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Letters To The Zodiac Signs

Aries: I envy you. I envy your courage, your stupidity and your childishness. Maybe you’re asking “Why?” Well, wouldn’t it be beautiful if we were all children at heart, like you? Like seeing things so horrible yet still making corny jokes? Like telling your feelings, like running until your feet hurt? Like purity, like innocence mixed with knowledge? You have experienced the world, you have experienced life. And yet, you still stand here. Brave and tall. As if to say “I am not afraid of life. I am not afraid to live.”

Taurus: I will always associate you with flowers and colours. With lilies and roses and blood oranges. I will always associate you with fruit and red-green-yellow. We will speak in colours, talk in words others won’t understand. With red-grey sand and blue-green eyes. An encouraging nod, a hug with clasping hands. Words left unspoken simply ‘cause they were never meant to be said, they were meant to be. They were meant to be. Plucking petals like a grade schooler playing games about love. Holding a magnifying glass over your head, and I could not find a flaw. I just saw you. I saw you.

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so game of thrones s7 episode 2
  • the dany/varys scene was so damn well written go varys
  • also why was the “i’ll burn you alive” necessary dany? like just be nice?
  • cersei “i’m a massmurderer but beware the mad kings daughter is oh so evil” lannister 
  • how exactly is jaime still on cerseis side??
  • also i love the fast pace of the show
  • sam performing an illegal surgery on jorah was almost funny
  • jon choking littlefinger YASS SHOW HIM JONNYBOY
  • can they already stop showing littlefingers sneaky smirk™
  • theon getting triggered by euron “probably worse than ramsay” greyjoy 
  • the arya and nymeria scene destroyed my emotions
  • wtf was olennas lil speech all about? listen to no one bcs you’re a fricking dragon??
  • jon x dany meeting next week GET HYPED 
Game of Thrones Season 6 Recap

Game of Thrones comes back tonight!

I’ve been sleeping with the book under my pillow (yes, I’ve got more neck problems than if I was dating Frank Ocean), and figured I’d give everyone a recap of how last season ended!

The official trailer gave us a nice format, so let’s use it.

Obviously, SPOILERS.

(Most of the information is based on the show, but a few details are filled in from the books and may be changed in the new season.)

We start off with Cersei and Jaime Lannister in King’s Landing. (Circled above.)

Season 6 ended with Cersei blowing up the Sept of Baelor

And with it the High Sparrow (fictional pope), Kevan Lannister (her uncle), Maergery Tyrell, Loras Tyrell, and Lord Tyrell.

These were the last people in King’s Landing putting a check on her power.

Her plan was to have full control of her son (the King), but he killed himself after realizing he’s the spawn of a Maleficent-wannabe.

Sooooo she proclaimed herself Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

While Cersei was auditioning for the next shitty Huntsman movie, Jaime was crushing the rebels (insert Darth Vader breathing sounds).

Except he’s trying to be a better person, so he looks understandably pissed when he shows up in King’s Landing and sees all the shit Cersei did.

Now, they’re together in King’s Landing and Cersei starts rattling off about all the enemies they (read: she) has.


Daenerys has landed in Westeros, Storm’s End to be specific.


In S6 she killed off the Khal’s (the leaders of the Dothraki), and basically became Jesus to the savage brown people when they saw her survive the fire.

Then she set sail with her 12- er 6- Apostles.

She has the Dothraki (brown savages), her Unsullied (black slave soldiers), and her mercenaries.

On her way she also meets up with the Greyjoy and Tyrell fleets, so basically everyone supports/worships this blonde chick showing up to ruthlessly murder and conquer.


South of King’s Landing are The Reach and Dorne.

The Reach is the land of the Tyrell’s, and only Olenna’s immortal ass is still alive. 

She’ll probably become irrelevant after giving her family’s army to Daenerys, but god damn it I want her snarky ass to burn Cersei worse than the wildfire did her own grandchildren.

Dorne is the home of the Martell’s, and are currently led by Ellaria Sand (The Viper’s widow). She wants revenge for the death of her lover.

The Martell’s have also historically been close to the Targaryen’s, but I really think this is a war waged entirely for Pedro Pascal’s sexy ass.


To the West of King’s Landing are the the Iron Islands, currently led by the personification of fragile male egos.

Seriously, Euron Greyjoy (Uncle of Theon and Yara) is what happens when an awkward weeb grows up to be somewhat successful.


Melodramatic - Check.

God complex - Check.

No real life plan - Check.

Wants to marry the out of his league white girl - Check.

The only thing we know for sure is that he is rebuilding the Iron Islands’ fleet and raiding all of the western coast of Westeros, including Old Town where Samwell Tarly is currently studying to become a maester.


