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Some of the dark skinned black actresses suggested for Sana Starros, following the Han Solo prequel casting yet another white brunette as the female lead. Sana’s character is a major player in the prequel comics and the Star Wars franchise is in dire need of WOC leads.

Anna Diop
Karidja Touré
Mya Taylor
Alexandra Grey
Deborah Ayorinde
Yityish Titi Aynaw
Mercy Johnson
Genevieve Nnaji
Roselyn Ngissah
Ahuofe Patri
Gloria Sarfo
Lydia Forson
Jackie Appiah
Simona Brown
Stefanée Martin

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for the kiss meme, 14 with hyde and jackie? :)

Kiss: 14. ‘I don’t have the words right now so here’s a kiss’

Set in the summer when their relationship started, and Jackie notices they aren’t fooling around anymore. And what puppy? This damn adorable puppy.

The moment Jackie decided it was time to talk, she had him trapped on his usual chair in the basement, lap full of one turned on Jackie, and his arms around her waist, one hand squeezing her behind when the intensity of their kissing spin up and his breath gets rougher with the excitment burning their skin. His body is something she never thought she would be able to touch, not with the way things were between them since day one. But Jackie knew, deep down, that their relationship had been also changing since day one, and that maybe it was just a matter of time for them to end breaking that tension between them like this.

Except, that’s when it happens, she knows better than that. “This isn’t physical anymore, isn’t it?”

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Yo! Which voice actress is responsible for the soothing voice of Young Moon Butterfly?

Edit: I believe young Queen Moon was voiced by Katie Driver! I have confirmation that Grey didn’t do Young Queen Moon. The credits do not list Young Queen Moon in the Battle for Mewni end credits, but I believe these credits will be adjusted when each episode is aired separately…

In the credits there is only one Queen Moon listed, and that is by Grey Griffin! I totally thought Young Moon was voiced by a different person than Moon, but there she is in the credits. Grey also does Jackie! What a versatile actress.

Greys anatomy and all those doctor shows lied to you.

It’s so much more different. Hospital life is not nearly as they make it out to be.

All of the emergency room doctors are sick as shit of patients. They all hate their job and the people they are tending to. It makes it hard to want to seek a career in medicine. I don’t want to hate my job. I don’t want to be miserable.

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I was re-watching Star. An lot of people tend to forget Grey Griffin voices Jackie Lynn Thomas. I was wondering what would happen if Jackie and Sam met in an AU or if they switched clothes or personalities?

They’d probably find eachother cool in their own ways; Sam liking Jackie’s chill attitude and skating skills and Jackie liking Sam’s passionate attitude and killer style.

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Jesus Christ, look at that, look at that, look at all of that.  Friends, ghouls, countrymen, lend me your ears (I need them for my own reasons) but more importantly, lend me those gorgeous little eyes of yours for one moment (yeah, you know they’re gorgeous, cutie) because I, your humble Jackie Grey, king of the ring, 6′4″ of fun, am I hear to show you a sight that will astonish and amaze you, will delight all your senses as long as they’re the ocular ones.  Ladies and gentlemen and rowdymen, feast your eyes upon this guy’s jacket.  Have you ever seen anything so fucking radical and awesome in your life?  The only thing I’ve seen that compares is my own but, but this one has some sorta vampire dog on it and that’s automatically better than non-dog vampires.  I got chills, they’re running all throughout my entire body, this jacket has got my shook and alert.  Fucking awesome is what it is.  I got a boner but, like, in my heart.  Spiritual.  Aesthetic.  That’s a word I know. 

What that jacket’s attached to ain’t half bad either but more importantly, I wanna steal his jacket.

LOTD: Taylor Swift and Lily Aldridge

What to wear on your weekend off

One our favorite celeb BFF combos is Taylor and Lily. Out shopping and lunching in New York, the dynamic duo showed off two totally different outfits with a ying-yang effect. Let’s break down how to get their looks. 

Lily’s Moto Chic Vibe

Becky Jacket

The Chunky Knit Sleeveless - Grey

Le Color Ripped

Jackie Tall Riding

Cashmere Scarf

Taylor’s Lady-Like Look

Zip to My Lou Swing Coat

Lauren Ralph Lauren Polka Dot Dress

Harrow Booties

MICHAEL MICHAEL KORS ‘Jet Set’ cross body bag

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And ‘42’ makes two: Nicole Beharie receives two NAACP Image Award nominations for her role as Rachel Robinson in ‘42’ & her work in new Fox hit series 'Sleepy Hollow'

The NAACP announced their nominations for the 45th annual Image Awards.

Among the star-studded cast of nominees Nicole Beharie’s name appears twice, once for her role as Rachel Robinson in ’42,’ the Jackie Robinson biopic, and another for her acclaimed work in Sleepy Hollow where she plays Lt. Abbie Mills alongside one of the most diverse casts on television.

Beharie is in good company this year in the “Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture” and “Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series” categories, respectively.

Other Drama series nominees include Grey’s Anatomy's Chandra Wilson, Kerry Washington for Scandal, Khandi Alexander for Treme, & SouthLAnd’s Regina King. 

Rounding out the Motion Picture category is Angela Bassett, Halle Berry, Jennifer Hudson, & Kerry Washington.

TV One will air the awards show on February 22 at 9 p.m. immediately following the red carpet show at 8 p.m.

Click Here for a Full List of Nominees.

It’s just - his whole entire life bad thing after bad thing has happened to Alex Karev. He had the shittiest childhood ever with an abusive, drug-addicted father and a mentally ill mother. He was in foster care and had to resort to stealing food so his siblings could survive, which got him sent to juvie. His wife got cancer and then left him. One of his girlfriends went crazy. The other left him to go to Africa. And now he has to deal with being unemployed too? How is that fair? 

All of his life people have told Alex that he is worthless and he believed them. His dad did it. Izzie did it. And now this. Whenever Alex starts to realize that he is worth something, whenever he starts to have the happiness he deserves, something shitty happens to him and he’s back to feeling like nothing again. 

This was Alex’s seat! Cristina gave it to him! Alex deserved this seat because he actually wanted to use it for something good. Bailey just wants to fund her goddamn research. Why can’t Alex Karev finally have something good happen to him? I’m so tired of the writers treating him like shit. Alex doesn’t deserve this. He deserves so much more than what he is given and it pisses me off beyond belief. 

I’m done. So done.