grey knee high boots

Reasonable Choice

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Warning: Swearing?

A/N: Reminder my Peter Parker is Andrew Garfield because he is of age, perfect, hot, goofy, dorky and well honestly the perfect Spider-Man ever. Plus, that sass, hello! So one last Fluff before Heart Break Weekend starts!!

When you and Peter admit you have feelings for each other you also find out Peter is Spider-Man. You agree to stay friends and only friends it was for best right? You could handle being friends even if you were ridiculously attracted to each other.

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“Wow.” Parker grins at you as he closes the distance between the two of you, you laugh fighting the blush rushing over your cheeks.

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Ingrid x Young!Reader

“Hello?” Joanna said when she opened the door and found a little girl not much older than twelve in the door step. A lace dress hung around her knees almost touching the grey knee high socks that peaked out over the top of her tan boots.

“I’m looking for the Beauchamps’.” You mumbled, catching a little tabby cat that hopped onto your shoulder and snuffled at the sun hat that matched your boots. “Mr Welles said I had to come here.”

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So, here’s tol king Byron Wagner’s character profile!

Here’s the structure and what’s under the cut:

  1. Basic info (Birthdate, star sign, estimated age, height, residence)
  2. Appearance (Hair and eye colour, body set, earrings & clothes)
  3. Characteristics (Traits and skills)
  4. Story/past (Not including his route)

Spoilers for Byron and Nico’s pasts ahead! Read with caution!

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