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Dirty Thoughts

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (mind reader)

Warning: Language, smut… (I’m not sure how good this is. Work with me it’s only my second time writing it.)

You swore when you joined the Avengers you would never invade their thoughts, but what happens when you get drunk at Tony’s birthday party and hear the things Bucky Barnes is thinking, about you?

This was a request from @imagicana

“Come on Y/N,” Tony trails after you as you continue your way down the hallway. “they have hidden secrets.” Tony pleads with you, hoping you’ll give in and use your gift to pick through the team’s minds.

“Tony, I can’t pick through someone’s thoughts. I can only hear what they are thinking at the moment.” You remind him for the millionth time.

“But it could be something so good. Call it a birthday gift.” He grins at you.

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PrivateInvestigator!Taehyung (Dope!AU)

Originally posted by glitterskylines

Pairing: Reader x PrivateInvestigator!Taehyung

Warnings: Smut, some violence towards reader(black eye)

Words: 4.3k

Summary: After your neighbours apartment is broken into, a certain investigator has some questions to ask you about what occurred that night. 

It was around one am when you started to hear strange sounds from the apartment next door. You had sworn your neighbour had gone away for the weekend so you had no idea why it sounded like he was trashing the place. 

Maybe he got back early. You didn’t really care. What you did care about however was sleep and he was currently preventing that.

You pulled on your nightgown, and slipped your shoes on before walking towards the front door, grabbing your keys. It wouldn’t be the first time you had managed to lock yourself out so you made sure you had them with you.

You walk to his door, lifting your fist to knock. Your eyes squint in confusion as you notice the door is slightly ajar. That was odd. You gently pushed the door open so that you could peer inside. 

The place was a complete mess, drawers were pulled out and scattered over the floor, their contents everywhere. Furniture was overturned and all the kitchen cupboards were wide open.

You noticed a man stood in the corner by the TV, he was dressed all in black, his head covered by a large hood. By the looks of it he was unplugging the TV from the socket. Maybe it was because you were still half asleep, but you finally figured out what was happening. 

The man in front of you was too tall and muscly to be your neighbour and he was definitely robbing his apartment. Part of you wanted to be a good neighbour and confront him, but it was one am and quite frankly you didn’t fancy your chances against the large man.

You were about to turn and go back to bed when the man span around. He had a mask covering his whole face, you couldn’t even make out his eyes beneath the darkness of his hood. It’s obvious that he sees you; he freezes. You just stand there. You begin to back away. As you turn to go back home he walks towards you. He throws a bag over his shoulder and carries the TV under his arm.

You were frantically trying to get your key in the lock of the door. He grabs you roughly spinning you around and slamming your back into the wall. You groan in pain.

“Didn’t want to have to do this darlin’ but you gave me no choice” 

You look at him with a mix of confusion and fear. Before you knew it you felt something hard collide with your face. You hand flies up to hold your eye. It was tearing up in reaction to the blow.

“Tell anything to the police and you’ll have more problems than a black eye” he laughs wickedly.

He lets you go before walking down the hallway towards the stairs.You couldn’t believe he had hit you. Well you could, your eye wouldn’t stop watering and by the pain you were in you knew you were going to have a pretty spectacular bruise to prove it.

You entered your apartment, going straight to the freezer to get a bag of frozen peas. You place it on your eye, wincing a little at how cold it was.

You contemplated calling the police anonymously, but you didn’t really fancy a visit from that man again, so you figured you would wait until someone else did it. You would just pretend you slept through the whole thing and maybe report it in the morning if no one else had.

You crawled back to bed, trying to balance the frozen bag on your face as you drifted off to sleep.

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Marichat May - Kiss it Better

It’s super late, but I said I’d do it!

The moment I saw the prompt, I thought of the song Kiss it Better by He is We, which is a straight shot to the feels and I’d definitely recommend it as background music if you ever need to write an angsty scene.

TW: Blood and Character death. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. See the tags for more thoughts.

Paris lay in ruins.

Paris lay in ruins and Chat Noir was alone.

He had split away from Ladybug nearly ten minutes ago so she could recharge her kwami. The akuma, a vastly destructive force that went by the name of Dévastateur, had spent the better part of the past hour turning the streets to rubble and carving chunks out of buildings. Monuments were crushed beneath his power – and for once, Chat wondered if Hawkmoth regretted releasing a power like that into the world.

The akuma wasn’t anything special, really. He was granted power, great power, which gave him strength beyond imagination. It was his heart, however, that had darkened to a point that no mortal should ever near.

Chat didn’t know why the victim had turned so cold. He wasn’t sure he cared – not when Ladybug was still missing in action and Paris was a bona fide mess. But he did know that the damage wasn’t entirely Hawkmoth’s fault. No. This was personal on some level. The man beneath the mask wanted to tear the world apart on his own terms.

In Ladybug’s absence, Chat had reverted to a new plan – evacuating as many civilians as he could as quickly as he could. There were times for showy heroics, and there were times when all that mattered was preventing a bloodbath. This happened to be one of the latter.

