grey flannels

Jughead Jones Essentials

A rough guide on how to get Jughead’s style. 

His outfits usually consist of…

* Plaid button downs/flannels

* Denim Jackets

* Borg lined jackets

* Graphic tees

* Jeans

* Beanie

* Sweaters

* Suspenders

* Bracelets

If you want to slowly transition your wardrobe to get Jughead’s style, try these tips!

* Layer your clothes! Jughead can always be seen wearing a minimum of three layers: his tee, flannel, and then jacket. 

* Jughead has a lumberjack/grunge vibe when it comes to the style of his outfits so there’s no doubt when I say stock up on your flannels. Unlike Archie, Jughead is known to wear darker colors like blacks and greys but with flannels, dark greens and reds are exceptions.

* Readdressing the first tip, layers are always a go to but on days you’d rather keep it a minimum, wear your flannel around your waist instead of under your jacket. 

* Yes, dark colors are your number one choice when picking out items but don’t be afraid of light colors either. In two episodes, Jughead can be seen in vintage, light wash jackets.

* Surprisingly, suspenders are apart of his wardrobe. He doesn’t wear them over his shoulders but he does allow them to hang low against his legs. Black suspenders aren’t necessary but they do add to the outfit.

* When he’s not drowning himself in clothes, Jughead can be seen wearing sweaters. Invest in sweaters with dark shades such as black or navy blue. Green is okay but keep it a dark forest green and if you want red, keep it dark as well. Buy sweaters that have a waffle pattern or contain any patches (e.g. shoulder patches or elbow patches).

* With jeans, look for the washed out, vintage style. Tears in the jeans are also suggested seeing as how it holds together the idea of Jughead’s style.

* Combat boots and converse!! Keep them black. 

* Jughead can be seen wearing a numerous amount of bracelets on his wrist, mainly beaded and string/braided ones. Never just wear one if you do end up buying the accessory. Much like his tops when layering them, layer your bracelets.

* Everytime you pick something off the rack/shelf, ask yourself: Is it something you can see Jughead wear?

Where can you find brands/stores selling Jughead-inspired clothing? 

* Forever 21

* Levi’s

* Urban Outfitters 

* Ben Sherman

* Zara

* Macy’s

* Target

* H&M

* Old Navy


* Timberland