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Welter’s Challenge Three:  The Unseen


“Somehow on their way out to the Sea a Second Year girl named Gretchen attached herself to them. Blond and long-legged and slender, she was built like a prima ballerina except for the fact that she had a severe, clunking limp—something congenital having to do with a knee ligament—and walked with a cane.”

“She wasn’t embarrassed about her leg. She told anybody who would listen that that’s where her power came from, and if she had it surgically corrected she wouldn’t be able to do magic anymore.”

(As someone who frequently uses a mobility aid Gretchen gives me strength and, in fact, my came is named Gretchen. I just would have liked to have seen more of her, even in just a background sense.)


Here’s one of the craziest costumes I have ever put together, toilet parts and all. Lumiere was a long project of mine (I’d been working on him since November!) and I finally got to wear him to the MNSSHP on 9/20. I got more compliments on him than I’ve had on any other costume ever, so I thought why not post it. :)


So we had Mufti today, and nearly all the year 13s (seniors? *Idontamerican*) cosplayed Mean Girls characters. Featured here are some Plastics, Janises and Damions, Regina’s mom, the posters that people printed and stuck up everywhere and the Burn Book. There were also girls with tops that had boob holes, but sadly I didn’t manage to get pictures of them.
Apart from feeling nauseous from all the blinding pink, it was awesome :3


“As long as we…BOTH…shall live.”

I threw Constance together probably a lot faster than I should have but it all worked out in the end! 

MNSSHP 10/20

Constance: me/@oldeststoryintheuniverse
Hair/Makeup: @zaphatter
Photo taken by: @that-guy-in-the-bowler-hat
Photo edited by: @oldeststoryintheuniverse