grey octopus

Meet Maya Grey

Let’s get to know the former First Lady of The Shield and the new WWE RAW Women’s Champion!! (Portrayed by the beautiful Ms. Cassie Steele)

                   “Never underestimate me. You’ll only regret it in the end.”

Name: Amaya “Maya” Consuelo Estrada-Grey 

WWE Name: Maya Grey

Nationality: Dominican 

Occupation: WWE Superstar (Women’s Division)

Age: 25

DOB: August 21, 1991

Height: 5′ 3″

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

From: San Antonio, TX

Resides In: Orlando, FL

Mother: Elena Sofia Grey-Baxter

Father: Unknown

Grandparents: Mateo Grey and Evangeline Estrada-Grey  

Nicknames: Lil’ Bit (DEAN), Babygirl (ROMAN), Little Lita, The First Lady, 

Trained under: Daniel Bryan and AJ Lee

Entrance Music: “Wreak Havoc” by Skylar Grey

Finisher: Corkscrew 450 Splash

In-ring style: High-flying/Technical 

Signature Moves: Diving Hurricanrana, Swanton Bomb, Spear, Apron Leg Drop, spin out powerbomb, Running Elbow, Neckbreaker, Springboard Bulldog, Elbow Drop, Slingblade, Samoan Drop, Enziguri, Suplex, Super Kick, Corkscrew Moonsault, Spinebuster, Suicide Dive, Springboard DDT, shooting star senton, Suicide Somersault Senton

Submission Hold: The Grey Area (Octopus Hold; her take on AJ’s Black Widow)

Accomplishments:  3x Divas Champion, youngest Divas Champion ever (Sorry Paige), the 2nd longest reigning Divas Champ (298 days), and current WWE RAW Women’s Champion

Closest Friends: Bayley, Nikki and Brie Bella, Trinity, Natalya, Big E, Xavier Woods, Cesaro, Sami Zayn, Paige, Becky Lynch, The Usos, Enzo Amore

Best Friends: Sasha Banks, Renee Young, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns 

Love Interest: TJ Perkins

Favorite Things: Collecting vinyl, karaoke, PIZZA, Rocky Horror Picture Show, classic rock, football, horror films, Sailor Moon, video games, guitars, and anything involving sci-fi or superheroes

Tattoos: Three (sunflower with grandfather’s name written in a petal on her right wrist, “No Fear” on the left side of her rib cage, and “el éxito es la mejor venganza” [Success is the best revenge] on under her bra on the right side.)

Now, we all know what happened with the boys after the split (all three each became the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, Ambrose became the Intercontinental Title and Mr. Money in the Bank, and Rollins cashed in his MITB briefcase @ WrestleMania to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champ, became the first person to hold the United States and World Heavyweight Championship at the same time, blah, blah, blah etc.)   

But what about Maya? What happened to her?

Well, two years have gone by since Maya caught Seth cheating and things haven’t been so easy for the former First Lady of The Shield. Seth continued to try to fix things; sent flowers, I’m sorry calls and texts, a three page handwritten letter, even tried to get some of the women in the locker room to help him, but nothing worked.

She only spoke to him when it was necessary (during matches, interviews, promos, etc.) and she started traveling with The Bellas, which caused friction from Roman and Dean. Not at Maya, but towards the man that hurt the woman that they had become incredibly close to.

After the disbandment, she maintained a close friendship between Ambrose and Reigns, occasionally being placed in mixed tag matches with them. Maya breaks AJ Lee’s record as the longest reigning Divas Champion after 298 days and then lost the title at Survivor Series to Nikki Bella.

She was scheduled to win the title back and become a 4-time Divas Champ at WrestleMania 31.     

Then one night in a dark match with Nikki Bella after Monday Night RAW, she suffers a terrifying spinal injury after performing a Swanton Bomb over the top rope, landing her outside of the ring. 

She suffered three dislocated discs and two fractured discs that required immediate surgery.   

18 months, two surgeries, and two missed WrestleMania’s later, she’s back and ready to take on Charlotte for the RAW Women’s Championship at one of summer’s biggest event… SUMMERSLAM.

Everything is seeming to be going in the right direction for The First Lady; she is finally back on top and nothing can pull her down!

Or… so she thinks…

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2013 was a big year for me professionally. at least in terms of comics.

here is a year in panels.

A+X #10, All-New X-men Special, Battle of the Atom #2, and Uncanny X-men 15.

2014 looks to be even bigger, now that I’ll be on my very first ongoing series, and so far that has been a blast.

and thank YOU to everyone who has supported my work and been a fan and interacted with me. ya’ll are the only reason i’m doing these and will keep doing this.