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Baby Come Home | Tom Holland

Summary: A compilation of cute little moments when Baby Holland goes home. The baby meets Tessa for the first time, sees the brand new nursery, takes his very first bath, and sleeps in his own bed…

Warning: major cuteness

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Type: Baby Holland Series


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The Coldest Kiss (Ch.2)

Pairing: Jon Snow x Reader

Summary:  Based on a tumblr imagine: What if Jon and you were friends, but he wanted to be more. Jon sees you flirting with Robb and preferring his company. So, Jon thinks you don’t care about him at all. That is until a certain, mischievous Stark tells you the true feelings that Jon has for you.

Words: 1271

Read on Ao3:

As you entered the forest with the boys, you noticed the direwolf pups running a little bit ahead of you all. You walked faster because you didn’t want to lose your new friends.

           “Ghost! Grey Wind! Come back! Don’t run ahead!” You shouted out.

           “They’ll be fine, (Y/N),” Robb said. “This is their home after all. We won’t lose them.” You narrowed your eyes at him.

           “How are you so sure? They are just pups,” you said.

           “Yes, but they are direwolves, not regular pups. They’re smarter than that,” Robb explained. “My ancestors did not choose a direwolf for their sigil because they’re impulsive. Direwolves are careful creatures, although they do have quick tempers.”

           “Robb’s right,” Theon jumped in.

           “Oh you would agree with Robb even if it meant your death,” you laughed. Theon frowned.

           “That’s not true!” Theon defended himself while climbing over a branch on the forest floor, leaves crunching beneath his feet. “There’s all sorts of things I don’t agree with Robb on.”

           “Alright, name one,” Robb challenged. Robb stopped and waited for an answer.

           “You can’t be serious,” Theon replied.

           “Oh, but I am,” Robb smiled and then he looked at you. Robb and you knew you were right. Ever since Theon was old enough to watch Robb swing a sword, Theon agreed with him on everything and anything even when Robb was wrong. It was one of Theon’s best traits. His loyalty to the Starks was often ridiculed by outsiders, but to the Starks it was admired. You waited for Theon to answer, knowing he couldn’t come up with anything.

           “I-this is ridiculous,” Theon stammered. “Come on, you don’t have to ask me this. This is stupid.” Robb chuckled.

           “Just for the record, I think Lady (Y/N) is right,” Robb said continuing on into the forest. “The day you disagree with me may be the same day you die.”

           “Is-is that a threat?” Theon said, going after his pseudo-brother. Theon scrambled to catch up, almost tripping over a twig sticking out from the ground. You chuckled at Theon. It was then you noticed Jon’s absence. You saw him out of the corner of your eye, he was silent. His feet kicked around a rock.

           “Jon?” you walked towards him. “You’ve been quiet.” Jon sniffed his nose and kicked the rock into the bushes.

           “I’m okay, just feeling under the weather,” Jon quietly said. You knew that was a lie, but you went along with it. You didn’t want to push him any further. You walked alongside him, hoping he would say something.  Before long, you saw Ghost and Grey Wind waiting at a clearing. Robb was right, you severely underestimated the intelligence of the pups. The clearing had a lot of space to run around, and the trees were sparse. You heard Robb whistle and Grey Wind responded immediately. Grey Wind stood in front of Robb.

           “Here, Ghost,” Jon called out. Ghost walked over to Jon and sat. You were impressed. Jon didn’t even have to say ‘sit’. Ghost may have been the runt, but he caught on quickly. You glanced over at Grey Wind still standing.

           “Sit!” Robb commanded. Grey Wind wasn’t obeying, but he was smiling at Robb.

           “Come on, Grey Wind. Sit!” Theon called out to the direwolf pup. Grey Wind still wasn’t listening. You chuckled at Theon actually practicing sitting for Grey Wind, but Grey Wind only licked Theon’s ears. Robb looked at you and shrugged. You shook your head in response. Out of the corner of your eye, you watched Jon interact with Ghost. He put his hand out, palm facing down, and lowered his hand.

