Boycott MSNBC Daytime

I’m sure many of you are aware that the head (Andy Lack) of NBC News is an idiot.  The ratings for MSNBC, particularly prime time, had been increasing since Donald Trump was “elected.”  People have been craving a more liberal/progressive/Democratic view on the news.  However, the head of NBC News thinks now is a good time to make MSNBC more conservative.

Numerous individuals have been pushed out at MSNBC.  If you’ll notice, the network has dramatically fewer people of color, having let go or cut down appearances by Tamron Hall (gone), Al Sharpton, and Melissa Harris-Perry (gone).  Joy Reid’s time on the network has decreased.  Gay anchor Thomas Roberts has disappeared.  Furthermore, the network appeared ready to cut loose Lawrence O’Donnell last month when his contract was about to expire.  Rachel Maddow has the highest ratings on the network, and some of the highest ratings on cable.  O’Donnell was number two on the network, but for weeks leading up to the expiration of his contract, there were no negotiations.  The network seemed like it wanted him gone. However, after numerous fans spoke out, negotiations took place and O’Donnell’s contract was renewed.  However, MSNBC daytime is a nightmare.

The head honchos have been loading NBC News and MSNBC with conservative pundits/hacks, such as Megyn Kelly*, Greta Van Susteren, George Will, Hugh Hewitt, Nicolle Wallace (she’s actually not that bad but her show features conservative hacks), and now Bret Stephens.

One might argue that the powers that be may be starting to recognize their mistakes because last week Greta Van Susteren was fired over poor ratings.  But not so.  MSNBC recently hired Bret Stephens**.  Stephens is a conservative hack.  He isn’t necessarily a fan of Trump, but for me he is the straw that broke that camel’s back.  Stephen’s is a climate change denier. 

Stephen’s was on MSNBC this morning speaking with Ali Velshi talking about how it is good for MSNBC viewers and liberals if there is a strong conservative base.  Kiss my ass.  Conservatives are destroying this country.  I don’t need someone who thinks climate change is a hoax telling me how conservatives are good for liberals.  This kind of nonsense is why we must boycott MSNBC daytime.  I say daytime, because the prime time hosts thus far continue to do a good job.  If the head of NBC News sees ratings for daytime tank while ratings for prime time continue to soar, he finally might recognize that we don’t want to hear that conservative bullshit.  Or he might get fired. 

*Megyn Kelly’s ratings have been terrible.

**The New York Times also recently hired Bret Stephens.  There has been an outcry from numerous individuals who subscribe to the Times.  Many people have dropped their subscription because of Stephens.  If you subscribe to the New York Times, you too might want to speak out.

***I didn’t add that “watch free on yahoo” link.  That must just be something added by Tumblr.


Zsa Zsa Gabor in her autobiography:

I did find Greta Garbo very attractive. I first met Garbo at Brian Aherne’s house in Santa Monica when George Sanders and I went to a party there.

The other quests, […] had already arrived when Garbo breezed into the room. She was alone and I almost fainted.

George Sanders, being George, made things worse by informing Greta, “My wife has a wild crush on you.” I blushed scarlet. Dispassionately, Garbo responded, “She’s a very beautiful girl, your wife.” […]

The next time I met Garbo I was alone at a party at Brian’s house on 62nd Street in New York.

At the time, Rex Harrison was appearing on Broadway in My Fair Lady and he was quest of honour. Garbo spent most of the evening standing behind the bar flirting with me. Rex was all over Garbo and Garbo was all over me. I nearly melted.

Then Rex had to leave and Garbo said, “Let’s bring Rex’s coat.” The coat was beige and the pockets were so full of vitamins that we could hardly carry it. We took it to him, Rex left, and Greta asked me if she could drive me home. I said yes, but I was afraid of her.

We got to my hotel (I was living in the Savoy Plaza) and for a moment I felt like inviting Greta in. Then she said, “Darling, would you like to come to my apartment?” I was paralyzed.

Then she kissed me straight on the mouth. And I couldn’t help kissing her back because she was so overwhelmingly strong and so beautiful. I’ve never had lesbian tendencies–but if I had ever had them, the woman of my life would definitely have been GRETA GARBO.

–One Lifetime Isn’t Enough


Robert Taylor and Greta Garbo in Camille  (George Cukor, 1936)

Marguerite: The doctor? If you can’t make me live, how can he?
Armand: No. Don’t say such things, Marguerite. You’ll live, you must live.
Marguerite: Perhaps it’s better if I live in your heart, where the world can’t see me. If I’m dead, there’ll be no staining of our love.


Greta Garbo in ‘Camille’, 1936

Garbo had a curious way of being the aggressor in the love scenes. She would take the man and then she created her own brand of eroticism. I remember seeing when she kissed Robert Taylor very imaginatively without using her hands at all. She just kissed him with small kisses all over his face.  

George Cukor, Director of Camille