grey fireworks

aesthetics for the signs
  • aries: burning orange sunsets, pointed red manicures, matte red lipstick, dressing up as a devil for halloween, jack o' lanterns, oversized grey sweatshirts, fireworks, the red queen from alice in wonderland, red velvet cupcakes, hickeys, red letterman jackets
  • taurus: teal painted walls, blue baby onesies, a cottage on the beach, seashell collections in glass jars, the feeling of snowflakes on your tongue, palm trees, curly hair, lock and key, unkept promises, cacti
  • gemini: oversized denim jackets, doc martens, vintage suitcases, run-down cars, your grandmother's couch, greasy hair, brown lipstick, break-up texts, piercings above the eyebrow, clumpy mascara, black cats
  • cancer: waves, neon purple signs, psychic readings, crystals, romance novels, thunder storms, the stars and moon, black mugs with more marshmallows than hot chocolate and more honey than tea, kisses on the nose, winged eyeliner, constellations
  • leo: flowy yellow sundresses, fresh linens, colorful hair, adorable toothy smiles, picnic blankets, the feeling of a first kiss, sunflower fields, the curtains on a stage, innocence, disney princesses, shadows from sunlight against beige walls, liquid lipsticks
  • virgo: drum sticks, red flannels, shelves full of half-full sketchbooks, evergreen trees, outdoor bonfires, aesthetically pleasing kitchens, pineapples, dial-tone telephones, emerald earrings, UFOs, statues, collarbones
  • libra: open-air markets in spain, fields of flowers, more than 4 pillows on a bed at one time, peaceful protest, mystery novels - nancy drew, childhood scavenger hunts, wind blowing through hair, heart-shaped sunglasses, blue cotton candy, love letters, feathers, rainbow sprinkles
  • scorpio: monogrammed necklaces, american horror story, black lipstick, smudged eyeliner, french kissing, lana del rey, burning your tongue on black coffee, amusement parks at night, the little purple veins on your eyelids, the beatles white album on vinyl, fall turning into winter, static on tv screens
  • sagittarius: movie theater dates, 50s diners, bow and arrow tattoos on the nape of your neck, drawing your name in the sand, black baseball caps on backwards, winter turning into spring, pinky promises, the feeling when your foot falls asleep, black and white graphic novels, septum piercings
  • capricorn: drugstore makeup, sword collections, ripped light wash jeans, clouds, black flower crowns, visiting art exhibits, pots of local honey, black eyeshadow, dried flowers pasted into notebooks, watercolor paintings, the light in the dark but also the dark in the light, holding your hand out to catch the rain, long eyelashes
  • aquarius: nostalgia, pots of coffee brewing as night turns to day, hopeless romantics, bluebirds, philosophical novels, jellyfish, the beach at midnight, speed limit signs, carousels at night, city skylines with stormy skies
  • pisces: waterfalls, reflections in water, mint green polaroids, the planet neptune, cinderella's castle, paris boat tours, mermaid scales, puffy stickers, cool glasses of water in 90 degree weather, purple bath bombs, green eyes, pink mac lipstick
Pompeii chapter 8


Sakura blinked awake in the scant, grey hours before dawn. She frowned, shaking her head as she tried to remember her dream. Something about whispering…

She sighed, knowing already that she wouldn’t be getting back to sleep today, even though her bed was extremely comfortable.

Tripping over herself, Sakura rose to her feet and started her day. She stuck bobby pins into her short hair haphazardly, pulling it back from her sleepy features.

She moved through the motions, brushing her teeth as she looked at the dim, grey sky outside. She opened the balcony door, allowing the bracing cold to awaken her.

“Right,” she said, spitting into the sink. She smacked her face, grabbed a roll, and pulled on her climbing boots.

It was time to explore the wilderness.

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anonymous asked:

Help me oh wise one of Bagginshield, I need new fic to read. I try finding my own and I'm horribly disappointed. PLEEEEEEAAAAASSEEEEE.

Sanzigil -  Two times Thorin and Bilbo failed at Dom/sub play and one time that it worked VERY well.

Lock and Key -  The two times Bilbo Baggins had to replace the lock on his door, and how both happened to coincide with Thorin Oakenshield entering his life.

King’s Ransom - Bilbo is quite convinced that all the problems plaguing them in the mountain - specifically, Thorin acting quite unlike himself - stem from the blasted Arkenstone. The thing is probably cursed, and it’s up to him to get it as far away from Thorin as he can - and while he’s at it, he might as well try to stop a war before it starts.Rather than offering Bard and Thranduil the Arkenstone, Bilbo offers to give them his share of the treasure if they will please go away. Unfortunately, neither of them is willing to believe Thorin will hand it over - which leads to a ransom plan that is, in Bilbo’s opinion, quite ridiculous and doomed to fail from the start. But at least that blasted stone is out of the mountain.(WIP - you should be reading this like yesterday)

The Consequence of Courage(and it’s Many Applications) - Bilbo takes a leap of faith during the pine tree altercation between the company and Azog, and the repercussions that follow force all the members of the company to re-evaluate the worth of their burglar.One dwarven king included. (WIP)

not a matter of duty -  AU wherein No One We Love died during BotFA. Six years after the battle, the issue of the One Ring has come to light, and a council meant to decide what’s to be done with the Ring has just convened in Erebor. Bilbo Baggins has volunteered to be the Ringbearer, and Thorin Oakenshield, King Under the Mountain, has pledged his sword and service to Bilbo. Bilbo is less than pleased with the notion of the king being involved in such a dangerous quest, and an argument ensues.

Heartbeat of the Mountain -  Bilbo adjusts to caring for a nephew and realizes that the Shire holds no future for him anymore. It is time to return to the mountain. With Frodo in tow, he sets off to find out if Thorin regrets his decisions and to discover if the mountain can handle not one, not two, but three troublemakers. (WIP)

Well Played at Love - Bilbo enjoys his quiet existence as a librarian and is perfectly content with living adventure only through books. He’s got a nice house and a good job; if his love life is lacking a little, well, that’s his own problem and he doesn’t let it bother him.But then the arrival of an old family friend with a penchant for fireworks and grey clothes puts a definite spanner in the works, and Bilbo suddenly has a boyfriend and is on his way to meet the in-laws.Of course, nothing is ever easy for Bilbo Baggins.

Lingering Warmth - (coffee shop AU)Bilbo watches in shock as Thorin is yanked rather violently out of his shop and quickly disappears from sight. It’s not until Tauriel and Legolas bring in the muffins that Bilbo realizes he hasn’t moved an inch in a good ten minutes – staring at where Thorin was and suddenly wasn’t.“What an odd family,” he mumbles to himself.

A Portrait - This fic plays with the idea that the portrait of young Bilbo that Frodo looks at in the beginning of the film was drawn by none other than Thorin Oakenshield. Shameless fluff, with a dash of angst.’“I’ve been drawing since I was quite young,” Thorin said, quietly. “When I was less than a man, but more than a boy.”

The Stomach for It -   In which Bilbo Baggins likes food very much, but Thorin Oakenshield seems determined to change that.

Negotiations(Or: Thorin Grabby-Hands and his Long-Suffering Consort) -  A delegation of elves from Mirkwood arrives for negotiations and it’s all up to Consort Under the Mountain Bilbo Baggins to make them happen. Thorin is pouty and handsy, Fili and Kili are always up to mischief, and Legolas and Gimli are distracted by each other.

One Taste -  "Just kiss him,” Dwalin had said that morning, pushing past Bilbo roughly. “Put the rest of us out of our misery.”