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I worked on this drawing for 5 hours and 2 minutes.

Why Ash Will Win the Kalos League

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Ash in the semifinals right now battling against one of his main rival Sawyer but thanks to Corocoro magazine we know that Ash will beat Sawyer and face off against Alan in the finals.  Now while the fight may be a two parter there’s still one important question.  Can Ash beat Alain?  Well let me explain why Ash will win.

Ash always beats his main rivals 

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With the exception of the Indigo League, Ash has beaten his main rival from each region in that particular league such as beating Gary in the Johoto League, Paul in the Sinnoh league,  Trip in the Unova league, and so on.  Now after defeating his main rival Ash would end up losing to a last minute trainer that the writers created to beat Ash in the leauge but that not the case here since  Ash have already lost to Alain twice, and need to redeem himself. 

Testing Ash Limits

Now it been shown that with the exception of Ramos, Alain uses Charizard to sweep through his opponents. However since Alain want to battle Ash at his strongest he will have Ash earned his way to fight Charizard by defeating his other Pokemon which consist of  Tyranitar, Weavile, Metagross, and two other unknown Pokemon.  Ash team seem like it will be a great match for Alain team with some of his Pokemon having the advantage over Alain team like using Hawlucha to defeat Weavile or having Pikachu use Iron Tails on Tyranitar.  The battle will all come down to their two strongest Pokemon, Charizard and Greninja, 

Greninja Ultimate Water Shuriken

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I have a good feeling that this will be used against Alain Charizard instead of Mega Sceptile due to it looking like a ultimate signature move.  I also have a theory that Greninja use his water shuriken to absorb Mega Charizard Flamethrower and used it to boot up the water shuriken power.

So after all these years Ash may finally win the leauge!  Re blog if you believe Ash will defeat Alain.


So I actually saw this live at 5 AM my time. It was worth it, I didn’t know what to expect after seeing this episode

This episode was one the realist ones I ever saw in the series. Not only it sends a positive message at the end, but this scene…

Is it a crime how happy I got when they got in a fight!!

This fight needed to happen! The reason I was happy it happened it was because Serena snapped Ash back into reality. I was glad she would not tolerate Ash’s bullshit, especially she offered to help him, and he lashes on her. Serena knocks him out with snowballs! So Serena, you go girl!!

My friend @earceus translated this little bit from what Serena said to Ash.

“she basically just said that the Satoshi she knew was always genki/positive and said never to give up”

I am glad Ash thanked Serena later the episode The emotion from this scene was raw 1000%  I gained more respect for amourshipping after seeing this.

Then for the positive message, I love how they go back to Ash’s original roots of why he wanted to become a trainer in the first place. He obviously wanted be a master because he loves Pokemon period.

  Little Ash is so darn cute. It looks like from his childhood he didn’t have much friends. He found in friends in Pokemon, he felt so comfortable pouring out his feelings to the Pokemon. 7 years kept playing in my head when I saw little Ash!

“ Once I was seven years old my mama told me,
Go make yourself some friends or you’ll be lonely
Once I was seven years old “
Lukas Graham

Also I loved how Ash and Greninja rekindled their relationship. Especially at the end when they showed a flashback of Froakie being caught. I loved they replayed that scene. The only downside I was disappointed how quickly their resolved the synchronization problem. But it seem like love was the answer.

Then finally Team Rocket. They are a bunch of weirdos in this episode. I found it funny they didn’t sense Pikachu’s thunderbolt was the same.

They actually didn’t bother capturing Pikachu. But once he was reunited with Ash, they were begging for Pikachu to blast them off!!!

THEY WERE FREAKING HAPPY!! do not ask me why??

Overall, this episode was amazing. This episode would be my top faves for sure. Almost of the last few episodes been spectacular, I haven’t enjoyed a saga in a while. This episode had a lot of great moments! 

My 2016 PokéAni Highlights

Before I get started, I just wanted to say Happy New Year to all my followers, and the Pokémon tumblr community! Some of you even reached out to me sending private messages and questions about stuff. When I joined Tumblr in 2013, I had no idea I would use the website as much as I have these past 3 years, but I can say that 2016 has been the best year for my blog thanks to all the new followers (porn bot accounts included lol) reblogging and liking my posts. I have plans in 2017 to further upgrade my blog, and have a secret project in mind that might be shared on this blog if things work out.

Now then, this year has had a lot of ups and downs, but I would like to only focus on positives. With Pokémon’s 20th Anniversary celebration coming to a close, and with the Sun & Moon games being huge success globally (I highly recommend playing them! IT’S SOOO GOOD), I would like to briefly review and point out my personal favorite moments that have happened in a very interesting year for the Pokémon anime series (based on original Japanese release). Let’s get started!

