grey nomad

post spectre 00q, or something

I have written about this before, but my interpretation of some spectre stuff has evolved since then so! time to put the 00Q goggles back on and dive back in

(actually, this is sort of a long rambling attempt to fit 00Q into the future of the craig!bond universe, like, years and years into the future. whoops.)

(I wish I could write this. maybe someday *cries*)

  • to start we have to go back to before the beginning of spectre
  • Q and Bond, at some point in between skyfall and spectre, begin a casual sex/friends with benefits arrangement. Neither of them were interested in anything more serious at that point so it’s perfect for them at the time
  • HOWEVER. not long before their first scene together in spectre, Q developed a serious (romantic) crush on Bond, and therefore he seems a bit awkward around Bond (until the shit hits the fan. then he’s just pissed off)
  • but anyway, Q is professional about it, so Bond doesn’t know

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etsyfindoftheday 3 | 10.12.16

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Closed RP: The Exploration of Zeladda


“C’mon Al, we have to do sight-seeing. We didn’t do any since we landed here..” Mr. Slick pointed out as he held hands with a female star nomad as they strolled down the streets of Zeladda.

The grey star nomad tried to stifle a yawn while her yellow companion smiled in response.

“I agree, Gilbert.”, she nodded, “I was quite busy for the past few days. Thankfully I am off for the next few days. The perks of being a traveling doctor.”

“Boy howdy, ya were quite busy. But, we can do as much sight-seeing as ya want.” The salesman grinned as he playfully placed his forehead against hers.

“But, where should we go first?”

“…Um…we could always dawdle until we spot something.” The yellow nomad shrugged. His companion simply shook her head in amusement, but she quickly lost her track in thought when something distracted her.

“Ooh. That’s a boutique. Do you mind waiting here for me? I know how it sometimes bore you…”

“Go ahead and have fun, Al. Ya need to treat yourself, darling.” Mr. Slick smiled. 

He watched her as she entered the boutique. Few minutes went past and he simply dawdled around the area. The area was so busy he wouldn’t be surprised if he bumped someone he met already on Zeladda…

Closed Starter with ashortwalkabout

Wheatley stood on Walky’s porch. About ten minutes had past since he had knocked, and he figured no one was home. Maybe she’ll be back soon…

He walked over to a nearby bench and sat down, looking at the rose he had picked earlier and planned on giving to her. He waited patiently for her to return, looking around and examining his surroundings.

It had been only five minutes when footsteps could be heard coming towards the house. Wheatley stood up and looked towards the noise, hoping it was Walky. However, it was Rick; his old friend. “Oh, hello, Rick,” He greeted. The other nomad stood there for a moment, but then tipped his hat.

“‘Ey there, Wheatley. Whatcha doin’ here?” He asked.

The fluffy grey nomad looked at the ground shyly, shuffling his feet as a small blush formed on his face. “O-oh, um… Just visiting a friend of mine…”

“This… 'friend’ of yours… What’s her name~?” He asked with a smirk, leaning on a tree and folding his arms smugly.

“Oh, her name’s Wa– wait, h-how did you know my friend was a girl..?” He asked, his blush deepening.

“I can just tell. Plus, I’m pretty sure we’re both lookin’ for th’ same girl,” Rick replied. “Walky, right?” The other nomad nodded. “Hm. What’s with that rose there?” The dark brown-ish nomad asked, looking down at the flower in Wheatley’s hands.

“O-oh, I’m gonna give it to her… I just- y'know, er..” He looked away, rubbing the back of his neck. “… Why are you here?”

“Me n’ her are gonna go on an adventure together. Just th’ two of us. Alone, in th’ jungle, facin’ all sorts of danger~” It was obvious that Rick was trying to make Wheatley jealous purposely; and even a moron like him could see it.

“H-hey! I met her first, she’s my friend!” Wheatley said, raising his voice a bit.

“Girlfriend, I think, would be th’ correct word,” Rick said, getting off the tree and taking a step towards his friend. “You don’t have a chance with 'er, though. She’d never like a guy like you. I’d be a much better guy for her,”

“N-no way! She’d never like someone like you! You’re selfish and think the world revolves around you and your made-up adventures!” Wheatley said, rather loudly, taking a step toward the other nomad.

“Made-up? 'Scuse me, but my adventures are real! Why’re you so convinced she likes you more? You tried to kill your last lady friend, what makes ya think this time’ll be any different? She’s bound t’ find out what you’ve done eventually; and then she’ll never trust you!” Rick fumed, clenching his hands into fists.

Wheatley’s eyes widened, and he took a step back; shocked. Rick had never mentioned that incident before… He had made a promise not to. “Oh yeah? Well, you’re just a corrupted core!” He yelled. The dark brown nomad looked just as surprised as Wheatley had; of not, more.

After a few moments of silence, Rick took in a big breath and punched Wheatley in the arm. The grey nomad nearly fell to the ground, dropping his rose. He adjusted his glasses and got back to his feet, feeling a sudden burst of energy as he, too, hit Rick (which wasn’t quite as effective as he had thought it would be). The two then began to fight each other, constantly yelling insults back and forth. They only stopped when they both saw Walky standing there. Neither knew how much she’d seen, but they both froze in place, staring at her with wide eyes, Wheatley frozen mid-punch while Rick had grabbed hold of Wheatley’s shoulder to hit him. Both were completely still, as if a movie had been paused.