Paul Ryan says Trump’s attempt to flip James Comey was “obviously” inappropriate

  • Speaker of the House Paul Ryan conceded there is no defense for Trump to have allegedly asked FBI Director James Comey for reassurances of personal loyalty, telling MSNBC’s Greta Van Susteren on Wednesday evening the incident was “obviously” inappropriate.
  • “Yeah, no, I mean obviously I don’t think that is” appropriate, Ryan said. “I think Director Comey will probably get a lot of questions about that tomorrow, would be my guess.”
  • Later, he added “FBI directors are supposed to be independent, that’s something that’s very, very critical.” Read more (6/7/17)

Next time you watch Greta Van Susteren berate folks for their beliefs, just remember that she is devoted to a religion that reportedly practices child slave labor, forces women to have abortions, and is currently run by a sadistic and temperamental man whose wife has not been heard from or seen in six years. And that doesn’t even touch the crazy intergalactic shit about a tyrant named Xenu.


Kevin Spacey poses with prominent women in media Greta Van Susteren, Ashleigh Banfield, and Andrea Mitchell. Also, with Michael Kelly, who is prominent on House of Cards. The Kevin Spacey Foundation Washington Gala. September 28, 2013 (HQ)
Librarians criticize Greta Van Susteren after 'vanity projects' comments
Former Fox News host Greta Van Susteren attacks libraries and other construction projects for driving up student debt. Librarians are not amused.

“Julie Todaro, president of the American Library Association, said in an interview that, unlike the internet, libraries and librarians are able to distinguish information from knowledge and provides assistance to users.”

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Greta Van Susteren claims the White House contacted her to discourage a reporter from covering Benghazi.


I set Arizona Governor Jan Brewer’s bizarro Greta Van Susteren interview to Arvo Part’s Fratres.

Why not?


Female WWII pilot denied burial at Arlington

Family of World War II veteran Elaine Harmon launches campaign to allow her to be laid to rest at Arlingtion National Cemetary. Rep. Martha McSally, the nation’s first combat pilot, goes ‘On the Record’

Blocking people who can help you on Twitter solves all the world’s problems. Right, Greta?

 ☞ Now, read the incredulous, sometimes entertaining, replies [ HERE ] to her ignorant tweet, from people who know what Yazidis and ISIS, etc. actually are.
Oh good grief. 

Many more where that came from.

And her reaction? Don’t learn anything. Just block his ass! 

Just some face-palming entertainment for today.  👓
Now back to your regularly-scheduled tumblrz.
Greta van Susteren might be a perfectly decent human being, but this is a pretty stupid thing to say » MobyLives
The story I’m going to tell has two sides. On the one hand, who gives a flying fuck what Greta Van Susteren thinks about college libraries? On the other hand, this is totally maddening bullshit: Colleges should stop building vanity projects…
By Simon Reichley

Greta van Susteren makes a tiny home inside of Libraries Are Bad Hill, where she lives alone.