grete's great gallop

It's November! My God, What Have I Done?

It’s been more than a month since I posted anything, and even that was a half-ass attempt to hype myself up for what I knew would be a tough, likely disheartening race. So what have I been up to, and why is this “blog neglect/recap/vow to return stronger than ever from a layoff” post different from the rest? The answer is complicated, so hit the jump and let’s find out…

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Grete’s Great Gallop Half-Marathon (Central Park)

So today I ran my first half, and was woefully unprepared.  

Plantar prevented me from really running the last few months.

I knew this when I went into it.

I crossed the start line, but went out WAAAYYYYY too fast.  A few miles in I stopped for water.  I bumped into this women and we talked.  I decided to run walk with her.

I have another half on Saturday so I figured that run/walking would be the best bet.  During my run segment I once again went too fast.

I hit the wall at mile 8 and had to slow down.  By mile 10 I had to walk.

I am sooooo sore and tired right now.  

I am happy I didn’t stop.  It was a really great learning experience.

Next up: Rock n Roll Brooklyn Half