JANUARY - Serena Fails to Dance with Ash

Serena receives an invitation to Pokémon Showcase Emcee Pierre’s dance party, but each attendee must have a date. Instead of asking her crush, she nervously asks Clemont, while Miette asks Ash to be her date. When everyone rotated partners to dance, Serena finally gets paired with Ash. But before they can grab one another’s hands, the dance is over. Serena is crushed and Ash is still dense as ever. Poor girl :(

FEBRUARY - They Finally Meet

Most of us knew that this day would come. Alain, the protagonist of the Mega Evolution Specials, would cross paths with the main protagonist of the core series, Ash Ketchum. Alain wanted to see more Ash’s Greninja, so he challenges Ash against his Charizard with his Mega Stone. Little did they know that this wouldn’t be the last time they would face off in battle.

MARCH - Kalos Queen Serena?!

After giving a spectacular performance in the Pokémon Showcase Master Class with Braxien, Pancham and Sylveon, she faces Aria in the final round for the title of Kalos Queen. In the end, Serena is defeated, and Aria successfully defends the title of Kalos Queen. The two then shakes hands, while Aria asks Serena to perform with her again in the future. Afterwards, Serena decides to continue her journey with Ash, declining Palermo’s offer to be her mentor.

APRIL - She’s a Keeper

In one of my favorite filler episodes in XY&Z, Bonnie gets jealous when someone finally wants to be with her big brother. Lilia is looking for a partner who can take over her father’s robotics company, and her Buneary also seems to be attached to Clemont’s Bunnelby. After another failed Team Rocket attack, Lilia decides she’s not ready to settle down yet, while the lemon siblings are reunited closer than ever!

MAY - Ash-Greninja is Born!

After multiple failed attempts, Ash and Greninja were finally bonded as one, and triggered a transformation. Later on, in a rematch against Wulfric, Ash and Greninja were able to use this form without passing out, despite the pain it cost them. This lead to Ash winning the Iceberg Badge. It was his 8th and final badge he won, thus qualifying him to compete in the upcoming Kalos League.

JUNE - Reuniting with Goodra

Goodra is one of Ash’s strongest Kalos Pokémon that he sadly had to leave behind because of protecting its home. Ash & his friends decide to visit the wetlands to meet up Keanan, and see his beloved Goodra again.

JULY - Lumioise Conference Semifinals, Sawyer vs. Ash

The full battle between two good friends, Ash and Sawyer, finally commences in the semifinal round of the Kalos League. I don’t need to say more, this was an awesome battle to watch!

AUGUST - The League Curse Continues, Alain Wins

In probably the most anticipated and suspenseful moments in the show’s history, Ash and Alain have a full battle in the final round to determine the winner of the Lumioise Conference. This has been the farthest placing Ash has been in, beating his record of being in the Top 4 of the Sinnoh Leauge. Unfortunately, in this very close battle, Ash’s championship goals were extinguished when Greninja is defeated in the final turn of attacks. He shakes off his defeat, and gets back up to congratulate Alain.

SEPTEMBER - Lysandre Strikes!

The fallout following the Kalos League took a dark turn when Lysandre broadcasts Team Flare’s manifesto to create a new world order, where only the “chosen ones” will join them. Alain feels betrayed and decides to team up with Ash and the others to take down Team Flare, the mad man behind it all. From Steven Stone’s assistance, to Clembot’s sacrifice, and even Diantha leading the region’s top gym leaders to bring back peace to Kalos, this was an epic mini-saga to end XY&Z with.

OCTOBER - Forever Friends

After saying goodbye to Squishy, Z2 and Greninja, the Kalos squad sadly bids farewell to one another to continue pursuing their dreams in different parts of the world. Serena to Hoenn, Ash back to Kanto, while Clemont & Bonnie remain in Kalos. In this series’ obligatory goodbye episode, it was a bittersweet end to see this group separate, but it was a fun ride. They will be missed!

NOVEMBER - The New Kid in School

Alola! The Sun & Moon era begins, and Ash Ketchum is going to school in Melemele Island. Ash meets his soon-to-be classmates Lana, Lillie, Mallow, Kiawe and Sophocles, and later had a brief encounter with Team Skull grunts. He also receives a Z-Ring from the island’s deity Tapu Koko, and later catches an adorable Rowlet. With the help of Professor Kukui providing Ash a place to stay in, and the guidance of Samson Oak and his Rotom Pokédex, his quest to becoming a Pokémon Master continues, as it takes on a different and unexpected turn in the Alola Region.

