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May I request more wolfblood/treesprite au where Souls been hit with silver and Makas trying to heal him but he's like fUCK NO he's heard about vine-eaters disguising poison as magic and other crazy shit and he is not ready to trust her with his life yet

She really does hate him.

He ran ahead without her, and she told him not to do that! Whatever it was that they had been chasing these last few weeks was powerful, and they shouldn’t face them alone.

But the damned wolf had literally left her in his dust.

She flies over the rocky terrain the best she can. Rocks cut into the bottoms of her feet and she wishes she was back where the trees grew tall. A few more steps and she can smell metal, and she moves quicker. She finds Soul in a pile on the ground, a puddle of dark red blood flowing from him.

Maka’s never seen red blood before, it scares her for a moment. The panic sits tight in her chest as she kneels down next to him. “Mutt?! Are you okay?! Hey?” She smacks his face a little, pulling his head into her lap. “Hey! Soul?!”

His eyes fly open, and he tries to get up, but she holds him down. “Don’t.”

“Where are they?!” He snarls. “He had my niece with him!! I could smell her! CODAA! CODA!!”

“Stop moving!” She orders him, running her fingers over his chest, looking for the wound. She traces something and he howls, smacking her hand away.


“Stop! I’m trying to heal you!” She glares at him and he shakes his head.

“I don’t want your fucking magic touching my blood.”

Maka is almost insulted for a moment, but she swallows the rage and puts her palm flat on the ground. It’s a lot to ask of the vines to bust their way through rocks, but they do, and they hold Soul’s arms down for her. “First of all, I can’t do blood magic. I’m not a monster. Secondly, would you rather die here? On some godforsaken mountain in the dragon lands?! Would you rather have your brother never find his children then lose you as well?! Do not be the fucking fool I know you are.”

Soul snarls at her, but the blood keeps coming, and he’s getting weaker. “….Fine.”

Maka holds her hand over his wound, then pauses. “Ask me. With respect.”

Soul growls in his throat, but he takes a breath, and looks her in her eyes. “Please. Don’t let me die here.”

“I won’t.”

World’s Best Dad (Part 8)

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Summary: The reader spends the day with Gracie before having an important conversation with Dean regarding their relationship…

World’s Best Dad Masterlist

Pairing: single parent!Dean x kindergarten teacher!reader

Word Count: 4,400ish

Warnings: language

A/N: I want a cuddly Dean…

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Monster AU Masterlist |

Genre: Drama/Supernatural

Word Count: 4082

Warnings: Suffocation

“(I hated you) But I want you, that’s right, my type, my heart doesn’t lie” [🎵 ]

You hastily trotted down the bustling hallway with your head angled down, attempting to shake away the piercing feeling of numerous judgemental stares, which were undoubtedly cast in your direction. You could hear the snickering of your peers as you passed each classroom, and you nervously swept away the stray hairs that had fallen in front of your eyes and tucked them behind your ear.

You finally reached your destination, pausing outside the door. Waiting for your professor was torturous. You could hear and see everything, all the whispering and murmuring of the students as they strolled past, giving you either condemnatory looks or amused grins. You were thankful that your literature class was held in a small classroom instead of a large lecture hall, or you might not have survived the ridicule that followed you the past two weeks.

You honestly didn’t understand why everyone was still so worked up. It had been weeks, but nonetheless, you were still the talk of the metaphorical ‘college town’.

The whispers of the students grew louder. You cast your gaze down the hall, and to your utter disappointment, the one person who had caused you this much tribulation, was still very much alive and breathing.

