Earlier tonight, a wonderful, quirky, friendly, and amazing game called Glitch closed, for good.

I didn’t play Glitch as often as I would’ve liked.  Back during one of the betas (I want to say the first beta, but it may have been the second, it was probably more than a year ago, though), I somehow ended up in this quirky little game with a red-headed Glitch named Lils.  I wasn’t sure what was going on exactly, or what I was supposed to do, but it was cute and fun and didn’t require me to be great at… well, anything I usually have to be good at to play a game.

I played it off an on for a few weeks and then wandered away and forgot about it. Until about September, when someone reminded me about it.  I didn’t have the login info for Lils anymore, so I made Lucky Daye, the little cutie you see above.  Lucky was from the beginning a Grendalien, and I loved the Conch I got from the one quest about the Glitch venturing to the mind of Grendaline, playing that version of the theme over and over.  I didn’t do much, but I wandered around and played games and had fun.

Tonight, when it closed, I was surprised to find how heartbroken I was.  I logged in too late to say goodbye and good morning to Grendaline (to my dismay), but I dressed myself in her colors anyway, and played her conch for my friends.  I couldn’t quite say why I teared up every time one of the Giants woke, but I did.  Towards the end, I donated all of my donateable items as offerings to Grendaline (getting my first emblem in the process), then teleported to Jal, where I spent the last moments of Glitch under the sea, to be in the water that Grendaline loved so much.

And I might’ve cried a little.

I will miss this little game so much more than I expected.  Good Morning, Giants.  We live on in the beat of your hearts.