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Detective Conan 991 Spoilers [English Translation]
  • O: Kyoto Senshin High School’s…
  • O: Okita Soushi!
  • R: Eh?
  • R: Okita… Could it be that you’re the same Okita that Kazuha-chan told us about? Five-piece-thrust and all that…
  • O: Hm?
  • O: Hey, yer rly cute! What’s ya name?
  • R: M-Mouri Ran…
  • [A murder at the Kendo tournament!! Okita, Heiji’s toughest adversary, has appeared…]

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anonymous asked:

Hi Chris!! I'm graduating in two weeks and I just got offered a job! I've only ever interned in very casual offices (jeans were standard) and this is a little more formal. How do you make a work wardrobe like an adult? I love what you wore on your first day you look so cute!

I am by no means an expert on this and I am generally not a very well-dressed person, but it’s a good idea to start with the basics and build from there. I have black and grey dress pants and blazers that match, and then I can easily add a colorful top underneath. Buying things that you can mix and match together will help you save money when you’re just starting. Search “basic professional wardrobe” or whatever on Pinterest, there are a lot of posts that show you how to take like eight pieces and make twelve different outfits - I find that really helpful!

Heartbeat (Tadashi Hamada X Reader)

Fandom: Big Hero 6
Pairing: Tadashi Hamada X Reader
Word Count: 2,279
Author’s Note: I recommend listening to this while reading:

Doing all I can do, just to be close to you.
Every time that we meet, I skip a heartbeat.

When Tadashi first met you at the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology, he had been rushing to his lab as he had an important project due the next day, and he had absolutely crashed into you.

His papers and folders went flying, as did your own, and you had some kind of drink in your hand that spilled all over your white shirt.

“I’m so sorry.” Tadashi said immediately, hands moving to your shirt before realizing that he didn’t know what exactly to do with said shirt.

Your drink, a passion tea lemonade from the university’s cafeteria, was bright pink, and it had spread all across your shirt, dying it a lighter shade of pink. Instead of yelling at Tadashi or even getting mad, you just looked down at your shirt appraisingly, before a huge smile spread across your face.

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anonymous asked:

Little Alfie at a wedding In a suit and shorts and little loafers replicas of his daddy's x

When the both of them take their shoes off at the end of the night, big loafers set beside small loafers beside their suitcases, they take a quick walk out to the pool of their little villa, being careful not to wake up the missus and Persephone who were sleeping together on the pull-out sofa of the living space area, the two fresh twins sleeping in the travel bassinet that was situated on the missus’ side. Alfie following close behind with their feet, sweaty from not wearing socks so their soles make gentle sounds as they walk across the decking of the patio, leaving prints behind on the floor. Large prints followed by tiny prints. 

And as Harry shimmies out of his cream trousers and sets them over the back of one of the lounge chairs, Alfie’s doing the same with his shorts, leaving the both of them in their matching grey briefs and cream blazers. Shirt buttons undone completely and letting the late night wind catch under the material, blowing the flaps around. 

“Have to be quiet, okay? No splashing or else we’ll wake mummy and your sisters up,” Harry hums, as he settles down on the edge of the pool, legs spread to allow Alfie between his thighs, “just gon’a wash our feet and then we’re going to go to bed, okay? You can share the bed wi’ me since mummy’s sleeping with yeh sister. We’ve got a busy day tomorrow.”


“We’re going out with Uncle Nick, aren’t we, hm? To the beach. Excited?”

Alfie nods, kicking his little feet out in the water and giggling when he drops his heels against the water surface and splashes up Harry’s thighs. Giggling when Harry tickles his sides before peppering kisses to his scalp, inhaling the thick and heavy scent of his baby shampoo that the missus had doused his hair with whilst getting him ready.

“Told yeh no splashin’,” Harry grumbles playfully, holding his son close to his bare chest as he squeals softly and kicks his legs out, teasingly kicking at Harry’s calves with his tiny toes, “are you kicking daddy, huh? Are you being a little Bugger?” Harry laughs, poking his fingers into Alfie’s belly and giving his tummy some tickles, “we’ll have plenty of time tomorrow morning to splash around, won’t we? You can splash Uncle Nick all yeh like then.” xx

brief visitation

aka the mp100 timetravel fic no one (but ao prob) asked for. it’s the 19th where u were born so happy birthday u lemonhead

The distant sound of the city’s heart floats in through the ajar window, a muted cacophony of chatter, soles on pavement, and rolling engines. The climate is an odd mix of arid and humid this time of year. The sun is shining, grand cumulous clouds are painted generously just above the horizon, and the sky’s endless blue makes for a good medium to drown oneself in. It’s a beautiful day.

Reigen sits back in his sofa with an open book sitting in his lap and an unlit cigarette in hand. He leans heavily on his side as he twirls the cigarette in his hand. His gaze darts up to the lighter sitting next to the ashtray.

For now, both the eastern and western-facing windows are ajar, inviting a gentle breeze that both cools and keeps the air fresh. There have been no customers to walk in since opening up. He contemplates having his fourth smoke of the day.

The two-note chime signalling a customer rings out in the empty office, and his aborted movement shifts as he moves the book to the end table in a fluid motion. He tucks the unlit cigarette into his jacket pocket for later.

The door to the office closes with an audible click, and he spins around as he affects his brightest smile. “Yes, hello, welcome! What do you need?”

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alright, here are the prologue spoiler images that i have! (some i got from my own vita, i own the game.) at the end, i’ll go through each design and break it down so you know what to go for?

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