Been a while since I’ve put some new stuff in my shop. Bat Stickers and Autumn Delight Stickers are now available at my store. Owl stickers will  be available early next week. I will also be holding a giveaway sometime next week, so stay tuned! The bat stickers will be available until Nov 8th, the autumn treats will be available until Dec 6th.

Koryos helped me a bunch with choosing bats- I never realized how diverse the shape of bat’s ears and noses are.

ps. I have not given up on my pokemon stickers, I have some things planned.


For the first part of my art thesis I did a children’s silent book. The story overall was how i felt in NYC while visiting the School of Visual Arts. Pretty lonely and stuff till meeting up with a pretty cool animator named Yvonne. It’s going to be an entry for the Silent Book Contest. I just need to figure out how to send in my entry fee.

I need to do some alterations and page edits before I get this available for pre-order through ebook and physical copy. If anyone’s interested for a copy feel free to note/email me. I will keep you updated on it’s release.

Thanks again for sticking around everyone.

Was showing a friend of mine some simple little tricks to make animating easier. Start with simple shapes, figure out your key frames, run it through, see what’s wrong, go back and edit and repeat. Once the structure is okay, go over and color etc.

Simple gif. 4 legs are hard. I know I barely move the left hind leg, going to need to watch some nature vids of foxes prancing about to make this smoother.


I have bookmark keychain versions of some of the stickers I made. Eeveelution & Starters I’m planning on making the water, dragon and dog sticker sets. Going to take some time, so please sit tight till then please.

NOTE: the  eeveelutions are 50 cents more  because the area size requires more laminating paper to cover, which is not cheap.