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Facts About Aly, Thom, and Alan (and a bit of Neal)
  • Thom was a really chubby baby, like just the fattest cheeks topped by a mop of red curls. V adorable. Alanna found his chunk reassuring, because of how much she struggled with breastfeeding (according to Tammy). She was really afraid that she wasn’t doing it right, but seeing that Thom was so healthy calmed her down. He was also a very quiet, giggly baby, easy to take places. He would cry and cry when separated from his parents, so Alanna and George did a lot of baby wearing. When Thom grew into adulthood he took after George physically, very tall and broad shouldered, although since he is an academic type he’s not muscled like George.
  • The twins were born a bit early, and were a little undersized. For the first few weeks they required constant, round the clock care (necessitating that wet nurse Aly mentions having). Aly and Alan liked being together best, and hated being restrained, so Alanna and George had to completely re-think their baby-calming strategies. They were the kind of toddlers that absolutely had to be occupied at all times. Alanna and George got good at carrying on conversations while simultaneously tickling a baby with one hand and playing peekaboo with the other. George and Alanna obviously love their children but…the twins were a big reason why they decided three was plenty.
  • Alanna is like 99% happy her children are tall and healthy, 1% pissed that she’s so much shorter than everyone she knows, including people she literally created. “Why did shortness happen to literally only me? EVEN MY TWIN BROTHER WAS TALLER THAN ME!!”
  • It’s common knowledge in the family (including adoptive family) that when Aly, Alan, and Thom are all together…the whole is decidedly lesser than the sum of their parts. Like, they are such smart and capable kids, but they get into the absolute dumbest shenanigans when all together. The, “I can’t believe we survived, also there may have been a lot of property damage involved, so sorry” type shenanigans. Just two siblings together can be destructive, but usually in a much smaller and more controllable way. It’s like they are the kids from Captain Planet, but what they summon when all together are horrible choices and bad judgement.
  • Thom convinces himself to go along with these schemes because he needs to “watch” his little siblings, Aly likes to think she’s the brains and she needs to go along to control it, and Alan just straight up likes adventure and mayhem.
  • The Pirate’s Swoop kids have absolutely involved their royal cousins in these shenanigans, and have nearly gotten them into serious diplomatic trouble at least twice (but they did a decent cover up job, so parents don’t know about that part). Jon and Thayet slightly look the other way because they know their kids have an incredibly restrictive life, and their cousins are a small reprieve from that.
  • Thom is supposed to be the sensible one, but clearly he’s always getting dragged into the mess Aly and Alan have made. Thom is also usually the one left holding the bag, but George has caught on to this fact so when he walks in on Thom neck deep in trouble his first question is always, “Where are your siblings?”
  • Alan and Thom recognize Aly’s tricks more than she realizes (Alan is the best at seeing through her, just as Aly sees through him easily). It’s just that they know that going along with Aly’s manipulations is easier than not, plus it will always yield more interesting results than not getting involved.
  • Aly, Alan, and Thom are all fiercely protective of each other. They’re the siblings that get in fights and are mean to each other plenty, but as soon as some outsider looks sideways at one of them IT IS ON. This is because they love each other, of course, but also because they’re all too used to hearing shit from other nobles about their parents (particularly Alanna). Each sibling sees his or herself as having thick skin, but his/her siblings as being sensitive. Insults to yourself are met with witty retorts and comeback (or just ignoring them), insults to a sibling are met with an ass kicking.
  • They are also champion bickerers. How could they not be? The three of them have had petty arguments going strong for years. Like Aly comes home from the Copper Isles, all of the siblings are full adults, and then somehow the conversation ends up on “Whose Fault Was It Really That We Broke Grandma Eleni’s Vase Fifteen Years Ago?” and all hell breaks loose. This is a form of love though, make no mistake.
  • When Neal arrived at Pirate’s Swoop it took less than a week for Aly to manipulate him into getting involved in one of their shenanigans. He’s saved all their collective asses many times, all four of them turning to each other and saying, “So we’re not going to tell Ma/your mother about this, right?” The kids love Neal, and he enjoys them back, even when he pretends to be irritated/exhausted by them. He and Aly trade wits, and he was a great mentor to both Thom and Alan about university and knighthood respectively. Alanna is very grateful to him for that, even if she doesn’t show it easily.
  • Although I’ve always figured Neal and Alanna would eventually get on pretty well. She likes smartasses, she’s one and all her friends were as well. And I doubt she would have shown Neal any of George’s secrets (like the crossing into Scanra) if she didn’t trust him, or that he would be quoting Alanna back at her if he didn’t like her (that scene in Lady Knight: “’Good Question,’ Lady Alanna said…She and Neal chorused, ‘Next question.’” p.47). But I would also imagine it would be awkward for Neal to gush to Kel about how great Alanna is (and Neal’s not a gusher anyway), so I always figured his complaints about Alanna in Squire should be taken with a grain of salt. I bet he and Alanna may have had a difficult time at first, but then they would come to an understanding. I bet they occasionally would blow up at each other, but then one of them would say some snarky thing and they’d both start laughing and it’d mostly blow over (although I’m sure more than a few dust ups lingered on). I think he would have fit into the Pirate’s Swoop family really well, well enough that he checks up on Thom at school and Alan at the palace when he can.
Friends, Right?

Summary: (College AU) You and Steve had been friends for years, 

Pairing: Steve x reader

Word count: 1,191

Note: This is an idea I’ve had for a while! It’ll be a multi-part fic, so keep an eye out for updates! :)

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Unlocking the front door to your apartment, you found solace in the quiet and empty hallway. Your day had dragged on and you couldn’t wait to get into bed and sleep. You checked your mail slot on reflex, finding nothing there. Trudging up the stairs, you slid the key into the knob and opened it in the middle of an intense conversation.

“No way! No fucking way!”

“Language, Buck.”

“You cheated!” The brunette exclaimed, pointing an accusing finger at his blonde counterpart. “You definitely cheated, you sonofa–”

“What the hell is going on here?” You were still standing in your open doorway, looking very confused at what was happening in your living room. Steve and Bucky turned to finally notice you as you shut the door behind you and made your way to them. “Are you guys playing…Clue?”

