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secure: a loser’s club imagine (pt. 1)

a/n: this is not in traditional reader insert form, but if you would like to read it like that, the character pronouns will be strictly they/them. the charcter also has fem! moments that can easily be switched to be masc! or neither. enjoy! and let me know if you want pt. 2 because i’ve already written it


School was out and I was sitting on the fire escape of my stupid apartment building once again. The black metal steps contracting the unbearable summer heat causing me to burn my ass every time I sat there. Yet, everyday I’d sit there despite The red marks that would be left on my thighs by the time I went back in. The building felt so lonely, and it was the only time I had away from the hellhole, since I really didn’t have any friends. I was more of an outsider, watching people build close relationships when I relatively kept to myself. I had Bev though, I gave her cigarettes that my mom left and forgot around the house.She was always worrying about so many things she’d take one out, get sidetracked and forget about it entirely. So I swiped them and gave them to Bev. So when Bev came home, she’d sneak to the fire escape and come down to meet me. Sometimes, we hung out. Others, she’d take them and go without so much as a ‘Hi’. Luckily, today it was the former. She looked down at the 3 cigarettes next to me I’d gotten for Bev, and she sat next to me and said, “keep them.” as she pulled out an entire pack.

I noticed her hair. So short and so beautiful. I ran my hand through it stating, “I love it.” She thanked me. I lit one of the cigarettes for myself, then lit hers. We smoked and made small talk, simply enjoying each others company. “Wanna come to the quarry with me and a few friends?” she asked. “Do you even have to ask?” I laughed back at her. We snuck back in through my window, picking out what to wear. Bev and I were pretty similar, not coming from much money so we decided to go swimming in our under wear, which was a harder decision for me, my body had matured more, since I was older and in a grade above her. So the underwear I had showed a little more than I’d hoped.

It didn’t help when she told me her friends were all younger boys, except for Stan who was my age but got held back, who would mostly likely gawk at half-naked girls. The thought made me uneasy. As we picked out clothes, I asked her, “Any run ins with Greta today?” Greta was a bully, who specialized in both physical and psychological torture. Bev sighed, “Bitch filled a half empty trash bag with water and poured it on me, jokes on her tho I used my backpack as a shield, so it was pretty useless, kind of like her.” She laughed. Greta loved to target me and Bev, spreading rumors about the both of us, for Bev she told everyone she had slept with a plethora of people, including the grease ball himself, Henry Bowers. For me, she had broken up with her boyfriend, and told everyone it was because he had slept with me. Obviously, Greta was lovely.

Bev put on a dress, bringing a pair of knee length shorts for when swimming was over, and I decided to do the same, only bringing shorter shorts that were more comfortable, and wouldn’t be seen under the dress. We put the clothing items in Bev’s bike basket and headed down to the quarry. Racing down to the quarry with the wind in my face felt free and exhilarating. I felt carefree and untouched by impurity and malice that was Greta and her clique. I felt true freedom in the breeze and sunshine, with Beverly by my side.I felt happy. Arriving at the quarry it seemed they hadn’t noticed we were behind them. So Bev joined on their conversation, surprising them. “We’ll go.” She replied as Bill Denbrough asked, who would go first. Bev stripped, and I shortly followed suit, chasing after her and mindlessly throwing myself off the cliff.

The boys mustered up their courage and jumped off the cliff as well, Bev introducing me to each boy. Bill jumped in first, I knew Bill, everyone knew Bill every knew about Georgie Benbrough. Bill didn’t know me though, mostly because of the grade gap, but I soon found out Bill’s birthday was late so we were closer in age than I’d previously thought. Bill also seemed very distant, but he he just seemed very nervous. Then, I met Ben, Ben was the sweetest guy I’d ever met he reminded me of a teddy bear I’d had as a child. Then there was Stan, Stan was very hesitant to talk to me, but once he was comfortable with me, I’d felt the closest to him. Then Eddie, the boy that was so worried about everything all the time it was almost endearing. Then Richie, I’d felt a different connection with Richie, from the second we met we couldn’t stop laughing from each other jokes and it felt comfortable. They all felt very special to me, and after spending the day at the quarry, I felt closer to Bev, and it felt great to be forming connections and friendships with the rest of the boys. This summer, would not be spent alone on the hot black steps of the fire escape.

