde. Betty had that “I’ve been through a lot, so please me alone” look on her face but the gorgeous , light haired girl had always been nothing but kind to her and she had a certain grace about her that was overtly mature for anyone their age, something Veronica admired greatly.

Veronica rolled her eyes as Cheryl laughed obnoxiously and found someone else had noticed Betty as well. Jughead Jones was staring at the beanie wearing girl with the most love sick eyes Veronica had ever seen, he shifted in his Letterman Jacket as he sat in the booth directly across Betty’s, his hands balled up in fists like they always were.
“Something on your mind jones?” Veronica asked with a knowing smirk, causing the dark haired boy to snap his head to hers

“What? No.. I don’t. I just dazed off” he shrugged lazily, his hand going to rub his neck nervously.

“Mmhmmm” Veronica hummed, smiling and turning back to watch Betty. Pop Tate was at her booth and whispering something as she smiled and rolled her eyes, closing the laptop and gathering her things, her dark blue flannel hanging lazily on her tiny hips.

“She’s so small” Jughead mumbled beside Veronica.

“Yeah” Veronica agreed, a surprising amount of concern suddenly overwhelming her “Do you think she’s sick? I never see her around town, only at the theatre”

Jughead shook his head
“Not sick, maybe just hungry? Tired? Stressed?” Jughead knew those feelings all too well, with his overwhelming parents, pregnant older sister JellyBean, and constant pressure to make his father proud.

As Betty walked past the group of her peers Chuck Clayton stuck his foot out, laughing as she stumbled, narrowly catching her laptop. Jughead started to stand but Veronica put a hand out to stop him
“Look” she whispered.

Betty straightened herself and turned to the dark skinned boy with a bored smile

“Really Chuck? The old stick your foot out and trip technique? What’s next? Tying my shoe laces together? I think they have a book on Elementary school pranks in the library..oh I’m sorry I forgot, you probably can’t read.. it’s okay they have picture books too.” She hiked her backpack over her shoulder and headed out the door, the angry quarterback cursed at her as she left and Jughead rolled his eyes, hopping over the booths and following the blonde outside.

“Betty? Betty Cooper?” He called at her retreating back. She turned around slowly, raising an eyebrow as he caught up to her

“Listen if you’re here to retaliate for what I did to your teammate, it’s gonna have to wait.. I’m gonna be late for work.” With that she turned to keep walking, her shoelaces on her dirty converse came untied and she sighed before stopping to tie them.

“While I am stopping, and the timing is not ideal, I still don’t have time to talk” she looked up casually, a hint of mischief playing in her eyes.

Jughead couldn’t help the smile that grew on his face
“Actually i wanted to talk to you about the school newspaper, I heard you’re starting it up again.”

Betty perked up, finishing her shoes and standing before him, her back pack heavy on her shoulder
“How did you hear about that? I haven’t told anyone, I just spoke to Weatherbee this morning?”

Jughead blushed bright red and looked down, what was he supposed to say? I know everything about you because I’ve been in love with you since third grade or what about I keep tabs on you just to make sure you’re okay.
He settled with

“I heard the coach talking about it during practice, something about covering sports.. and stuff.”

Betty looked at him skeptically but shrugged none the less
“Yeah, well I am. Looking to buy a paper?” She smiled and he felt his heart stop, her dimples and bright white teeth took him off guard and he was speechless for a second

“Actually.. I .. umm well. I like writing and I figured it would look good on college applications ya know? I could fit it in between football practice.” He was practically begging and he saw her eyes soften.

“Hey, you don’t have to beg. Of course you can join the paper, it might be good to have someone else’s input, just do me a favor?” She asked with a smirk.

Jughead smiled enthusiastically

“Don’t tell any of your friends.” She smiled, tweaking her nose and backing away before she slowly left his line of view.

The blue and gold just got itself a new member and as Jughead headed back into Pops, his hands flat on his letterman jacket, he flipped his palms over and smiled.

