grey knee high boots

today I am wearing my new pleated black skirt, my grid striped grey and black turtleneck, my knee high black patent leather boots, and my overknee grey ribbed socks. I even put on foundation today. The necklace is chunky black and dark wood beads, and i have my round hematite earrings

ok i like mono color schemes i guess

In the Eye of the Beholder

It was a beautiful day in Magnolia, and the young blonde girl reveled in the warmth of the sun. The rays of light bounced off her hair to make it shine like gold. It was the beginning of August, so it was a bit chillier in the mornings, but the teenager knew and dressed accordingly in a grey turtleneck sweater with short sleeves. Her pink skirt was a little too short for the season, but her grey knee-high boots made up for the lack of length. 

Stepping from the balcony that connected to her bedroom, the girl turned to her vanity mirror. She ran her brush through her hair a few more times, sighing softly whenn she caught sight of her eyes. The right was a warm chocolate brown, with a hint of red, while the left was a dark emerald that sometimes appeared obsidian.

Now you may be thinking how rare her eyes must be, but actually it’s pretty normal. Children in Fiore are taught from a young age that if they were born in Fiore, and their parents were too, their eyes would be different colors. It is a magic found only in this one country, a magic unknowingly used by every Fiorian to find thier soulmate. Until the person found their other half, thier eyes would remain heterochromatic.

This fact wasn’t what caused the blonde to sigh though. Her moment of sadness was because she couldn’t wait for the day when she would look in the mirror and see matching eyes staring back at her. You see, her right eye, the brown one, was her own. Every person in Fiore had their own eye color in their right eye. The left eye, the green one in the girl’s case, was the eye color of their soulmate. But what really brought her spirits down was that for the last five years, the amount of people who had found their significant other had greatly diminished, meaning it was getting less and less likely for her to find the man with the dark green eyes.

With her hair tangle-free, she pushed the thoughts that depressed her to the back of her mind. Today was a day to be happy, and she intended to do just that. You see, in the mall down the street there was a store that sold animes and mangas, and their merchandise. One of the blonde’s closest friends, a short girl with blue hair and a love for books that overshadowed the blonde girl’s,had told her of how this store was having a sale on items from their favorite anime, Fairy Tail, and that all merchandise would be at least 50% off.

The girl snatched her shoulder bag from a nearby chair and rushed out the door of her apartment and down the sidewalk. She was so excited she nearly tripped over her own feet. Once the store came into view, however, she became completely distracted. Lined up outside and inside the store were little plushies and books and keychains and a plethora of other trinkets and fandom items. In her distraction, she barely caught sight of the flash of salmon hair that apeared in front of her, and then she was bumping into someone.

Stretching as he awoke, a boy with salmon hair glanced at the clock, his eyes widening when he realized he would be late. He too was looking forward to the sale at the anime store in the mall. But because he had stayed up late the night before, he now had only half an hour to get ready. The young man sprinted around his home, throwing on some blue jeans and a green tee, then wrapping a white scale scarf around his neck, pausing to reminisce. The scarf came from his father, a man who had been missing for over ten years now.

The pinkette barely glanced in the mirror when he went into the bathroom to brush his teeth and hair, but even that short amount of time allowed his eyes to catch his attention. His left was some sort of brown, but it was pretty. His right was nearly black, but in the right light it seemed to be a darker green. When he learned about the reason behind his eyes, he had two questions.

The first was how would you know when you found your soulmate? The adults answered that easily, telling him that when he found the pair to his right eye, his left would change colors to match it, and the girl who was his match would have a right eye that matched his left, and her left eye would change too. This answer, though, would bring on his second question. Why does his eyes changing mean he had to be the girl’s soulmate? Why couldn’t they just lock eyes and then go find other people? To this question, he had yet to get an acceptable answer. All the adults would do is smile knowingly and say something about how he would find out when he found his love.

With five minutes left to get to the opening, the pink haired boy ran out of the house he shared with one of his friends, who had been the one to recommend this store to him when it opened two years ago. Since then, he had spent nearly every weekend there, reading the mangas that he could never afford. Luckily for him, the store allowed visitors to read the books while in the store, so long as you took good care of them. And he did. But this sale had been what he had been dreaming about. A sale of his favorite manga, Fairy Tail. It was literally a dream come true for the pinkette, and he had saved as much money as he could so he could get himself something.

He sprinted down the last street, and cheered with joy at the sight of the mall plaza, and the store that seemed to almost shine. At the last minute, he began to slow down, but it turned out it wasn’s soon enough. Just as he had taken the last step, one that would have make him stationary, something, or rather someone, blonde ran into him.


The boy and girl both said “Oof!” The boy chuckled and raised a hand to scratch his head. “Sorry.”

“No, no, I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention.” The girl realized she had run into a young man about her age, maybe a little older.

The pink haired man looked down at the blonde, just as she looked up at him.

They both gasped softly, a tingling sensation runnig though each of them. With their eyes locked together, they each watched as the other’s left eye changed to match the right. The tingles in their bodies became sparklers, then fireworks. They both knew what had happened. 

When they had each recovered just a bit from the surprise of finding their other half, they smiled and took a step towards each other, now almost chest to chest. Neither were paying attention to their surroundings, completely forgetting about the crowds that were now taking pictures or the Fairy Tail sale that brought them together. All they could think about was the butterflies in their stomachs and the feeling of being complete for the first time in their lives.

“Hello… I’m Lucy. Lucy Heartfilia…”

“Hey Luce, my name’s Natsu Dragneel.”