DECEMBER - Lillie’s Fear & Love for Pokémon

Lillie is an innocent girl who loves to learn more about Pokémon, but is still afraid to touch them. When Samson Oak gives the class a responsibility to look over an Egg, Lillie decides to take care of it, in which her classmates are highly supportive of. She was truly devoted to protecting the Egg to the point of shielding it from a Salandit that was ready to attack. What will come out of this Egg? There are obvious speculations of what it will be based on the color pattern, but what’s important here is if Lillie will finally be able to overcome her fears once it hatches. We’ll see in 2017!

There are more moments I could highlight, but I don’t want to make this post as long as it already is. Reblog this post, and share your own favorite moments in 2016 if you want! Thanks again for a wild year, and let’s get 2017 started!

More moments are just waiting to happen!


Apologies for the long post!

I’ve decided to start exploring and experimenting with my drawing, and I ended up with a lot of unfinished sketches on my harddrive…so I thought I’d upload some of my favourites for the sake of it - I might even make this a regular thing :D

From top to bottom:

1. Dawn dressed in Arceus (left) and Giratina (right) inspired clothing

2. ORAS Possession AU - Brendan/Deoxys, May/Raquaza, Archie/Kyogre, and Maxie/Groudon

3. Serena posing with a current team from X and Y

4. Hilda, May, and Serena dressed as their Regional Champions

5. Shiny Mega Gardevoir and Shiny Greninja

6. May and Leaf posing practises 

7. Favourite fighting-type Megas

8. Serena working part-time at Hotel Richissime (dat mad dash to get all the beds done in time :p )


Long XY&Z (+ AmourShipping) rant (SPOILER ALERT!!!)

Okay, I know this is kinda late, but i guess i needed to say this.

I wasnt a fan of gen 6 at first (i was a sucker for DPPt) but now, i guess you could say i fell in love with it.

To me XY&Z was too short — I needed something long like the other seasons. But I guess it was the best season I’ve ever watched.

I didnt want to watch xyz at first; i wasnt interested at all. That is, until i watched ash’s battle with olympia.

Holy crap, i gotta say it was one intense moment, and how frogadier and talonflame were actually decent enough for me (i really hated xyz back then) until it finally brought me to the first episode of the xy season.

The best thing about this season? I love how they brought up the development of the characters — ash wasnt the idiot he was back on bw, instead, he looked mature enough in this season and acted mature enough compared to the other seasons. Clemont used to be a coward, but as time goes by, he (too) was inspired by ash’s optimistic nature, and somehow became challenged, and to me, he showed more maturity in the end of the series compared to the early episodes. Bonnie was no loger a little kid — i actually believe that Bonnie will become a great trainer, and care for all kinds of Pokemon. The biggest change from Bonnie to me was (spoiler alert!!!) The part when she cried bcs she cant keep the tyrunt she befriended bcs it belonged to a museum, but in the last episodes, she actually lets squishy, whom she befriended far more longer than the tyrunt, be free, and accepting the fact that squishy cant stay with her forever. Clemont wasnt the only one maturing; Bonnie did too. However, the most developed character throughout the series was, in my opinion, Serena.

Serena started out as an annoying character in my opinion. She joined Ash only bcs she has a crush on him. She didnt even know what she was going to do as a trainer — battle or perform etc. All she tried to do is get near to ash and bla bla bla. However, when she decided she wanted to become a performer, she definitely changed. She actually tried hard to beat her mother to gain approval to be a performer. And the main point for her development? Yes, it was the episode she decided to cut her hair. To me it wasnt just a change in Serena’s appearance — it changed Serena wholly.

Serena wasnt the lovestruck girl again, she finally knew what she was going to be and actually beat everyone who already chose that path before she did. Even though she lost against Aria, she wasnt as cranky as she used to be. She was the one who made Ash realizr that night he wasnt being himself. And she didnt follow Ash to Alola; this time, she actually chose her dream out of love.

And hell, Serena has the best guts out of all the girls Ash has travelled with. I used to be a PokeShipper, but now I can assure you I have my mind at AmourShipping. No offense to Pokeshippers, i dont hate it, it just didnt give me as much feeling as amour did. Serena actually had the guts to kiss him (on the mouth!) Whilst all the others treated him like a little kid.

I dont agree with people who says Serena is annoying — she might be at first, but if you really watch the anime with an open mind u’ll realize that she actually changed and for me she is the only character that was developed really well. Even Ash needed a few seasons for people to see him differently. And after they did they had to make him stupider *cough* bw *cough*.

You really dont have to agree to this rant. It’s just my opinion.

Well, its an awkward end. But if you have read through it all, pls note that no offense are intended and that Im writing this to state my opinion.