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All Started With a Song Part 11 // Conor Maynard

Word Count- 1227

Summary- Conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n- (feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times) it’s finally here!! i hope you guys like it… only 2 parts left :(


As you walked onto the beach, you noticed three figures in the distance.

“One for each of us, eh?” Alice smirked.

“Let’s not forget that I am taken,” said Olivia.

“When did you guys make it official?” you asked as the three figures grew bigger.

“A few weeks ago actually, we just didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.”

“I’m so happy for you guys!” you hugged the blonde.

You three walked up to the other three, recognizing one as Clayton. Behind Clayton were two boys; one was rather tall and dark, the other one was muscular but pale. Which confused you three, LA people weren’t supposed to be pale were they?

“Hey Clayton!” you hugged him.

“Clayton?” his friends laughed.                

“What?” you stepped back.

“Nothing,” he chuckled. “It’s just that my moms are the only people who actually call me Clayton. Most people call me Clay or C-man.”

“Oh,” you laughed.

“Are you gonna introduce us to your friends?” Alice asked, eyeing the darker skinned boy.

“Oh sure! Tyler, this is Olivia, Y/n, and Alice,” Clay said, then pointed to the palest boy. “Girls, this is Tyler.”

“And this,” he motioned towards the darker boy. “This is Justin.”

Alice winked at him which caused Justin to awkwardly look at the ground.

You all merged towards the fire that was already ablaze.

“Stereotypical question time!” Olivia shouted.

“Go ahead,” Clay laughed.

“If you’re from LA… why is Tyler so pale?”

“Liv,” you smacked her arm. “Don’t be rude.”

“Its fine,” Tyler chuckled. “I’m from Minnesota, I just moved here.”

“So how do you know Clayton?” you smiled when you heard Clay laugh.

“I’m from Minnesota too. I moved here right after I graduated. Tyler over here…” he trailed off.

“I had to retake senior year.” Tyler finished, laughing.

“Ah…” Olivia smiled. “Your turn.”

“For what?” Clay said.

“For a stereotypical question.”

“I have one,” said Justin. “Why are you so obsessed with soccer?”

You three began laughing.

“Why are you so obsessed with Kanye West?” you mocked.

“Nah, we only care about football.”

“Do you have one?” Alice asked, cuddling into your side.

“Have a football?” Tyler looked at Alice.

“Yeah,” she shrugged.

“I might have one in my car,” Clay stood up.

“I’ll come with you,” you smiled.

As you two separated yourself from the group, Clayton said something you didn’t expect.

“Okay, so I know I have no place…” he started.

“Go on,” you prompted.

“What happened with you and Conor?”

Your breath caught but you soon fixed it, “How’d you find out?”

“I went to follow you on Twitter, and lots of people were talking about you.”

“Oh, um.” You didn’t know how to explain it without going into detail. “He played me, so I came here to get away from the drama… and he followed me here.”


“No, not like that. He did it all with a good heart. But he’s so confusing,” you sighed. “Like he ignored me for 2 weeks before that, but then flies to bloody America to apologize.”

“Sounds like he’s in love,” he chuckled, opening his trunk.

“Hard to love someone you don’t know.”

“Here,” he tossed you the football. “Do you girls play football?”

Yu chuckled, “No, I think Alice used it as a reason to get close to Justin.”

“Well, he’s been eyeing her all night. So who knows?”

“Hey Clayton,” you stopped walking.


“I hope I’m not giving you the wrong idea, but I just want to be friends.”

“Y/n, babe.” He laughed. “I had no intentions on getting with you.”

“Okay good,” you sighed.


After a good half an hour, the game was in full swing.

“Okay here’s the plan,” you said. You were huddled into a small circle of you, Olivia and Clay.

You decided that you didn’t want to play girls vs. boys and since Clayton had played football in college, you thought it was fair.

After you broke the circle you got into your respected positions.

“Blue 42, set-”

“Alice, just say hike!” Tyler shouted from behind her.


She threw the ball through her legs, right into Tyler’s arms. Justin ran behind him, grabbing the football and running up the right side of their makeshift field.

Your team was up by 10 points so you let them get the touchdown and got ready to make your epic play.

“Guys, it’s no fun if you let us get the touchdown,” Justin whined as he tossed Olivia the football.

“Dude, you’re still down by 3. Don’t get cocky,” Clay laughed. “Ready girls?”

“Yes!” you squealed.

Olivia squatted in front of you, “Hike!”

The ball was thrown between her legs at you, you grabbed it and stepped a few feet back. You saw Tyler running towards you so you zigzagged to try and confuse him. He tried to do a fast turn to catch you but ended up falling. With the few seconds you gained, you stepped back a few more feet. Justin was trying to catch Olivia while Alice chased after Clayton.

Once Clayton was right in front of the end zone, you stopped and got ready to throw the ball.

Olivia ran up in front of him, “Ready?” he asked.