We were having so much fun, but once our fingers started pruning, we knew it was time to get out. Bev and I laid out to dry. Bust a Move was playing on the boom box as the sun beat down on us, most likely giving us a slight tan. Wanting to make sure her tan was even, Bev flipped over. Richie pulled out a stuffed manila folder from Ben’s back pack. Ben explained that he did a lot of research on the town’s not so sunny history. Bev got up and sat next to Bill who looked at the folder together, and I turned to face the group on my stomach. I waited for Bev to hand me the folder, and when she did I almost couldn’t believe what I was reading. Massacres, explosions, fires, everything you could think of. “I have more stuff at home.” Ben stated. “Then let’s go.” I got up and used the towel to dry the rest of my hair, Bev and I put our clothes back on, and we made our way there.

I was not expecting what I witnessed. Ben had pictures all over his walls, articles, mysteries, theories. It was interesting and slightly impressive. I didn’t know where to start. I decided to listen to Ben as he started a story about the Derry charter and it reminded me of the mystery of Roanoke, how the settlers disappeared without a trace and the only clue being a word carved into a tree. Only in this version, a trail of bloody clothes leading to the well house. This is where the inkling started. Maybe there was a thing doing all this. Maybe it took all those kids. But that was crazy right?


Recorded with Mac Demarco,Greta from Frankie Cosmos! Special thanks Aaron from Porches. Please check it out! 


nekopride  asked:

So is yurixwolfram cannon now in this ending? Did yuuri actually admit he likes him now?

Which ending? the manga canon or the special Misepan we’ve been talking about last week? 

In the manga, chapters 108 and 111 are very explicit (in a japanese way) about their development as a pairing. Yuuri drops the same line Wolfram said during the cliff scene, there’s a hug like the cliff scene but this time from Yuuri to Wolfram; they’re walking holding hands later and even if Yuuri is shy/blushing/mad he doesn’t let go and they used an entire panel to show a close up of their hands tangled with shoujo manga bubbles as background. Yuuri’s mouth says one thing, but their actions are saying another, Wolfram isn’t the only tsundere here. Even Shinou appears and ask them to stop the date because the world is ending outside.

Misepan, the novel special, it’s also explicitly talking about them as a family, a 3 person family with Yuu, Wolf and Greta (since the special “together with father” placed in the timeline after novel 4, Conrart was labeled as grandpa but they never repeated that, it was Yuuri in the POV who said it).

But if you’re searching the “I love you”, no luck, their way to portrait love and romantic stuff is very different than ours, so no kiss and no I love you, but touching and holding hands and the things said are showing the reader there are feelings involved. Also, before you think “hey but shoujo manga has kisses and they say i love you/I like you a lot!”, please remember this is shonen ai so it’s not that easily comparable with a shoujo manga; plus, the series is focusing on the adventure and the crack comedy and not the romance. T-sensei used to write yaoi novels, maybe not so much plot but more smut, but it seems she’s trying something different with maruma, and they also need to keep all these harem fanservice alive.

I know the anime failed portraying their relationship/avoided lots of stuff from the original work, but even when T-sensei’s writing a fantasy-shonen crack comedy full of drama and adventure, and looooots of harem fanservice with the main character and not much romance, the main pairing is settled since novel 1 and their development never stops. She dropped one or two comments here and there letting people know that was her decided pairing and her favorite character is Wolfram, and that being the author she obviously will want to giver her fav char whatever he wants (aka Yuuri). These are some strong hints from the voice of God. Honestly, I fail at seeing how this isn’t canon, even if she kills one of them that will not change their bond, and at the point of development they reached in the novels it’ll be very hard to switch a pairing for Yuuri, solve the engagement issues, develop more plot/feelings for another character to make it real, solve Greta’s father issues, solve Wolfram feelings, etc. So, even if I don’t see the wedding or a kiss or the I love you, all the stuff out there so far will never change my point of view about the canon pairing of this series. That doesn’t mean I don’t want to see any of that, I’ll welcome any kind of yuuram fanservice they want to give us, like what happened with the manga and these cute original scenes inside the box.