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The Last Mabelcorn - September 7th 2015

Maybe not right now, but things change Stanford Pines! Things…change!


reunion falls- sock opera (part 5) (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4)

can i just say that i freaking love writing candy and grenda? everyone should try it. by which i mean include them in more stuff. please. for my sake. this message brought to you by the official candy & grenda appreciation squad

next time stuff’s gonna get intense again (more bill? more bill)

The signs as Gravity Falls characters

Aries: Wendy

Taurus: Mabel

Gemini: Candy Chiu

Cancer: Blendin Blandin

Leo: Gideon

Virgo: Pacifica Northwest

Libra: Dipper

Scorpio: Bill Cipher

Sagittarius: Soos

Capricorn: Time Baby

Aquarius: Stan Pines

Pisces: Grenda

Codes/Cryptograms Messages Found in Dipper & Mabel's Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun!

1) Dipper wrote a theme song for himself and sings it in the shower.

2) After nightmares Mabel meows herself to sleep.

3) Soos keeps candy in his belly button for emergencies.

4) Stan was a baby model.

5) The Mayor of Gravity Falls is not long for this world.

6) Wendy wishes she lived in Portland.

7) The end of the world is closer than the end of the summer.

8) Something strange is buried under Gravity Falls.

9) Time Baby is worried about Bill.

10) Bud Gleeful wants to run for Mayor.

11) McGucket has seen terrible things.

12) Grenda will marry rich.

13) That burnt tree by Soos’s house is odd.

14) Soos writes fan fics about Stan.

15) The Gnomes have a clear view of Northwest Manor.

16) Dipper and Mabel’s father worked in computers.

17) Robbie secretly draws anime.

18) The Invisible Wizard keeps untying Dipper’s shoes.

19) The Government can be forgetful.

20) Growing up is optional.

These are all the codes and cryptogram messages hidden in the Gravity Falls book, Dipper & Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun! By Bill Cipher

I hope this helps any Gravity falls fans!

I apologize if there are any mistakes in my code cracking. Enjoy!


dragoncatkhfan  asked:

If you were to write a full-fledged fanfic for this Au how would you go about it? Like what would the major arcs be, what's scenes would definitely be included, how closely would it follow the Disney version, how much of its own thing would it be? You know, what would a general outline be? I'm just kind of curious how the creator of this Au would go about fic-ing it.

i, uh… i have no clue, really, haha. i’ve never really planed a full story out before, and while i’m more-or-less a fledgling writer at the moment, this is sort of beyond my abilities right now

there would definitely be a scene where Dipper and Mabel trade themselves for Fiddleford, a scene where they meet Soos, Wendy, Grenda and Pacifica, a scene where they sneak up into the West Wing and Stan looses his temper and scares them off, a scene where Stan chases after them and protects them from wild wolves/gnomes… i mean, aside from the romance aspect it’s pretty similar to the movie. 

there would be a scene of Stan showing the kids the Journal/Ford, there would definitely be a snowball scene, a scene where Stan shows Dipper the Library and dances with Mabel, a scene of the kids eating with Stan and dissolving into a food fight…

i think the only major difference would be that the kids would try to form a relationship with Ford, and that there would be a lot more reading scenes with him and Stan and the kids. and i’m not sure Stan would just let them go, not because of selfish reasons, but because there are dangerous things in the forest and the kids could be easily hurt by them.

there would definitely be a scene where Ford tries to talk to the kids while Stan is asleep, to have someone else to talk to. and a lot of Ford and Stan scenes, where Stan is slowly starting to let go of Ford, and Ford is feeling less suffocated by Stan’s over protectiveness. 

and at the end, Bill would absolutely take over Gideon’s body and try to hurt the kids, but Stan gets in the way and protects them and nearly dies from it. there would be a scene where Stan says he loves the kids, and a scene where both kids say they love Stan.

and maybe some scenes in between all of this with the kids talking with Wendy and Soos, asking them why they’re still  loyal to Stan, and learning about how they met Stan, and getting a bit of insight to the relationship between Stan ans his servants.

plus, some Grenda/Mabel/Pacifica bonding time, and maybe even Dipper/Pacifica bonding time, and basically everyone/everyone bonding time.

and i’d love to include a lot of post-curse reversal stuff where Stan and Ford are learning to readjust to their bodies again, and lots and lots of Pines Family Sleep Piles

i have no idea how i would structure that into a fic, tho. the very idea just makes me brain fart, but i would love to have all of this in a fic if i could write one for this!!

