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Am I the only one who has been reduced to a squeeing, sighing puddle of hormones over every photo/gif that features The Grey Corduroy Suit?

(source:  Vanity Fair TIFF 2017 portrait)

I want to reblog every blessed pic & gif, my talented friends, but I simply cannot keep up!  If I’ve seen yours, know that I love it, and I may have to start a side-block dedicated to all things Benedict in the Grey Corduroy Suit of Unending Deliciousness & Desire, just so I have them forever at my fingertips.

And  I may even I’ll probably have to write a poem about the GCS… 😍 😍 😍

whatfangirlsaremadeof  asked:

You are NOT alone! The Grey Corduroy Suit of Sexuality is absolutely addictive! The first photo I saw of Ben in it, I believe I stared at for easily two minutes before I looked away... I have the Blue Ben photo (I'm damn sure you know of which I speak!) has become my background for my phone AND my tablet!!! He looks... So divine... and scrumptious... in that suit ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Yes…so sublime,

so casual,

and so utterly devastating 

that I haven’t been the same since that glorious Sunday in Toronto.  I swear he had the winningest look there that weekend. Brilliant ensemble, from head to toes. 

In fact, I was moved enough to create a side blog @benedictssartorialeloquence, in order to pay homage to not only The Grey Corduroy Suit, but the wide variety of looks BC has worn over the years…looks that speak eloquently, to both heart, mind, and hormones, without saying a single word.  💙💜💙

(That photo of BC in the grey corduroy suit reminded me that I have Khan wearing it in the latest chapter of Becoming Human.)

Molly waited in the hallway as Khan tried on clothes in the guestroom. She kept wondering what to call him. Boyfriend? Future lover? Significant other? Whatever, all I know is that he’s mine. The question is, am I ready to be his?

Her thoughts were interrupted by the door opening. She looked into the room and grinned wide.

Khan stood there in a dark grey corduroy suit and a light grey Egyptian cotton tee. The suit was the softest corduroy she had ever felt and she knew the moment she saw it at the store that it would be perfect for him. She wasn’t wrong.

He smirked at her knowingly. “Do I meet with your approval?”

“Oh God, yes…” she blurted.


anonymous asked:

hi daisy! can you recommend some fall/winter outfits?

One last thing, and then I have to go to bed (hopefully to dream of grey corduroy)…

Just watching all the gifs, the fun, the loveliness of Benedict at TIFF 2017 has honestly made me not even care about the critical success of The Current War–because when I do see it, I’m sure to be remembering all the wonderful of that short little weekend of mirth and exhaustion, of humor and easy graciousness, of how breathtaking & utterly, casually handsome he was in that grey corduroy suit. Of his devotion to his fans. And of his bottomless well of joie de vivre

                                       💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗 💗


BLVDier Fall/Winter Editorial Pt. 2

Donegal is a small town in northern Ireland.  It is in a region of the world where warmth is a prized possession and became a hub for tweed textile manufacturing around the 18th century.

Although this jacket’s fabric wasn’t milled in Donegal, Ariston Napoli added their Italian twist by producing a soft, spongy and rich donegal fabric.  It comes in an array of colors ranging from deep red to charcoal grey but this green stood out.  At 380 grams, it doubles as an outerwear piece in 35-50 degree weather.

Made up with a 3/2 tip-over closure and 3 patch, snifter shaped pockets with corozo nut buttons and a notched lapel.

Forest green (as well as olive, taupe and brown) jackets are incredibly versatile as they go well with almost all pants; navy trousers, blue jeans, khaki chinos, grey slacks brown corduroys.  Seeing as though the chambray shirt movement hasn’t lost traction, this jacket proves to be the best covering heading forward.

5 pockets pants by Lee Black Label.  Shirt, lapel pin and pocket square by BLVDier.

Photos by @superdanger-us

BAFTA Tea Party Suit Wish List


AMI Slim-fit Wool Suit

Brunello Cucinelli  Panama Check Long-Sleeve Sport Shirt, Brown

Etro  Silk Dog-Print Pocket Square, Yellow Multi

Burberry Leather Derby Shoes in Oxblood


Thom Sweeney  Grey Slim-Fit Cotton-Corduroy Suit Jacket

Calvin Klein Black Slim-Fit Wool-Flannel Trousers

Ralph Lauren  Houndstooth Dress Shirt

Alexander McQueen  Skull-Patterned Cotton-Blend Jacquard Socks

Grenson Matthew Pebble-Grain Leather Oxford Brogues  


Alexander McQueen  Navy Slim-Fit Checked Cotton-Blend Blazer

Thom Browne  Slim-Fit Cotton-Twill Chinos

Tom Ford  White Slim-Fit Collar-Bar Cotton Shirt

Brioni  8cm Silk-Jacquard Tie

Berluti Alessandro Capri Polished-Leather Whole-Cut Oxfords