“Just do it!” she said as Clayton picked her up and put her on his back. She reached out her arms, the ball landing perfectly in her arms. He quickly turned around and went for the end zone. However, he didn’t see Alice coming up on his left side. So when Olivia was pushed off his back Clayton was confused.

“You bitch!” Olivia screamed.

“We’re playing tackle football!” Alice yelled back.

“Wait,” You said, holding Olivia back. “She pushed you… into the end zone.”

“What?!?” Alice questioned.

“Look!” you pointed to the wood chunks that marked the end zone.

“Hah!” Olivia stuck her tongue out at Alice. “Karma’s a bitch.”

Alice turned around and walked towards the water.

“I’ll go get her,” you sighed. Alice was always overreacting. It’s just who she was.

“No,” Justin said, heading towards Alice. “I got this.”


Conor was scrolling through Twitter while Anth ordered a pizza.

“Yep, just the pepperoni,” Anth said, hanging up.

“Hey, did you tell Y/n that we’re free tomorrow?” Conor asked nonchalantly.

“Yeah, she said to meet them at the Santa Monica Pier. Why?”

“Just curious,” Conor shrugged, switching over to Instagram.

He decided to check your feed, just to see what you had been up to. He typed in your Instagram name and clicked on your profile.

“I can’t believe her!” he yelled.

“Bro, what’s wrong?” Anth said, looking at Conor with a face full of confusion.

“I came all the way to bloody America and she’s with another guy. I came to apologize, and she’s out with some other dude. How could she?!”

“What?” Anth asked, opening Instagram. “Oh.”

The picture was of you and Clayton, but they didn’t know who he was. You were both sitting on the sand. You were sat next to each other, his arm was around your shoulder pulling you into him. You had a bright smile on your face and Clay was looking at you fondly.

The caption read:

the memories that i made tonight will be with me forever.

“That’s it. I’m done trying,” Conor stood up.

“What do you mean?”

“I’m going back home.”

Safe and Sound

Bucky Barnes x Reader

This was honestly hard to write like I love angst but this was heart wrenching to write tbh also there will be a part two coming soon so watch for that!!

word count: 1438

Originally posted by lovelynemesis

You were 20 years old, and at the point in your life where everything you did felt like a mistake. It had been one week since the accident, and you had barely been able to get out of bed since. Every single time you closed your eyes, all you could see was the little boy’s face as the purple light radiating from your body flared outwards and caused him to lose his footing on the edge of the metal beam. You let out a shrill scream and fell back against the bricks, your hands flying up to cover your mouth as he tumbled over the edge.

The team found you an hour later, shivering and rocking back and forth, your breath coming in short bursts. They weren’t there when it happened, they were on the ground fighting Red Skull when you had noticed a little boy stuck on the piece of metal hanging from the crane in the sky. You couldn’t leave him there, so when you were sure the rest of your team was okay where they were, you began climbing up to rescue him.

You wanted to help, you want to do something good. But your something good turned into something bad rather quickly.

Now you were reduced to a shell of a person, and you didn’t know how to come back. You knew the risks, you knew that as an Avenger you couldn’t save every single person, but it didn’t mean that this didn’t hurt any less. Because of you, because of your stupid powers, a little boy was dead. A little boy, who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, would never grow up to be whatever he wanted to be because of you.

Your powers had started when you were twelve, and because you didn’t want your foster family to go back on their decision to adopt you, you suppressed your powers into a small ball in your chest. You never really forgot they were there, but sometimes you could at least pretend like you were normal. After a few years of suppressing your powers at age 17, they had grown to a point where holding them back was killing you. So you contacted Tony Stark and joined his band of misfits, effectively making your powers a positive trait about yourself. But now after the accident last week, you wanted nothing to do with your powers. You were dangerous, your powers were dangerous, and you wanted everyone to stay away from you. As soon as the team had brought you home after the mission, you ran to your room and locked it.

All week there had been gentle knocks and pleading from several of your teammates to let them come in and help you. Your boyfriend Bucky had been sleeping outside your door all week, just waiting for you to run into his arms so he could do something to make you feel better. At first you did not want to leave your room, but after doing some research the past few days, you had formed a plan to prevent what had happened from happening again.

When you finally decided upon your plan you felt a surge of guilt, as this plan could quite possibly hurt everyone around you, especially Bucky.

Your plan was to go to HYDRA and have them take away your powers.

You knew they would do it, they had contacted you and said they would. They didn’t ask for anything in return, and while that raised a few red flags, your need for getting rid of your powers outweighed the worry. So, one night around 3 AM, you quietly crept over Bucky’s sleeping body, left a note sitting on the counter explaining where you had gone, and left the compound.  

The next morning, Bucky had awoken and felt a weird feeling creep up on him. He shook it off and walked to the kitchen to start his morning coffee. There, he saw Steve holding a piece of paper, his hands shaking while reading it. Bucky became alarmed when Steve let go of the paper and let it flutter to the ground.

Bucky bent down and picked it up, his eyes immediately recognizing Y/N’s handwriting.

