picture credits: はざまたん | まや [pixiv] 

Yes, I decided to do this because I recently hit 2,000 followers and I wanted to make some sort of appreciation post dedicated to my favorite blogs and some of my best friends around here. Therefore, from left to right:

t-ourniquet | criminologic | grendoll | levi-squad | obsydious | gaysama | zidlijan | pandora-tears | theglutamine | xhamstr | nezu-mi | jigo-ku | deadbaka | magentasmoke | cordust | zeichii | mioku | sutaachan | a-drasteia | yataoi | amachu | zess-san | mii-sa-ki | kuroningyo | yoake-no-doku | shopai | senseiyaoi | oxigenic | homochromatic | alimeiti 

I want to mention that the bolded ones are my (closest) friends- I think that I’ve talked to most of the people included here, but I only pointed out the ones I got closer to. Also, these are in no particular order. Have a nice day~

grendoll asked:

Hi! ♛

Hi~ >//<

My favourite thing: YOUR POSTS gosh i’d love to reblog half of your blog you know…
Associated fandom: apart from gorgeous illustrations and stuff you mean? :)
Your URL: i don’t know what it means but i can easily memorise it and it contains ‘doll’ which i personally rather like
Why I Follow You: Did I already mention your flawless posts? and idk how to write this appropriately but i like your … calm? quiet? … presence on my dash … riiight