grey briefs,

Soft load in tight jeans

Decided to have some fun, now that I’m back at college and my roommate was away for the weekend.

Yesterday I ate a bunch of Halloween candy while playing some GTA with my two mates.

I went to bed feeling bloated and woke up feeling gassy. I then put on my tight, light grey boxer briefs and my tight dark washed denim jeans.

I had to run some errands and visit the library. I soon started to feel my stomach acting up and the urge to poop hit me. Held it in for about two hours before I had to go quite badly. I was ready to go to the library, but I was hesitant to go, because I’m still trying to get more confident about these planned accidents, especially in public.

I decided to go anyway, because I only had to pick up a few books and do some paperwork. While doing my things at the library, I had to clench my butt cheeks together. Farts started to escape from my body. By that time, I only had to find one book, and while I looked through the shelves, I started turtle heading and discretely put my hand over my butt, even though the area was almost empty.

A cramp hit, and it felt sticky between my butt cheeks. I finally found the book I was looking for, and I headed to the computer to sign out. While standing there, I leaned forward, slightly bending my knees. I then gave a push, and a semi firm load slowly but steadily made its way out into my briefs. I felt it curl up into a warm ball when meeting the pressure of my tight jeans. I finished signing out, and then felt the urge to fart. I pushed again, and a long bubbly, not very loud fart came out. I then started to walk towards the door, while another cramp hit me as well as a sudden urge to poop again. I rushed past a couple of other students, out of the door, down the stairs when I had to stop.

I was in the hallway with about 10 other students minding their own business, talking or studying. I pretended to be looking at one of the books, while another load - this time soft and big - filled the rest of my pants with a squelching sound.

I don’t know if anyone heard it, I just rushed out of the building and walked back to my room about 5 minutes away. The poop had completely filled my pants, and was even squishing between my thighs. When I reached my room, I squatted down and pushed again, and quite a bit of more soft poop came out, accompanied by a wet, bubbly fart.

Had to soak my briefs and jeans in boiling water two times before washing them. Hope they survive. And don’t eat too much candy, kids.

The start of a new year means getting back to the gym. At least we have the locker room to bring us motivation. Here are some Undergear models to get you moving this Waistband Wednesday.

In order…Doug Seibert in Pumas, Joe LoCicero in Gabriel Grey jock briefs, Rusty Joiner in C-in2, James Guardino in Puma, Thierry Pepin for Gregg Homme in a lace-up jock, Ben Pamies in C-in2, a Scott Herman selfie in CKs, and a group shot of Nick Auger, Kevin Burns, John Coulter, Derek Mickens and Paul Marron – all wearing Baskit undies for Undergear.

Happy Waistband Wednesday and Happy New Year!

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