Hi Everyone,

Y/N here. Before I explain where I went, I just want you all to know how sorry I am that it got to this point. Bucky, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.

After last week and the events that took place, I’ve decided to have my powers removed. The only people who offered to help me with it was HYDRA, and I know how fucked up that is considering all that HYDRA has done to us, but I can’t live like this anymore. I just…I can’t.

I don’t know when or even if I’m coming back. But I hope you know how much I love every single one of you, and how much this team…this family, has meant to me.

When Bucky was done reading the note, he dropped it and sprinted out of the compound.

“Bucky wait! Bucky!” Steve shouted after him, trying to stop him from leaving.

“What’s all the commotion?” Tony asked, yawning as he walked into the kitchen. Steve shoved the note into Tony’s chest and ran after his friend, trying to come up with a plan.

Tony read the note and clenched his jaw, knowing that mission was about to become dangerous very fast.

He rounded up the rest of the team and waited for Bucky and Steve to come back.

Luckily, Steve caught up to Bucky within minutes. Bucky was stopped at the end of the street his chest heaving as his gaze darted around frantically. Steve’s heart broke when he noticed the tears streaming down his face.

Steve placed his hands on Bucky’s shoulders and tried to get him to calm down. Bucky kept reaching up and tugging at his own hair, soft whimpers escaping him. He collapsed against Steve’s chest and let out a strangled sob before completely breaking down.

After everything that HYDRA did to him, he had always promised to keep you safe and now they had you, and Bucky’s worst nightmare was coming true. After Bucky had calmed down slightly, Steve led him back into the compound. Everyone was in the conference room waiting for the two of them to get back. As soon as both super soldiers walked in, Tony hugged Bucky.

“We’re going to get her back kid, I promise you that.”

Meanwhile, you were sitting in a large metal chair, while a tall man in a lab coat tightened leather straps across your wrists. You swallowed nervously as the man moved a machine that had what looked like a giant needle attached to it facing towards your chest.

The man looked up with a glint in his eye and said, “Now, this will hurt but it will all be over soon.” Before you could reply, he stepped back and pressed a button, making the needle machine buzz and start tapping away in the center of your chest. You screamed out in pain and writhed around, trying to make it stop, but the leather restraints held you in place.

Suddenly, the pain let up a little bit, and it felt like ice was being injected into your veins. You opened your eyes to see a purple light being sucked into the metal tapping into your chest. It traveled back into the syringe and into a small glass chamber attached to the needle.

The pain came back at full force, and your mind tried to frantically think of something to stop it. A sudden flash of a memory came to the surface of your mind, and you remembered cuddling on the couch with Bucky after he had awoken from a nightmare a few weeks ago. You replayed the scene, trying to block out the physical pain that your body was currently enduring.

The next thing you knew, your vision was swimming as the needle retracted from your body. The spots in front of your eyes grew larger and larger, and the tall man laughed as your body grew weaker and weaker until you completely blacked out.

Tony and Sam were in the middle of a conversation back at the compound when the doorbell rang. Both men glanced at each other and confusion, and went to open the door. When they opened it, Sam gasped in shock as Tony screamed Bucky’s name.

Bucky came running to the sound of the shout and slid to a stop when he saw what was currently in Tony’s arms.


Daddy Issues - Tig Fanfic

tw: mentions of drugs, death, violence.


2 - Family Dinner

Later that day after finishing her shift at the bar, Jamie went back home to where she helped Gemma make mountains of food for their big hungry family.
There was tonnes of meat, veggies and mash potato, everyone’s favourite. Gemma’s cooking skills were incredible, everything she made was delicious. She could easily be a professional chef if she wanted.
Tonight was Gemma’s annual monthly family dinner that the members of Samcro and their family would attend.
There would be drinks, food galore and heaps out laughs. And not to mention some little bits of drama. It wouldn’t be a family dinner without at least one fight.
“Smells good, baby.” A tall, muscly, white haired man said, entering the kitchen that was full of trays of food. He walked up behind Gemma and wrapped his arms around her waist, burying his face in the crook of her neck.
Gemma smiled as he kissed her softly. “Go away Clay, can’t you see we’re workin’.” She let out a chuckle.
Clay growled and blew a raspberry against her cheek which made her squeal. Jamie watched the couple and smiled. They looked so happy together.
After Gemma’s first husband, John Teller, died her and Clay got together and soon married. Jamie had been the flower girl at their wedding and Jax was the ring bearer.
Gemma and Clay’s relationship was bittersweet. One minute they were in love, the next they were at each others throats. But at the end of the day, they really were madly, truly and deeply in love with one another.
“I’m gonna throw up.” Jamie said, watching as the couple kissed and listening to the squelching noises their lips made. Gemma chuckled and Clay glared.
“Whatever.” Clay said playfully. He sounded like a total dad. Then he pinched a piece of meat and walked out of the room leaving them to get back to work.

