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     The gun felt foreign in Olivia’s hand, before the raiders came to town she was used to using dagger or her cards, but times have changed. She had a gun, yes, but she never liked to use it. Her grip tightened on the deadly weapon, skeptically looking at the person in front of her, fear filling her chest that she could die any second, but she didn’t show it. “How do I know that you aren’t one of them? That you haven’t already planned out my death?”

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Do you think Shinee has a chance of selling out this Dallas fanmeet?? I really want them to do well in America cause a lot of other groups seem to be doing so! :((

axs’ ticketing chart isn’t as easy to figure out that ticketmaster’s. both sites have virtual charts but ticketmaster had it set up where you were able to physically see every single seat available, where axs doesn’t grey out a section until every single seat is taken. above is a screencapture of what the chart looks like at the moment. the entire pit is sold out, as is most of the p4 area. the fanmeet isn’t until a little under two weeks so there’s still time to sell more tickets - and that’s exactly what happened with the fanmeet in chicago: more were sold closer to the actual date. (we also need to take into account that this venue has a capacity of around 2k more than the one in chicago did.)