No marks.

Maybe she could help soothe the troubled storm that seemed to be constantly raging in his mind, and maybe he could help her in some way too.. he just had to find out how.

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Ally what do your initial sketches look like? I'm curious👀

very messy very blobby but i roughly sketch guidelines and paint over the lineart with grey shades to add shape and to neaten the presentation!


sw-4374 by Jan Niklas Warneck

Shadow People

For today’s Caffeine Challenge #13 (prompts here), I tried to branch out a little with a character a bit different from my usual. This is a little bit horror, too, which is not generally my thing. Warnings for: bullying, physical violence and misgendering.

Leo ran to the side door as soon as the bell rang, shouldering his way through the crush around the lockers and slipping around the corner. The sun—oh thank god—was streaming through the big glass doors as he skidded to a stop and turned to face the white-painted cinderblock wall.

An observer, if such person had existed, would have been interested to see that his shadow was not that of a curly-haired teen. On the wall before him a grey shape stretched and wavered, and baggy jeans became the smooth straight lines of dress slacks. The wrinkled shirtcollar straightened to crisp points, and a hat formed atop the narrow head, wide-brimmed tilted just to one side.

“I’m sorry,” Leo said, clutching his notebooks to his chest. “I know you said not to do this at school, but I saw his truck outside. I think he’s waiting for me.”

The figure on the wall twitched, the shoulders rolled and long-fingered hands splayed wide.

“I know,” Leo said. “I know, but I can’t fight him alone, and if I don’t show up he’ll just go after Jack again, you know he will.” He bit his lip, looking up and down the hall. “I’ve only got a little more time before history, I don’t know what to do.”

More twitching, a ripple traveling up the wall. The hands folded, waved, cupped together like an empty bowl.

The minute bell rang, setting off shrill echoes.

“I’ll do it,” Leo said. “I’ll do anything, you know I’m good for it.”

The figure tipped its hat, then faded, until only Leo’s own outline remained.

He went to class.

He couldn’t concentrate. His leg shook under his desk, his knee jumping up and down like it had a will of its own. He dropped his pencil once, then again, then a third time. The fourth time Frances handed it back to him with a scowl. Leo tried for an apologetic smile, but it didn’t feel right on his face. Too thin, too full of teeth.

He couldn’t take any notes. He worried metal spiral on his notebook instead, flicked the corner of the paper until it turned soft-edged and pieces started coming off. His eyes kept seeking the windows, looking for some sign, but Dallas’ truck would be by the back door, on the other side of the building, and there were too many trees for the Hat Man to get enough contrast for a message.

“Leo,” Mrs. Garner said, “Can you tell me the year President Reagan took office?”

“I…” Leo tried to think. He’d studied this. He’d done the homework. He knew this. But all he could think of was the look of rage on Dallas’ face when Jack yelled back at him, and the shock of the fist in his ribs when Leo had gotten between them.

Half the class was looking at him. Someone sniggered.

If he could get to the hall he could find a good spot and at least check in.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I don’t remember. I think I might be sick.”

Mrs. Garner frowned. “There’s only thirty minutes of school left,” she said. “And if you go to the nurse you’ll lose participation points for today,”

“I know,” he said. “But I really think I might throw up.” He tried to look pathetic and nauseous. It didn’t take much effort. He could feel sweat sliding down his temple.

“Alright,” she said. “Josephine, please escort Leo to the nurse’s office.”

No, no no.

“I can get there myself—” he tried, but she shot him a quelling glance.

“You know the rules, Leo.”

He did. He did. Leo knew all sorts of rules.

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someone new

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But imagine moving to Riverdale the day that Jason Blossom went missing.

You were pretty shaken up. I mean, your family finally decides to leave the city and move to a small town and BAM! a kid disappears.

Of course, your family was the first to get interviewed. It was understandable, a new family popping up out of nowhere when the town’s golden boy mysteriously goes missing, but you were still in shock.