An hour or so later, people had just arrived and were greeting each other before taking their seats at the enormous dining table.
The group of SAMCRO members were laughing and joking whilst their old ladies were gossiping and their kids were playing.
“So i hear you’ve been staying over here a lot this week..” A tall bearded man wearing a beanie said to the blond haired man as he drank his beer. “You and Jamie…?” He wiggled his eyebrows.
The men teased Jax who was smirking and blushing ever-so-slightly. “Shut up Ope.” Jax said, smiling a little when thinking about the woman.
Both him and Opie, Piney’s son, had known Jamie since she was born. Their parents were all best friends which meant that the three of them grew up together. Jax and Opie were a few years older than Jamie so they’d been like her big brothers, protecting her from everyone.
But at one point when they were younger, they both dated her, at the same time.. Behind each other’s backs. However Opie then met his wife Donna leaving Jax and Jamie together officially. Donna was sadly murdered around a year ago so now Opie is a widower.
Jax and Jamie used to be inseparable when they were teenagers. They were infatuated for years until they grew apart. That was when Jax met Wendy, he married her and then divorced her, not long after she became pregnant and their son Abel was born.
But Wendy was a junkie. She wasn’t good enough for him. She treated him like shit and broke his heart. And not to mention she was using when she was pregnant which meant that Abel’s birth was very complicated. He’s okay now though thankfully.
“So? Are you gonna tell us what’s going on with you and blondie or…?” Opie asked his bestfriend who was lost in his thoughts.
Jax shrugged but smiled. “I don’t know man. We’re not serious, or official. We’re just… Y'know.” The men around him laughed.
“You’re one lucky son of a bitch. Blondie is a hottie. I bet she rides you like a cowboy.” Tig added, making Jax glare at him. Tig didn’t have a filter, he just said whatever came into his head even if it was pretty damn gross.
“That’s disgusting Tig.” A man next to him piped up. He had a thick Scottish accent and scars from his lips to his cheeks, almost like the Joker from Batman. “But.. You gotta point.” He laughed taking a few gulps of his beer. Pretty much all of the Samcro crew thought Jamie was super attractive and would loved to have fucked her if she wasn’t kind of with Jax.
Jax rolled his eyes at his friends. He hated how they saw women as nothing but pieces of pussy. He opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by his mom Gemma speaking.
“Dinner is served!” Gemma announced as her and Jamie walked into the room bringing in copious amounts of food. It looked incredible. Everyone was speechless.
Jax caught eye contact with Jamie who smiled at him. He smiled back and took a seat at the table. He thought she looked fine as hell. Her hair was wavy and resting over her shoulders and she wore a floral dress that complimented her figure perfectly.
“Damn. Look at her.” One of his friends mumbled, making him a little jealous.
“Okay everyone, shut up and sit down. Let’s eat!” Clay said as he took his seat at the top of the table. “But first, lets raise our glasses and thank these two beautiful women for the meal they’ve made for us.”
Gemma put her arm around Jamie and the two of them smiled as their family raised their glasses and cheered for them. They had no idea how loved they were.
Jax winked at Jamie, making her blush. She bit down on her lip and smiled. Then her and Gemma sat down at the table and the feast began.