           “Down, Ghost,” Jon said flatly. Ghost’s eyes slowly followed Jon’s hand. He laid down on the forest floor. “Good boy, Ghost.”

           “That’s really impressive, Jon,” you smiled at him. “Ghost is really catching on.” Jon didn’t look at you. He went on.

           “Ghost, up,” the white direwolf stood up, waiting for his next order. You walked closer to Jon.

           “Did I do something wrong?” You asked.

           “Why did you come here?” Jon whispered as he glanced at his brother who finally got Grey Wind to sit. You blinked.

           “I came here to help train Ghost and Grey Wind, and to be with you and your brother and Theon,” you said confused.

           “Are you sure?” Jon asked. You took a step back.

           “Yes,” you assured. “Why else would I be here? Granted, I don’t think you need help with Ghost. Are you okay? You’re being distant.”

           “I told you, I don’t feel well,” Jon replied back. Your eyebrows knitted together.

           “Why don’t you head back then? Maybe you should lie down?” You said. You thought you heard Jon mutter under his breath. “Jon?”

           “I’m going back, I said. Don’t follow me,” Jon stormed off with Ghost running, trying to catch up with him.

           “Jon!” you called out, but it was no use. He couldn’t hear you now. You felt a hand on your shoulder.

           “(Y/N), what happened with Jon?” Robb asked. You turned to him frowning.

           “I wish I knew. One minute, your brother is introducing me to Ghost and letting me hold him. The next minute, he’s angry with me. He questioned whether I wanted to be here or not.” You explained. Crossing your arms in front of your chest, you questioned if it even was a good idea to come to visit Jon today.

           “Don’t worry about him,” Robb tried to comfort you. “He’s been more brooding than usual lately. It’ll shake off.”

           “I don’t know. I think I’m not wanted here. Maybe I should go home,” you started to walk off in the same direction Jon left in.

           “No, please stay. You said you didn’t want to waste the nice day,” Robb said. “I’m not Jon, but I hope my company will do. Besides, Grey Wind needs all the help he can get.” You turned around to look at the pup. He was rolling around in the dirt and dry mud. Theon was still yelling at him.

           “Oh come on, you stupid dog!” Theon raised his arms in frustration. “What are you even good for?”

           “I’ll stay. There’s an obedient pup in there somewhere,” you said. Robb and you continued your work with Grey Wind. Back at the castle, Jon threw down his furs on his bed and grabbed a sword to whack it around. He stormed to a dummy he made and started to whack it as hard as he could. He could he very little of the world around him. He only heard each thunk the sword made against the dummy. He didn’t realize how hard he was going at it until he lost his breath.

           Then, Jon heard your laughter. He took his eyes off the dummy, and let the sword relax in his arms. Jon watched Robb and you laughing and walking together into the castle with Grey Wind walking in after you. Jon felt his stomach drop.

           “They look good together don’t they?” Theon said, surprising Jon behind him. Jon gripped the sword in his hand tighter.

           “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Jon replied. Theon leaned against the wall of the castle.

           “I know you see it,” Theon said. “They get on pretty well.” Jon grunted and ignored Theon as much as he could. He didn’t want to hear this. Theon smiled.

           “What?” Jon sighed.

           “You knew this would happen. That’s why you’re here. You knew one day she would prefer Robb over you,” as Theon finished his statement he walked away. Jon picked up the sword and started on another attack, tearing the dummy down.

Best Boyfriend Ever

“Come on Matt (Y/F/N) invited us outside to play manhunt are you coming or not?” you shouted to Matt your best friend from kindergarten and now your boyfriend.

“Im coming babe hold on” matt says as he’s coming down the stairs and outside.

You to were walking outside when you realized it was pretty chilly outside and you were in shorts so you went inside to get a sweatshirt

“Where are you going (Y/N)” matt asks you

“Inside to grab a sweatshirt its cold” you responded

Without you asking Matt had his grey obey sweatshirt off and it was in your hands

“Don’t worry babe just take mine ill get another besides it looks cute on you” he says to you.

