grey is beautiful

Princess got far too hot a couple of days ago and started panting like a dog 😿I was really worried she was over heating so I put cold water on my hands and brushed it through her fur- she loved it and started purring. I figured she might lick off the moisture which would keep her hydrated, which she did. I also mixed water with some tuna so she got some extra liquid that way.

I lay down on the tiled floor because she always lays down nearby wherever I am and the tiles cooled her down as well. That worked well 👍

I kept on putting cool water on her so her temperature stayed down and brushing her so any excess fur could come out easily- she really loves being brushed. I already groom her every day but right now she is moulting so much it’s crazy, she needs extra help clearing the fur. I don’t want her to swallow too much of it and get sick.

She was sick twice the next day (although she doesn’t seem to have too much fur in her tummy 😊) so I took her to her vet, who checked her out and said I was doing all the right things so just to continue. She wasn’t dehydrated and has been fine since, so fingers crossed it won’t hit 32 again this summer!


This video is truly amazing.