Next time you watch Greta Van Susteren berate folks for their beliefs, just remember that she is devoted to a religion that reportedly practices child slave labor, forces women to have abortions, and is currently run by a sadistic and temperamental man whose wife has not been heard from or seen in six years. And that doesn’t even touch the crazy intergalactic shit about a tyrant named Xenu.

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Greta Van Susteren claims the White House contacted her to discourage a reporter from covering Benghazi.


I set Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s bizarro Greta Van Susteren interview to Arvo Part’s Fratres.

Why not?


Female WWII pilot denied burial at Arlington

Family of World War II veteran Elaine Harmon launches campaign to allow her to be laid to rest at Arlingtion National Cemetary. Rep. Martha McSally, the nation’s first combat pilot, goes ‘On the Record’


Rubio on ‘defensive’ Obama and his Syria strategy

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