He went back inside to get another sweatshirt while you put his on. It smelled so good you wanted to wear it for the rest of your life. Matt quickly came back outside. He took your hand in his and you to were off to (Y/F/N) house. His hands fit perfectly in yours; he was so sweet to you. He treated you like a princess, you two were meant to be.

You and Matthew arrived at (Y/F/N) house and were met by all your best friends and there boyfriends, it was tradition that you guys would all get together on Friday nights and play manhunt. All of the sudden your hand was ripped from Matts and someone screamed…


You and your friends ran to hiding in the back of someone’s houses it was your turn to hide and the boys’ to count. They were surrounding the base so you girls had to make up a plan if you wanted to win. You got really competitive it was one of the things matt loved about you. The plan was for someone to go out running towards the boys and “trip”. Once all the boys surrounded the person who was assigned to trip the rest of our team would come up and tag the boys. You being an actress were assigned to sacrifice yourself and fall. This was going to be fun you though to yourself.

“1 2 3 GIRLS” you all whispered/screamed and went your different ways.

When all the boys seemed to be huddled up you gave your friends the “thumbs up” signaling you were going to go in now. You started running towards the base and Matt noticed you he began to run after you. You ran until you reached grass and then you “tripped and fell” onto the grass. Come on (Y/N) let your inner Broadway start come out you said to yourself as you began to trick the boys that were now huddled around you.

“OWWWW OW” your started to yell

Matt was quickly on top of you with a look of fear taking over his face “ (Y/N) (Y/N) are you okay what’s wrong im so sorry I should have never chased after you its ok its goanna be okay”

You have to admit you just wanted to kiss him right there I mean come on he was adorable but you had to stay in character

“MATTHEW HELP ME I think it broken help help ow Matt!!!” You whaled like a baby and all of the boys bought it.

They were all crowded around you with Matthew holding your hand he was right about to call for an ambulance which got you scared but seconds later you hear footsteps and screaming girls. The plan worked



“OUT” all of my friends started to scream as they one by one got all of the boys out.

  I got up ran to the girls and then we all ran to base and screamed “WE WON GIRLS RULE”

Matthew was so confused so you ran up to him and explained to him what the plan was. All of the sudden a look of revenge swept his face.

“Your goanna get it” was all he said.

All the sudden you were running away from him but he was to fast he picked you up off the ground and he started planting kisses all over your face. You were yelling for him to stop but he kept going. You were giggling out of control he finally put you down and gave you one big kiss on the lips. That was defiantly the best revenge you have ever received

After everyone was done with manhunt you decided to watch a movie outside in (Y/F/N) backyard. She had this screen projector thing, which was awesome for nights like this. You cuddled up to Matthews’s chest and while watching the movie you felt yourself drift off to sleep.

You woke up to Mathew shaking you lightly so you too could go home.

“(Y/N) we gotta go home” he whispered in your ear.

You said goodbye to your friends and slowly walked behind Matthew. You were so tired you could barley walk. He noticed that you had stopped walking so he came over to you and picked you up bridal style. You nuzzled your head into the crook of his warm shoulder and said “Thank you Matthew”

“Anytime princess” was his response, which made you smile to yourself.  

You and Matt got to your house, which no one was in but you two, and he brought you up to his room, he kissed you on the check and he started to leave. You shot your head up and said…

“Matthew wait”

He looked at you with his beautiful brown eyes. He only lived down the street but you just wanted to lay in his arms forever.

“Stay… please” was all you could get out.

He chuckled to himself lightly and got under the covers with you. He wrapped his arms around you and squeezed tight.

“Thank you Matthew for being the best boyfriend a girl could ask for” you whispered in his ear.

“I love you so much (Y/N) goodnight” he whispered back to you.

You quickly drifted off. The last thing you though is how much you loved Matthew and being in his arms. 