The only downside was that due to the Blossom’s insistence to have your family interviewed, you were now the talk of the town. School hadn’t even started and everyone already knew who you were.

The first week of school had been rough. It had gotten even worse when Kevin Keller and Moose Mason discovered Jason’s body. The discovery of Jason’s death had drawn suspicion back to you and your family for some reason and suddenly, you were even more of an outcast than you had been before.

Sitting at Pop’s after school had sort of become a daily ritual for you. You frequented the diner so much that you quickly became acquainted with the staff, including Hermione Lodge and Pop himself.

“One vanilla shake and a side of onion rings.”

You looked up from your book, giving Pop a huge smile and thanking him as he walked away. Looking back down at your book, you reached for your milkshake, becoming very confused when you noticed it was missing.

Looking up, your eyes met a pair of turquoise ones. A boy around your age sat across from you, vanilla milkshake in hand.

“Excuse me? Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m 99% sure that’s my milkshake you’re holding,” you said.

The boy stayed silent, simply smirking whilst picking the cherry off your milkshake, popping it into his mouth. You scowled at him only then noticing the grey crown-shaped beanie that was perched on his head.

Jughead Jones was sitting in front of you.

Of course you immediately knew who the boy was. He was Riverdale’s very own brooding enigma, friends with Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, and Veronica Lodge. He was also a brilliant writer who sat behind you in your creative writing class.

“You are 100% correct actually,” he replied, taking a sip of you shake.

“Well then, I’ll be taking that back,” you said as you reached across the table, snatching your milkshake from his grasp.

Jughead grinned. “Jason Blossom disappears, only for someone new to suddenly show up. Days later, he’s declared dead. A bit strange don’t you think?”

You stiffened up before rolling your eyes. “Jason Blossom is declared dead and the town’s budding investigative writer decides to interrogate one of the new residents. A bit cliché, don’t you think?”

Jughead couldn’t help but laugh at your response.

“Jughead Jones. The third,” he said as he extended his hand to you.

You eyed him warily before taking his hand in yours and shaking it. You continued reading.

“Don’t I get a name in return?” Jughead asked. You ignored him.

You let out a relieved sigh as you heard him get up and walk off, only to be pushed further into the booth as Jughead slid in beside you.

“Listen new girl. Frankly, I don’t think you had anything to do with Jason Blossom’s murder,” Jughead said, this time taking one of your onion rings. You swatted his hand away. “You look way too innocent to have been involved in something as gruesome as that.”

You grabbed the tray of onion rings and brought them closer to you. “Looks can be deceiving Jones.”

Jughead laughed once more. “I don’t think so. Listen…”

He trailed off, waiting for you to say your name. You stayed quiet, causing him to roll his eyes. “Listen newbie, I have a proposition for you. Come work with me and my friend Betty for the school newspaper.”

“Why should I?” You asked, leaning your head on the booth. “What’s in it for me?”

“Well for starters, it’s an extracurricular activity.”

You shrugged. “I already have all my extracurriculars sorted out.”

Jughead sighed in frustration. “Secondly, it’s a great chance for you to clear your name. Although many people don’t think you had anything to do with the murder, there’s that small group that does. And eventually, their insistence will grow and grow until the rest of the town becomes convinced that you did it.”

Your eyes widened. Was Jughead threatening you?

“The choice is yours newbie. Think it over,” Jughead got up to leave.

“Fine!” You blurted. Jughead turned around. “I’ll do it.”

Jughead smirked. “I knew you’d come around. Come by the Blue & Gold offices tomorrow.”

That was the exact moment your life was flipped upside down. If you had known how much Jughead would mean to you in a few weeks, you would’ve never accepted his offer.

But you didn’t.


Little thing I thought up at school. Sorry I haven’t updated but I will be uploaded a fic soon.

Hope you like this little drabble (?). As always, asks are open. Thanks for reading!

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I want to see the eyes of Frisk! If it isn't a problem...

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