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Imagine if Claire met Jamie during WWII, they fell in love. Then "ghost Jamie" in the first episode was real Jamie and the story begins with Frank asking Claire at the fireplace who could that be... Sorry for my English

The Fallen Soldier:

As the lights flickered, Claire turned, her eyes wide as darkness surrounded her. Frank had yet to return from his adventures with the reverend and the suddenness of the storm had her on edge.

As the black began to dull, an inky grey replacing the immediate onyx, Claire blinked and set about lighting the candles Mrs Baird had sporadically scattered about the room. An orange glow began to illuminate her rented chamber as she curled her hand around the visible wick, allowing the waxen end to set alight.

Able to see once more she picked her brush from the dressing table, turning the fragile tortoiseshell handle over in her hands. A glint of red caught her eye as her fingers shook, the memories of her last night in France before her return to Britain.

“Just one day more, you goddamn bloody *bastard*!” She cursed, her hiss echoing around the small interior as she fought with herself, begging the tears away as she slammed the brush back down again. Unable to bring herself to de-tangle her curls, Claire flopped helplessly onto the bed, the visions returning.

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Misotheism VIII (Final)

Previous Parts: Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI Part VII 

Genre: Drama, Angst, Slight Fluff? 

Word Count: 2.6k-ish

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Time seems to come to a standstill as you lie on the cold sand, body shivering from the cold ocean breeze; yet, the adrenaline running through you seems to make you sweat profusely.

Your gaze is frozen on the sight in front of you, the sight of Taehyung clashing with Jungkook while you lie here, utterly useless, grasping your own sword with loose fingers. You know you need to do something, anything, to help. But, as a mortal, you lack the strength to defeat a god, like Taehyung had said before.

Until you realize that there just might be something you could do.

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Looking for Roleplay/Contacts

Full Name: Lord Conwulf Fane

Age: 44

Race: Gilnean (Worgen)

Gender: Male

Birthplace: Duskhaven, Gilneas

House Name:  House Fane

Sexual Orientation: Questionable

Alignment: Neutral Good

Occupation: Commander of the Lions Guard for House Reinhardt

In-Game Character Name: Conwulf

Faction: Alliance

Server: Wyrmrest Accord

Availability: Mostly evenings on the west coast.  From 7 pm and well into the late night server time.

Looking For: General roleplay contacts/partners. Looking for friends, enemies, former soldiers that might know him, love interests, the usual mix. I am happy to roleplay with new and experienced roleplayers alike, though for any plots that are more serious and long term I would likely prefer it to be with players that are older and more experienced.

You Might Know Him If: You were in the Gilnean Royal Guard, or in the Stormwind Army after the exodus from Gilneas. You also might know him or have heard of him if you currently live in Duskwood.

RP Style:  Descriptive roleplay that tends to be lengthier away from public. I subscribe to the ‘there’s and a time and a place’ philosophy when it comes to the length of posts. I strive for believability and painting pictures without adding more fluff than necessary to my posts. I try to stay as lore abiding as I can (but don’t mind a bit of wiggle room with others’ characters).

Themes: A lot of themes would work well for Conwulf as he’s a complex character.  Gilnean/Worgen/Nobility/Dark/Witchcraft/Old Ways/Military/Training/Sexual/Etc,etc.  I enjoy all types of roleplay from adventure to social and everything in between.

Description: Intense.  That would be the word to use for this man.  Everything about him. From the stern knit of his dark brow, the cool emerald stare, to the way he carries himself. Tense, as if ready to strike and lash out at the first sign of danger.  That inner fury remains tightly contained within his robust frame, with flesh taut over straining, solid musculature.  Yet all it takes to veil that severity in an instant is a brief, dashing wink or hearty laughter that belies the air about him.

Older in his years, appearing to be in his mid to late forties, time and experience has weighed heavily upon him. Handsome features have been weathered and worn from battle and age, with crow’s feet lightly crinkling beside his eyes, creases across his forehead, and smiles lines that are largely hidden beneath his salt and pepper beard.  Greying onyx hair is kept at a medium length, cut just short enough to easily tuck within a heavy helm.

Having somewhat recently retired from his long duties within both the Gilneas, and then the Stormwind armies, he can be found more frequently outside his armor.  Favoring comfortable and casual wear, he evidently has a bit of coin to throw around given each and every article of clothing is tailored precisely. On rare occasion when he takes to a more formal wardrobe, he does not hesitate to go all out, cladding himself in golden chains and jeweled rings. When the former Captain does don his armor, it is no longer the standard issue and instead his own personal suits.

Well away from polite society, or within battle, the Gilnean will unleash that restrained intensity, welcoming the beast. The worgen’s sleek, dense fur resembles his hair, a stark onyx dimming from the increasing silver strands. Emerald eyes take on a glow of their own, bright within even the darkest of woods.

Likeness: Jeffrey Dean Morgan

( Hit me up in game or message me on tumblr if you’d like to roleplay! )


A most beautiful crossover that took my most of last night and today to get done but it was worth it!

Heres the deal:
-Percy, Annabeth, Nico, Leo and Piper are the equivalent to the Crystal Gems (With Percy being more like Amethyst and born in the Kindergarten to where hes ignorant of what the homeworld feud is all about but wants it to stop messing with his planet.)
-Rachel Elizabeth Dare (I like saying her full name purely because the acronym is RED) would be Steven most likely, thrown into this conflict but loving every moment of it.
-Jason, Frank, Hazel (and Reyna though I didn’t draw her because it could set the lower picture to become unsymmetrical to the top which I couldn’t have.) are the equivalent to the Home World gems naturally since they’re kind of the other side of what Percy and the guys have known since they’re Roman and Percy and the gang are Greek.

Was that enough of an explanation? I hope so cause that’s all I’m going to do ENJOY.

Percy, Annabeth, Nico, Piper, Nico, Jason, Hazel, Frank AND Rachel © Rick Riordan
Steven Universe and The Crystal Gems © Rebecca Sugar
Art © ME

Welcome to the Percy Jackson and the Crystal Gems AU Ask Blog!

The Percy Jackson AU Ask Blog is currently open for asks! Please nothing inappropriate!

Do you have your own ideas for this AU? Go ahead and draw them! This is an open AU and Id be happy to see what you all can think of! When submitting art for this AU please tag it as Percy Jackson Crystal Gems AU so I can see what you’ve done!

Au originally created by shelbyecandraw

Black on Gold / Sickening for Something
Chelsea Wolfe
Black on Gold / Sickening for Something

Chelsea Wolfe - Black on Gold/ Sickening for Something (A tribute to Rudimentary Peni)

Lapiz lazuli Turquiose and amethyst Black on gold Viridian and jasmine Tan and black Ruby and cinnabar Dove grey -puke pink Onyx and bronze Vermillion and amber Jade and amber Black on gold 454 Angell Street Black on gold Green to feel blue Gawd those colors Opium madness Unleashed! Supreme final ecstasy

give me that decanter, eliot!

Two colours challenge

I was tagged by @highladyyfeyre ❤️

Challenge: explain a character/celebrity in two colors.

I’m going to do the Inner Circle because they’re my faeves ❤️

Rhys: Navy blue and silver

Feyre: Violet and azure

Morrigan: Red and gold

Cassian: Russet and orange

Azriel: Black and purple

Amren: Grey and onyx

Look what I diiiiiiddddd. I’ll post them individually in a bit. Might even do something more with them if I can after I draw the others.