*hey so this isn’t mine it was submitted to me so I hope you like it 

Don't want it to be awkward (Part 6) - Nash Imagine

Part 1 - 

Part 2 -

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Part 5 -

As soon as I shut the door I felt my eyes water. I bit my lip trying to stop myself from crying. Why am I even crying? We weren’t even together. I’m being ridiculous. I walked down the hall towards mine and Mahogany’s room but I found myself in front of Matt’s room. I might have gone to Shawn’s if I didn’t know he was sleeping. Eventually a shirtless sleepy Matt opened the door rubbing his eyes “Hey babe.. you’re up early.” He said yawning. “Yeah I just.. I don’t really know.” I said looking down. “come in” he said moving out of the way. I walked in and sat down on the bed. “Didn’t you sleep in Nash’s?” he asked standing in front of me. “Uhm I was supposed to but a situation popped up. You want to go get breakfast?” I asked out of no where. I didn’t want to talk about Nash. And I didn’t know how to explain everything to Matt anyway. What was I going to tell him? Me and Nash had been sleeping with each other? But that would ruin my relationship with Matt. “Yeah let me just put some clothes on.. do you want some?” he asked walking over to his luggage. “Yeah sure” I said looking down at my pajama shorts that had flower patterns on them. “Here” he said tossing me some adidas sweats. “You want another sweatshirt too? That one is covered in sand..” he asked causing me to smile a bit “Is that Shawn’s?” he asked pulling out his grey obey sweatshirt “it is” I replied. he tossed me the sweatshirt and I walked to the restroom to change. I looked in the mirror and I looked like a girl version of Matthew Espinosa. I took some of his mouth wash and walked out. Matt was dressed just like me.. or I was dressed just like him I should say. He was wearing the same sweatpants but a grey sweatshirt but a different brand. “Aw we’re so cute” Matt said doing his adorable smile and I couldn’t help but laugh. We walked to the nearest restaurant and got seated. “Awe now look at these 2 love birds.. how cute with the matching thing” our waitress said right before she took our drink order. Me and Matt looked at each other with a silly smile. She came back with our drinks and took our order “So. do you want to talk about whatever happened last night?” Matt asked before sucking on his straw “I would but It’s actually  really complicated Matt..” I said playing with my straw in my drink “Did you and Nash have a thing going on?” He asked scooting his drink away. I chuckled to myself. “In all honesty yeah.. It wasn’t that big of a deal though because he never wanted to make it official so…” I said still playing with my drink. Matt shook his head. “Well his loss then..” Matt said reaching his hand over the table. I looked up at him and smiled and placed my hand in his. “alright so we got the breakfast special!” the waitress said carrying our food. Me and Matt broke our hand holding while she set our food down “Thank you” me and Matt both said at the same time. After we ate Matt paid and we started walking back to the hotel “We need to start packing we’re heading to Washington..and since we’re not flying there we need to leave earlier” Matt reminded me. Matt walked me all the way to mine and Mahogany’s room. “Well thank you for breakfast Matt” I said smiling at him “anytime” he said smiling down at me. I leaned against the door and he put his arm above my head hovering over me. He started to lean down and he slowly placed his lips on mine. It was the most innocent kiss I’ve ever had but in a good way. He pushed him self off the door. “well I’ll see you in a bit” he said winking at me and walking away. I unlocked our room and opened it to see Mahogany packing everything “OH THERE YOU ARE! I NEED YOUR HELP!” she yelled shoving things in her bag “with?” I asked laughing at her “PACKING OF COURSE!” I loved her. no matter how crazy she was she was my best friend after all.. she kept me in line when these boys pulled me off it. Right when we finished packing there was a knock on the door. It was Jacob “You girls ready?” he asked sticking his head in “Just finished” she replied. He came in and grabbed one of each of our bags. “What a gentleman” I said grabbing my other bag, he just smirked at me. We all checked out of the hotel and saw a big Van in the front. The van had 4 rows and 4 people could sit on each row. Then their was a passenger and drivers seat so 18 people could fit in it. Nash’s dad was driving the van and Hayes sat in the passenger seat. Automatically everyone paired up. Mohagany with Jacob, Jack and Jack, Taylor and Aaron, Matt and Carter, and usually Cam and Nash would pair up but they didn’t. So it was just me Shawn Cam and Nash. “You two want to sit next to each other?” Cam asked pointing at me and Nash. Me and Nash finally looked at each other for the first time since this morning. “I don’t min-” Nash started “No I want to sit with Shawn” I interrupted. “Wow ok..”Cam said looking at both of us “I’m going to pretend there’s no tension in the air…” Cam said looking down at the floor lifting his eyebrows. “Come on man” Cam said grabbing Nash’s arm. I could have still sat with Nash. the 4 of us on a row but that would have been awkward. Me and Shawn got our own row and so did #Jox. “Alright everyone get comfortable w have an 8 hour drive ahead of us!” Chad yelled before he started the engine. “yaaaaay” I heard Taylor say in a squeaky voice with sarcasm causing us all to laugh. “Looks like we’re sleeping with each other again..” Shawn said smiling at me. I heard someone make a noise like a gag and turned around and saw Nash glaring at us. He was in the row directly behind us.. great. This is going to one hell of a road trip..
A Matthew Espinosa Fanfiction: Same World Different People | part 1