Finally, the girl, Lucy, could look in the mirror and see two brown eyes looking back at her. In the years to come, those dark green-black eyes would join her chocolate brown ones, but instead of only one, it would be two, looking over her shoulder. And she wouldn’t feel sad when she saw them anymore.

Finally, the boy, Natsu, had the answer he had been seeking. He now knew why he didn’t just look at Lucy and then go his own way. It was because he couldn’t, he didn’t want to. In that one moment, she had become his whole world, and he wouldn’t change it for anything.

This is my first fanfic! Please be kind? I do not own Fairy Tail or the pictures. Those belong to Hiro Mashima and swordbreaker (respectively).

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this! 


Style Crush Sunday: Gabby Westbrook-Patrick

It’s safe to say that Gabby Westbrook-Patrick has become one of my favourite models of the moment. Not only has she walked for numerous designers including Ralph Lauren and Christopher Kane, but her simple street style is full of ideas I plan to copy. With BFFs such as Hailey Baldwin it is easy to see why this New Zealand model is quickly becoming one of newest It Girls! Continue reading to see my favourite looks.

This is definitely one of my favourite summer looks that Gabby has worn. Here she created an all-black look by pairing a cropped top, a pair of shorts with side detailing and the lace-up sandals. I love the Céline Nano and simple hoop earrings to complete the look.

I love this casual summer look! Gabby kept things simple by pairing grey jeans with a floaty white top. Also keeping up with trends, she pairs Adidas Stan Smiths into her outfit.

Seen here with Hailey Baldwin, Gabby drapes on a long grey cardigan, with light jeans and knee high boots! Again she uses the Céline luggage in the smallest size to finish off the outfit. I featured this look by Hailey in a previous Style Crush Sunday post which you can see here.

Here Gabby rocks a casual-chic look with Hailey after watching a hockey game! With a Rangers jersey Gabby wears a leather jacket, ripped denim jeans, and suede knee high boots.

You can follow Gabby on Tumblr at @gabbywp and on Instagram at @gabbywestbrook. What’s your favourite outfit Gabby has worn? Do you see her as a fashion inspiration? Let me know! If you enjoyed this post, please like or reblog x

(( Name: Kate Andrews

Also Known As: Raven

Gender: Female 

Age: 25

Species: Half human, half long-haired rat

Appearance: She has pale skin, along with dark grey braided hair with brown highlights. She has grey mouse ears on top of her head and she has a long grey mouse tail. She has golden yellow eyes and she has freckles across her cheeks. She wears a greyish brown tank top, a dark grey skirt with light brown knee high socks, a black crop top jacket, grey combat boots, black fingerless gloves, and brown square thin rimmed glasses.

Hobbies: She likes to read, write, and listen to music. She goes to the library to check out books, to read, or to write. Sometimes, she goes to the park to draw or just to walk around and enjoy nature. She also likes to play video games and she likes to watch tv at times as well

Personality: She is a very quiet, cheerful, and friendly person. She has a habit of squeaking like a mouse from time to time and she tends to get a tad bit embarrassed by it. She is intelligent, independent, artistic, and calm as well. She is also a total dork when it comes to her books, her favorite shows, and her favorite games.

Headcanon Voice: ))


“I just wish that time would stand still. I want to savour this moment for all of time. I want to be able to store it away, the sound of your beautiful beating heart.”

Recently, I’ve been getting back into Vocaloid and joining my girlfriend in her efforts to make a comeback with it - so what better way than to make some cute closplays for our favourite ship? 

I kept Miku’s look simple with a grey tank and black skater skirt. Instead of knee-high boots, I mimicked the look with knee-high socks and black lace-up wedges. For Kaito, I used a basic royal blue tank, black jeans, and a white leather jacket for his long coat. I brought in Miku’s signature colour in the statement necklace and matching bow purse. We couldn’t leave out Kaito’s signature scarf and we tossed in a yellow-gold bracelet to match his coat’s designs. Finally, I completed both looks with nods to their musical backgrounds: note earrings for both and a special music note clutch for Kaito.

{Look like Miku + Kaito!} {Listen to Cendrillion!}

SSMonth16. Day 10: “Haters Gonna Hate”

A/N: Week 2 has the theme of Comedy…Something that I really suck at…Omg, I hope that you’ll be able to read through my stories without cringing or a blank face. That being said; do enjoy the stories!

Disclaimer: Naruto and its characters belong to Kishimoto; this fanfic, however, belongs to yours truly.

Summary: Where Sakura has an accidental encounter with her middle school bullies.

           It was a chilly autumn morning. Sakura took a sip of her latte as she faced the street from the corner of the caff. She had been granted a day off from the hospital in what seems like forever and she was making the most out of it. Dressed in cream coloured long sleeved shirt with an oversized navy blue university sweater over it, grey leggings, and knee high boots, Sakura was perfectly comfortable with her spot in the café. With thick rimmed glasses, brilliant green eyes peered over the words of the trashy romance novel that Ino had recommended her…

           The chairs at the table next to her screeched against the floor and Sakura as well as the rest of the patrons of the café visibly grimaced at the piercing sound. Sakura glanced to her right at the customers who had decided to cause damage to her auditory system. To her surprise, it was none other than two women who had bullied her throughout her years in middle school. The brunette, Satomi, was laughing at something the blonde, Ayumi, had said. Satomi glanced over at Sakura’s direction and her eyes widened in recognition. She waved a hand at Sakura who reluctantly waved back; this caused Ayumi to turn her head towards Sakura as well. From such a near distance, Sakura saw something sinister gleam in the blonde’s clear brown eyes. Sakura heaved a mental sigh as they two women got out of their seats to join her at her table. ‘There goes my day of relaxing…’ Sakura thought glumly,

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