greve etudiant


Last week, a pal of mine and huge supporter of the student movement, CUTV reporter and videographer Laith Marouf, was arrested at a demonstration for videotaping police as they kettled, beat, pepper sprayed, and arrested about 70 students on their way from a demo in downtown Montreal.

Laith’s court date is set for the 18th, at 9 am, at 775 Gosford. Laith has been fucking TIRELESS in his documentation of the Quebec student movement - I haven’t been to a single demo where he wasn’t there somewhere with a videocamera, usually focusing on capturing the actions of the police. His work has been absolutely vital, and this court date is important not only for supporters of the student movement, but for people who care at all about freedom of information and freedom of the press.

If you can be there to support him in person during his court date it would mean a lot.