Jon Snow and Sansa Stark killed (read: fed him to his dogs) Ramsay Bolton.

The Northern Lords proclaimed Jon the King in the North, and Sansa was all for it.

He was also revealed to be the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark, which means he’s the heir to the Iron Throne, Daennery’s nephew, and Sansa’s cousin.

The only hiccup there is that Littlefinger is still whispering in Sansa’s ear. He wants her to take ownership of The North for herself so that he can marry her and gain power through her.

Not creepy at all.

Oh and Arya is an edgy teenager on a murder spree.

Now for anyone that wants to tell me this show isn’t interesting cause it’s not realistic or some dumb shit I don’t care about: the main bad guys are literally blue eyed white demons (no relation to the Yu-Gi-Oh dragons) that want to kill everythin

Hot Stuff

Part 1:

After spending months piloting Blue. Lance had become used to the slight chill that would fill her cockpit from time to time.
He had asked Coran about it once and he had explained that the Lions sometimes gain comfort by surrounding themselves in their element.
Coran then went into a long story about how Green would occasionally sprout flowers in her cockpit.
So after Red claimed Lance as her paladin and he found her cockpit uncomfortably hot one day while on his way to a mission, Lance didn’t think anything of it.

“Ok team let’s go over the plan one last time” Shiro said over the coms.
“Hunk, Pidge and Allura will be checking their assigned planets for possible alliances. While Keith and Lance collect minerals.”
“Relax Shiro you sound like a worried soccer mom sending her kids to their first day of school,” Lance laughed as he tugged at his collar. He understood that Red liked to heat up and all, but man he was starting to feel dizzy.
“More like a worried space dad” Hunk sniggered.
“Or space grandpa when you think about his hair.” Pidge added.
“Ok that’s enough.” Shiro cut in a note of irritation to his voice before he sighed.
“I mean it be careful, the planet you two are going to has heavy storm clouds meaning if you get in trouble we can’t get to you.”
“We will Shiro.” Keith said as the planet came into view.

Getting through the clouds was easier said then done.
It was bumpy and jerky all the way down.
By time they reached the ground Lance felt sick from all the movement and couldn’t help but pity Hunk for having to put up with motion sickness at the Garrison.
He stood up and took exactly two steps before his knees buckled beneath him.
“Jeez Red… guess the beats really getting to me.” Lance mumbled as he steadied himself against the wall and slowly made his way out into what he hoped was the cool air.
However he was out of luck.
The planet was like a desert. A flat plains of dark grey sand.
Lance would of joked it was like they were on the moon, if he wasn’t sweating to death in his suite.
“What took you so long?” Keith asked standing by Black with his helmet on his hip looking around impatiently.
Lance shrugged “aww what’s wrong? Worried about me?”
Keith rolled his eyes. “Let’s just get on with it.”
With that he was leading the way across the uneven ground like they weren’t walking through an oven.

After about an hour Lance was getting worried.
Keith wasn’t sweating.
Hell he didn’t even look to be hot.
He knew he had lived in a shack in the desert for like a year and all but still…
Lance had grown up in a hot country and his head was pounding behind his eyes with every step.
Not sweating could only mean one thing.
Heat stroke.
“H-hey Keith maybe you should sit down for a moment? Take a little break?”
Keith didn’t even look over his shoulder “no way, Lotor is still out there. We can’t waist time just sitting around because your sick of walking.”
Lance groaned, that’s what he gets for trying to be nice. “Fine but have something to drink atleast.”
This time Keith didn’t argue and instead took his flask from his belt and took a long drink.
Lance found himself staring at the water glistening on Keith’s lips.
He hadn’t realised his throats was painfully dry until that moment.
Lance fumbled with his belt trying to get his flask free.
However his hands felt heavy and like they weren’t quiet listening to his brain.
He dropped the metal flask to the ground and as he leaned down to pick it up the world suddenly seemed to tilt upwards.
The next thing Lance realises is that he’s lying on the ground and Keith is running towards him with a terrified expression on his face.

Things that added 10 years to my life in  ‘Stormborn’

Varys’ speech about how his true loyalty is to the people 

-”If you touch my sister I’ll kill you myself 

-Brienne’s smile of pride when Jon gave Sansa the North in his absence 

-Missandei and Grey Worm!!!!!

-Yara, Glenna, and Ellaria being a bunch of badass bitches 

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-When Arya turned around and went North 

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Your grace, the noun has no gender in high valyrian, and can therefore be applied to you.
—  Missandei, doubling as Charlie (Emergency Awesome) for this episode