Not long later, all the food had been eaten and everyone was mingling. Gemma cleared the table along with a few other Old Ladies. Jamie tried to help out but Gemma told her not to as she’d helped a lot already. So Jamie joined her friends and family as they enjoyed themselves.
Some of the Reaper Crew were outside having a smoking break. Opie and Jax were stood a few feet away from them as they discussed the Club.
“Your dad gave me a manuscript that my dad wrote..” Jax spoke in a quiet voice so the others wouldn’t overhear. “He wrote about how running guns was the moment that he realised SAMCRO went to shit.”
Opie’s brows furrowed as he puffed on his smoke. “What does that mean? I thought he agreed to run guns?”
“I don’t know man.. He says that he tried to get them out, ‘cus it weren’t safe, but he didn’t have the power.” Jax explained.
“But he was Prez?” Opie said with confusion. “He called all the shots.”
Jax shrugged and let out a sigh. “He also said that he didn’t think some members were loyal to him..” Jax raised a brow and looked over to the group of men opposite them. Amongst them was Clay and Tig. They were laughing about something.
Opie saw who Jax looked at and nodded in agreement. “Makes sense.. There’s somethin’ weird about them two.”
“Grant, Jamie’s dad, once said to me that Clay’s not the person everyone thinks he is.” Jax told Opie in a hushed voice as he stared at his step-father. “Not long later, Grant was found dead.”
Opie cleared his throat and threw the cigarette butt on the ground. “My dad has always been suspicious of Clay.. Ever since JT and Grant’s death. He doesn’t think that it was suicide. And to be honest.. Neither do i.”
“Me either.” Jax whispered. He clenched his jaw when thinking about his dad’s death. He knew that JT wasn’t himself after a while of being Prez but his dad wasn’t suicidal.
The sound of the front door opening interrupted Opie and Jax’s conversation. Out walked Gemma with a concerned expression on her face.
“There you are!” She said quickly walking over to Jax and handing him her phone. “It’s Neeta, she needs to talk to you about Abel.”
Jax quickly answered the phone. Anxiety washed over him at the mention of his son. What had happened?! “Hello?” Jax said, worry clear in his voice. “What’s going on?” He let out a worried sigh when hearing Abel crying in the background.
“I think he’s ill. He’s got a fever and won’t stop screaming.” Neeta said down the phone.
“I’m on my way.” Jax said hanging up and handing the phone back to Gemma. “Abel’s ill. I think he needs a doctor.” He said with furrowed brows and sad eyes.
Gemma put her hand over her mouth and gulped. “Take my car and call me!” She said nipping inside to grab her car keys before throwing them to Jax. He nodded and got into the car quickly, not bothering to say goodbye to his friends and family. His main priority was Abel.
“I’m sure he’s fine Gem.” Opie said putting an arm around the woman’s shoulders. “He probably just misses his dad.”
Gemma nodded sadly. “I hope so..” She mumbled, watching as Jax drove away.
“What’s going on? Where’s Jax goin’?” Clay said walking over to his wife who looked upset.
“Neeta called, she thinks Abel is ill.” Gemma said with tears in her eyes. “Jax is gonna call me when he knows what’s wrong..”
Clay sighed and kissed Gemma’s head. “Come here baby.” He said bringing her into an embrace. “Ope can you go make sure everyone’s alright inside?” Opie nodded and went inside along with Tig and a few others, leaving Clay and Gemma alone.
“You’re thinking about Thomas aren’t you?” Clay spoke in a calm voice as he held Gemma. She nodded. “Oh baby..”

That night, after everyone had gone and all the plates and cutlery were cleared, Gemma and Jamie sat at the dining table having a cigarette together.
“I don’t know about you but i’m exhausted.” Gemma said, stifling a yawn. She puffed on her cigarette and looked over at Jamie who was silent. “What’s on your mind honey?”
Jamie shrugged. “I don’t know, i’m just.. I’m just thinking about my mom.” She said quietly. “And how if she was at this dinner, she would’ve gotten way too drunk and tried to make a move on Chibs, again.” She laughed a little.
Gemma smiled. “That she would’ve.” She replied, relighting her cigarette as it had gone out when they were speaking. “She would’ve also probably started a fight too.” The woman chuckled.
“Yeah…” Jamie sighed. “I miss her so much.” She mumbled, feeling a lump in her throat grow. She could feel tears filling her eyes but she blinked them away. “I wish she was here.”
Gemma took hold of Jamie’s hand and nodded. “Me too baby.”
“I’m gonna go to bed. I’m shattered.” Jamie said clearing her throat and getting up from the table. She could feel her emotions taking over her and didn’t want to end up crying in front of Gemma. “Thank you for a good night Gem.”
The woman smiled at her. “Night night baby.”
Jamie made her way up the stairs to her room where she got into bed fully clothed. She was too tired to change or wipe off her makeup. She just wanted to sleep so she could escape reality for a while.
It didn’t take long until Jamie fell asleep and thankfully she didn’t have any nightmares.

GEF – THE TALKING MONGOOSE (pages 106-108)

    “In the annals of strange phenomena, the case of Gef is quite unique. What was it, monster, ghost, poltergeist, or what he called himself, ‘a little clever, extraclever mongoose’? Readers may classify this creature however they wish.

    “Gef first made hid presence known in September 1931 in a lonely farmhouse on the Isle of Man, a small island in the Irish Sea. The house was occupied by James T. Irving, a piano salesman turned farmer, his wife, and their youngest daughter, a girl of about thirteen.

    “The family began hearing strange noises in the attic, and as time went on the noise grew stranger and stranger. There were barkings, growlings, hissing, and spitting. It was almost as if some creature were trying to imitate the noises made by other animals in the house. Then it began making noises like a gurgling baby!

    “Irving would make noises, and the thing would repeat them. Said Irving, ‘I was carried away with wonder. An animal was taking lessons from me in human speech!…’ And within a few weeks it was speaking very well.

    “Gef, for that is what the creature called itself, remained hidden behind the paneling on the walls, in the tall grass around the house, in the dark attic, and any other place where it could be heard but not seen. Only the girl ever claimed to have seen Gef, and then none too clearly. She said it looked like a weasel or other small animal of that type.

    “Whatever it was, Gef proved to be a troublesome guest. It often threw things around the house, and once pretended to have been poisoned, which alarmed the Irvings greatly. It was often so noisy it was hard for the Irving family to sleep, and more than once they threatened to move out of the house. The threat upset Gef, who complained, ‘Would you go away and leave me?

