Another blush meme, this time featuring Jester Doll and Blue Dreads. I could never really give these two names so they are named  after their physical attributes. sorry im not good with naming.

blue dreads is difficult cause he likes to act like a “tough guy” when infatuated with someone/something.

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Finally completed something I started back in august….? Art prompt from the summertime drawing challenge. I combined a couple of days since I was far behind. Better late than never I guess. Left to right: Hongen (as a hipster greek god), Icarus (as a harpy), Nott (as a saytr).

Was showing a friend of mine some simple little tricks to make animating easier. Start with simple shapes, figure out your key frames, run it through, see what’s wrong, go back and edit and repeat. Once the structure is okay, go over and color etc.

Simple gif. 4 legs are hard. I know I barely move the left hind leg, going to need to watch some nature vids of foxes prancing about to make this smoother.

This is kind of terrifying. But I’m going to be brave and keep trying. I’m not used to doing or trying to make a “nice” comic strip. This is mostly a response to this owl GIF.

Icarus (the old man) and Otos (the owl). Otos hangs around with Icarus after it bumps with Illumina and the indecent with SHiftre(OC of Alli VanO). Otos doesn’t like a lot of action, since the most action it gets is from jumping from one planet to another to find food/energy. The little lantern owl stays with Icarus time to time to relax or get an easy meal, knowing it has a cozy home to return to in case it’s harmed ect. Icarus shows his most friendly side to his birds.

Above there are some cages, mostly for his birds to roost cause his cottage is too small to house thousands of birds. Outside he has a chicken coop for his platoon of guard chickens (the leader is named Henrietta, I believe). More vicious than any guard dog. They’re all spirit/death related animals who chose to keep a form of bird. They can eat pretty much anything since they’re not limited in diet like real birds. So they can eat rather rich meals if they wanted, and can do other things that normal birds can’t (they can clean after themselves if need be). I’m not saying they’re like, fucking Cinderella birds. That would be weird.

They keep him company, and that’s mostly Icarus wants. He takes care of them too. Even though he has plenty “company” from working at the Academy for the Victus Muerte trainees (military ect) Ica despises the young/disrespectful. That and he finds them annoying and whiny. He doesn’t like to take shit. Unless it’s a bird with some bad belly aching and it can’t help itself, but that’s different.

Icarus often smokes/drinks coffee and reads up about Myths/Mythics (monsters who can upset the balance of life and death. Not always but if they swarm Icarus has to go in and exterminate him. His role as “priest” is more like spiritual exterminator- through exorcisms aka, his sword.)

(I have a side blog I have not launched yet, it will be only for comic strips and character sheets, once i have enough material I will reblog more prof. looking things there. )


Working on two more watercolor spring bunnies. One is a mermaid hanging out with some nautilus(i?) and the top is a bunny trying to guide this kitten to its home. Then some cat ghosties watching over them? Like, cat ancestors, I don’t know. Experimenting with ink/watercolor for that one.  When done these will also be up for sale on society6 and Redbubble.