grey over the knee socks


Ariadna in grey top, black skirt and tights, grey over knee socks and high heels


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Ingrid x Young!Reader

“Hello?” Joanna said when she opened the door and found a little girl not much older than twelve in the door step. A lace dress hung around her knees almost touching the grey knee high socks that peaked out over the top of her tan boots.

“I’m looking for the Beauchamps’.” You mumbled, catching a little tabby cat that hopped onto your shoulder and snuffled at the sun hat that matched your boots. “Mr Welles said I had to come here.”

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It’s been a minute since I last updated! Life has been very busy, and I haven’t had time to document my outfits I had some downtime before I head out to show you guys what I’ve been creating. I just bought this adorable mint colored dress two days ago and I searched high and low in my closet to find something that could fit with it just because the waist line on the dress itself it a little too low for my liking.

I also layered a pair of tights and a pair of over the knee socks to keep my legs warm because a huge cold front has hit the Pacific Northwest and it’s been really chilly! Hopefully I can update my closet soon to prepare myself for this super harsh winter.

What do you think of this outfit? What are you favorite looks you’ll be rocking for the cold weather?

Also a quick shoutout to our friendly neighborhood owl fromthenotebrooke for recently walking in Dallas for a fashion show! You’ll be seeing some of her looks here on chatetchouette soon!


Mint sleeveless dress: Forever 21 - $5.99
Merona Cardigan: Goodwill - $2.00
Grey tights: Target - $12.00
Over the knee socks: SockDreams - $14.00