    “Some twenty years before Gef’s appearance, a neighboring farmer had released some mongooses in his fields to kill rabbits. Gef, however, insisted that it was not a local product, but that it had been born on June 7, 1852, in Delhi, India. It never explained how or why it had come to the distant Isle of Man. There is a tradition in India that the mongoose is capable of learning human speech.

    “Gef wandered about the neighborhood listening in on the conversations of others and reporting them to the Irvings. Several neighbors also claimed to have heard the creature talking, or at least making strange noises.

    “The stories of Gef’s exploits came to the attention of psychical researchers in Britain and the United States. Several of them visited the Irvings in the hope of seeing or hearing the remarkable mongoose. They saw and heard nothing, but came away convinced that the Irvings were honest people who were reporting what they really believed to be happening.

    “The Irvings continued to describe Gef’s activities for several years. Then in 1937 they abruptly sold their farm and disappeared. The new owner never reported any dealings with Gef or any other strange phenomena. In 1947 the new owner claimed that he shot a strange-looking mongooselike animal. Some people said it was Gef, but most think it more likely the ‘extraclever mongoose’ disappeared with its friends the Irvings.”

Hockey Luke One ShOT HOLY SHIT

Summary: Luke gets injured at a hockey practice and you really take care of him

A/N: i was scrolling through the hockey!5sos tag last night and damn i really want broad tall college hockey player luke and ps i know nothing about hockey beaR WITH ME

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call me home (and i will build a throne)

Summary: A Bellarke AU based on A Court of Thorns and Roses / A Court of Mist and Fury
a/n: If Fae Bellarke is your thing, then you’ve come to the right place. Also I have no self control and wrote this in a day - sequel to come soon.
 Rating/Warnings: Teen; Violence, Temporary Character Death | wc: ~6.6k | AO3

Among the frost-covered birch trees, Clarke crouched low in the barren brush. The muddy snow on the ground caked her overly worn boots. Her breath fogged as she notched an arrow silently, staring at the tawny hide of the large buck across the clearing. Though she had drawn the bow silently–her father had taught her well–the buck picked up his head in alarm.

Clarke’s heartbeat stuttered as she stared at the now-revealed tangle of towering, twisting silver antlers–two sets of them–atop the animal’s head.


Her entire being sung with the danger of thinking that word, of realizing what her prey actually was. It pitched higher, hotter, until she was nearly burning with anger. That creature and others of his ilk were the reason (or at least one of the reasons) her father was dead.


Her rage reached a breaking point, and swiftly, she stood, loosing the arrow before she lost her nerve. If she killed him–it, she sneered–then what was left of the town her father tried to save would be a little bit safer.

She was one of the best archers in her town, but still she was surprised when her arrow sunk into the buck’s flank. It brayed out in pain, stumbling in the snow as it tried to escape. With the memory of her father’s laughter ringing in her ears, she grasped for two more arrows and sent them flying. They landed true, and before Clarke knew it, she was kneeling next to the dying animal.

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So I will leave them here instead.

I walked into a typical scenario in my bedroom a few weeks ago. Everly was standing in front of the big mirror, my hat on her head and her arms full of scarves she had collected from a basket in the corner.

She was wearing a top that was once one of her favorite dresses before her legs grew too tall. It now required pants underneath, but somewhere along her path that morning, she had discarded them. 

I stood in the door way and watched for a long time as she acted scenarios with her reflection. She told secrets too low for me to hear and made dramatic facial expressions and said things like, “We have to hurry! Pick out you fanciest outfit before they get here.”

I love this age of wonder and imagination. Where every day she switches characters at least a handful of times. Where every hour requires a new costume. Where sometimes, if I’m lucky, she asks me to play along. 

Despite a shelf full of princess dresses and funny hats and masks in our playroom, it is my accessories that she is most drawn to. The distinct sound of my shoes being shuffled across our old hardwood floors as she teeters in them is something I wish I could wrap up and tuck away in the box I keep of her treasured things. 

At every stage, there is a specific, defining memory that comes to mind as I reflect on my children’s growing up. At almost four and a half, for Everly Veda, it is moments like the one above. A little girl, wobbling across my bedroom floor in a pair of my heels. Her imagination accompanied by the blur of colorful scarves and the whispered conversations shared with the friend on the other side of a smudged mirror. 

These moments fit in no box, and so I will leave them here instead. 



Three weeks ago, I listened to indie rock on my bedroom floor and drank whiskey like it was water, trying to flush you out of my system any way I could, I suppose.
Two weeks ago, I visited a garden, bursting with light. Flowers grew everywhere, stretching tall in an attempt to reach the sun, and one reminded me of you. It was tall and gentle and the prettiest purple you’d ever seen. I picked it and took it home with me.
One week ago, that flower I had kept in a vase since my visit died, it’s petals falling to the whiskey-stained carpet below.
Today, I threw that dead flower away, the flower that a few weeks ago was a rich purple blossom exploding with life but had since then transformed into something ugly and wilted.
—  an excerpt from a book I’ll never write #185