PSA: please read!!

You can speculate on here, or hope and pray they are still together, but please STOP ASKING THEM ABOUT EACH OTHER!

I’ve been watching ALL of Chester’s live streams and someone just asked something along the lines of, “Blink twice if you and Grace are still dating” and Chester got upset and said, “No! Stop! Please stop asking if we are still dating. I already said we were not.” (Not exact wording, but almost exact)

They are people. They have feelings. Their love life is not for our enjoyment. He sounded angry. He sounded hurt. Just stop. Their relationship was awesome for us to “watch” but it’s over with. Please, just remember the good times and stop asking them about it.

Chester stated in his instagram live stream today (4-5-17) that him and grace have been apart for almost a year now. my heart hurts but he also said they were still friends and everything is good so I’m happy. But sad