part two

“Here we are, have a great time in California,” I gave the driver some money, grabbed my bags, and walked into the hotel. It’s strange to think that just six months ago, I made my first vine. If you didn’t already know, my names Kaitlin. Before vine, I was known as the “weird girl” in school. But after it came out and I started making the short videos, and then sometimes uploaded videos onto YouTube. After about a month and 100k followers later, people from my school started to find out and actually started to talk to me.

I hit 900k last month which was around the same time I got asked to tour with Sunsations. The tour officially starts in two days, but the acts were asked to come earlier so we can all get to know each other.

I walked over to the person behind the counter, “Kaitlin Somers.” I watched as the lady started typing fiercely on the computer, “Here’s your key. You’ll be on floor four, room 407. Enjoy your stay Miss Somers.” I smiled, “Thank you.”

I dragged my bags to the elevator and pressed the fourth floor. Just as the elevator was about to shut, I heard a voice yell to wait. The boy made it just in time. “What floor?” I asked not looking at him. “Kaitlin, right?” Startled I looked over sighing in relief, “Yes. Carter?” He smiled. I’ve watched a few of his vines, particularly the ones with his mom. “So are you excited?” He asked. I smirked, “Saying I’m excited would just be an understatement.” He laughed and I joined in.

The elevator opened and we both walked out along with our bags. Just ahead I could hear a couple guys yelling and laughing. I couldn’t quite make out who they were from where I was standing, or at least until Carter yelled, “Aye Matt, Taylor, Aaron. So good to see you guys.”

As Carter and Matt hugged, I introduced myself to Taylor and Aaron. Taylor was wearing a bandana, the usual. See I know a few things about the original Magcon. I turned around and froze. Of course I was aware who Matt was and how attractive he was, I mean thats all everyone ever talks about, but I was still taken back. “Hi, I’m Kaitlin,” I smiled. He grinned, “So I’ve heard.” He was wearing a grey obey sweatshirt with khakis and vans. “So you guys wanna check out the boardwalk while we wait for the others?” Carter asked. We all agreed.

I put my bags in my room and threw on a cropped tank top and a skirt, letting down my hair in loose waves.

I walked out and all eyes were on me. Did I do something wrong? I brushed it off, “Shall we go?” They nodded and we made our way down to the boardwalk.

“Have you ever been to California?” Matt asked. I nodded, “A few times, but only to see Jc and everyone. I’ve never been to the beaches.” He smiled, god he was beautiful, “Guess I’ll have to show you around.” I rose an eye, “I guess you will.” Carter and Taylor stopped, “We’re gonna go play beach volleyball, do you guys want to join us?” Matt shook his head, “We’re good.”

We grabbed frozen yogurt and continued walking. “What made you start vine?” he asked. “At school, I felt like I couldn’t be myself. No one really liked me, or even talked to me. So one day I just downloaded the app and whatever I thought was funny, I’d vine.” He looked like he was trying to process everything I had said. Just as he was about to say something, a group of girls started running towards us.

They were screaming our names and crowded us. We looked at each other, laughed and started taking pictures. “Are you guys dating?” We started laughing. “No no no,” I covered my eyes and put my head on his shoulder. “I mean it only took a few months." It only took a few months? ”I mean the whole fandom has been waiting for you guys to meet and get together.“ Matt laughed, "We’re not dati-” they didn’t let him finish. 

