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harsh/negative aspects to saturn

Sun - Saturn: restricted possibility to feel excitement in life/ plain and grey joy, not seeing ones purpose in life very clearly, having to search for ones life goals/workinh very hard, an authority figure made a harsh impact on your overall life

Moon - Saturn: Limitations in feelings, not being able/allowed to express feelings, suppressing them, feeling misunderstood in emotions, being told not to feel, may feel lonely and compensates restricted feelings, your mother may had a harsh impact on you

Mercury - Saturn: Not allowing oneself to speak/express oneself as wanted, feeling misunderstood in the way of thinking/talking and maybe defending oneself constantly because of it, feeling forced to supress ones vivid imagination as it might be seen as ‘childish’, stiff way of talking

Venus - Saturn: afraid of loving, feeling like not deserved to be loved/love others thoroughly, having to work hard for love/admiration/appreciation, could be wallflowers or late bloomers, having constant douts and may not trust easily through that, loyalty is important

Mars - Saturn: feels stiffer/ the need of more control over oneself, the superego is probably very strongly trained, an inner strictness, hard to let go and limits oneself, very ambitious, feels lost when not reaching ones goal/losing

Jupiter - Saturn: feeling of constantly gaining and immediatly losing things, not being able to be happy/enjoy something fully, the need to think about visions thoroughly, realizing that quality comes before quantity, feeling like having ‘bad luck’/ losing constantly,

Uranus - Saturn: limitations in ones own metermophosis, being afraid of change, feeling like rebellion/change takes you nowhere, a clash of independece, freedom and security, limitation and stability, parents had both a different way of rasing you, inner conflictl

Neptun - Saturn: dreams being shattered, confusion of reality due to ones own phanstasy, conflict between ones desire and reality/whats really needed, letting go of limits/rules (can be both positive or negative)

Pluto - Saturn: conflict between own mentality/ way of thinking and the one of the family/that is teached, not being allowed to live ones life as wanted, tendencies to take revenge, the feeling to only function for society and not following ones own life path
'Grey's Anatomy' Enlists Bethany Joy Lenz for Season 14 Arc (Exclusive) | THR

The ‘One Tree Hill’ alum makes her second trip to Shondaland on the ABC medical drama.

Grey’s Anatomy is refilling its ranks.

A day after series regular Martin Henderson and recurring guest star Abigail Spencer exited, the ABC Shondaland drama has enlisted One Tree Hill grad Bethany Joy Lenz.

The actress will have a guest arc on the show’s 14th season and play Jenny. In typical Shondaland fashion, character details are being kept under wraps. A total number of episodes is also being kept under lock and key.

Grey’s Anatomy is Lenz’s second trip to Shondaland. The actress was among the original cast of ABC’s The Catch. When the show went in a different direction after the pilot, the role was recast. The Catch was canceled in May year after a two-season run.

Lenz’s TV credits also include Agents of SHIELD, Dexter and The Guiding Light. She’s repped by APA and Atlas Artists.

Lenz joins Grey’s as the Ellen Pompeo drama is approaching its 300th episode and as it continues to replenish its cast. The drama last season said farewell to series regular Jerrika Hinton (Stephanie), while Jason George (Ben) is also poised to transition to the upcoming Grey’s firefighter spinoff later this season. The drama, which welcomed back Krista Vernoff as co-showrunner (after her run in seasons one-seven), also recently introduced six new interns as the veteran drama looks to repopulate its ranks.

Queen Meredith Grey


I cried actual tears because after 300 episodes my favorite character in the world got the recognition she had always deserved. Meredith Grey is the woman I want to be everyday so today was amazing. Thank you shonda cause for the first time in 300 episodes I have cried tears of joy.

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2012 v 2017

I was digging through my art tag on my main for inspiration and discovered this gem from 2012, and BOY was that not startling at all. So being me, I decided to redraw it and see how it looks in my current style :^)

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I think I've read the passage of the House of the Undying an thousand times by now but I don't get what they are hinting at. Who are the mounts and the treacherous people and so on... Any thoughts?

Ohh boy. The thing to remember about the House of the Undying prophecies is that, well, they’re prophecies. Some of them haven’t happened yet, so we can only make guesses. It’s likely that after the books are complete, we’ll be able to go through all of Dany’s storyline and match up all the passages, but for now, we might be right or we might be wrong.

Anyway. These are my theories, based on the events of the books so far, TWOW preview chapters, other people’s thoughts, and other general speculation:

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