We said our goodbyes and Matt and I kept walking. He smirked, “They like us.” I rose my eyebrow, “You mean they ship us.” We laughed. I walked over to the wall that separated the boardwalk from the beach and stared. “Isn’t it beautiful?” I asked. He was starting at me, smiling. I crossed my arms, “What?” He shook his head, “We should head back.”

A/n: So this is a little different from the other ones I written, but should I continue with this?

Taylor Caniff Imagine

I could hear her as I walked down to the kitchen, humming as she made breakfast. The aroma of bacon and waffles flowed through the air and my mouth watered. I rounded the corner to pear into the kitchen, she was standing there in one of my bro tanks and some panties. She is always so beautiful but I could never get over how beautiful she was in my clothing, it was something possessive and I knew she was only mine. She turned to open the fridge and caught me admiring her, “Good morning baby, I didn’t hear you get up.”

I shrugged my shoulders and walked towards her. As she turned around and closed the fridge, I pinned her against it and gently kissed her. She was my world and I couldn’t imagine it without her.
She pulled away from me and her eyes met mine.

“Wake up Tay!” And just like that I was pulled away from her, away from a memory or a dream. It felt too real, too happy. I sat up in bed to Dillion telling me to wake up, not (Y/N).

“Give me a minute.” I croaked out, my eyes still heavy with sleep and now tears. Everything set in and I remembered her saying goodbye, she couldn’t handle the hate anymore because it was messing with her depression, she couldn’t handle the distance and she couldn’t come with me on the tours because she had classes. She decided to end it and it tore me up. I just watched her walk away, no words were able to come out of my mouth, my throat was dry and my world came crashing down. I know I’m numb to everything now and the only thing really stopping me from breaking down were the fans and how supportive they were throughout the whole thing.
Missing her became a daily thing but now it was weighing heavy on my heart because we were in her city on Sunsation Tour; Houston, Texas.

“Man, you have to get ready. I understand but we are going to lunch at Texas Roadhouse and then going to go to the meet and greet. You’ll be ok dude.” Dillion spoke and I knew he was right, he was always right except for saying that (Y/N) would stay together for a while.

“Ok dude. I’ll shower and then we can head downstairs.” I threw the covers off of me and literally ran to the bathroom so he couldn’t see my tears.

I threw on my black cargo sorts, my grey and black obey shirt along with my red vans and red beanie. This shirt was her favorite and she always wore it. I looked into the mirror and plastered a fake smile on my face, “Smile, you can do it dude.” And I walked out to see Dillion and Carter smiling at me.

“C'mom man! Let’s go get some amazing steak.” Carter said and rushed us out of the room. We sat in the van with everybody, nobody knew to mess with me today, granted they didn’t know the reason why but they still knew. Only Carter, Dillion and Aaron knew.

We arrived at the restaurant and ate, I tried to engage in conversation with everybody but it was so hard, nothing was the same and it was awful. I kept thinking about how this is where she worked while we dated. Now we were back in the van on the way to the tour, I was starting to get hype as Dillion passed around the blunt. We were going to get live and I wanted to be happy.

I could see the venue now and there were already so many people waiting for us. Too many for the normal meet and greet. Now all the boys were acting all weird and not looking me in the eye, but I wasn’t about to question it and have it kill my mood. As soon as I stepped out of the van I was attacked by a girl. She jumped up, wrapped her legs around me and kissed me. I responded to her, even without seeing her face, I knew this was her. They way her legs wrapped around me and the way she kissed me and the way she smelled of brown sugar. I could hear cheers from everybody.

She pulled away and looked me in the eyes, “I’m so sorry, I’ve been so miserable and I couldn’t figure out why. Then I realized it was because I left you. I should have never broken up with you for stupid petty reasons. I love you so much and if we could start again, I would really love it.”
She got down and grabbed my hands, her eyes pleading me to say yes.

I could only nod my head and kiss her again. Everybody cheered and I now knew why the guys were acting all weird.