My idea of Transcendence AU Candy and Grenda! It was mentioned before that Candy, once she’s older, might open a supernatural weapons/defense shop, and Grenda might open a pet shop.

So my take on it is that Candy does indeed open a supernatural weapons/defense shop, selling everything from the traditional wooden stake/silver bullets, to modern guns and ammunition for all your monster hunting needs! (Wendy is a regular at her store) She also teaches supernatural self defense courses on the weekends. Part of her business is going out and getting rid of your supernatural problems for you, a sort of exterminator, I guess. Her preferred weapon is a Japanese Katana imbued with spiritual energy. This makes it so that she can attack threats that normal weapons wouldn’t be able to touch. The way these swords are created naturally imbues them with this energy, making them stronger and longer-lasting than other weapons that have this energy added to them post-fabrication. It is also less prone to mechanical failure than something like a gun. She also carries several hidden daggers on her at all times.

Grenda on the other hand, runs a little pet shop with a twist. Sure you can find your standard lizard or guinea pig there, but she also sells smaller, harmless supernatural beasts as pets too! Have you always wanted your very own miniature Cerberus? You can find it at Grenda’s! Sometimes she teams up with Candy on her extermination jobs if it involves bigger supernatural beasts. She’s got a knack for finding their weakness and subduing them without hurting them.

I’m so glad that “Roadside Attraction” wasn’t just “woman do this to trick men!” or “men do this to trick women!” They showed both sides of the equation, they showed both sides were the victims and the instigators, they showed that both sides are wrong.

I’m so glad that Dipper learned to be confident but instead of getting a girlfriend he was able to apologize to Candy and make a new friend

I’m so glad that the writers showed Dipper copying Stan but learning that it wasn’t the way to go even though he gained something important from the interactions. 

I’m so glad that they showed how much Dipper actually didn’t mean to hurt those girls’ feelings he was just trying to get better but, in the end, it still hurt them and you can’t just use girls as practice.

I’m so glad that no one was in the right.

I’m so glad Candy and Grenda got more screen time and I’m so glad that Mabel loves her friends so much.

I’m so glad that they dropped their anger once they heard Stan was in trouble and followed Dipper, listening to what he had to say.

I’m so glad that Gravity Falls exists. 

I’m just so glad, okay?

streaming watching @sailorleo draw the rf comic with like 30 other ppl… I’m writing this down as it happens so we have

-a full plot review of reunion falls
-candip and mabifica
-Gideon pretends to be a vampire
-also Gideon is Draco from avpm
-Bill high on smile dip
-planning on how to kill bill
-Bill being various things from fandoms which leads into
-a fucking gf Lego movie au
-dipper/ (hugs, less anxiety, happiness, ect.)
-billdip hate
-bill/ (death, swarm of bees, hell, ect.)
-funny gravity falls dreams
-ford/ (memes, getting dunked on, ect.)
-gf heathers au. I’m not even kidding.
-gf breakfast club au I think it’s time to stop
-Spotify broke on us
-were talking abt musicals and legally blonde
-really detailed smile dip
-smipper (smiles/dipper aka smiledip)
-Elena couldn’t end the stream

we all took a short break right here

-we came back and started talking abt destroying bill again
-more info on how rf bill was gonna act compared to how he does now
-end of the world ladies playlist
-pnat talk and theories
(I sorta lost focus here so there’s a few things I missed)
-hate on the fandom bill design (y'all know the one)
-Grenda time! aka us just talking abt how great Grenda is
-playlist stuff
-dark dipper discourse
-bipper and how much bill fucked dipper up and all that sad junk
-seatbelt safety is no joke
-Gideon development in rf maybe omg??
-we’re now the “Gideon Sadstuck Squad”
-Elena had to go for a but so we watched a gf amv that was really good
-warrior cat amvs and other amvs
(I took a break here so I’m not really sure what happened oh well)
-Elena’s too gay to draw straight lines
-movies that make us cry
-age stuff
-we have a staying alive pact
-definition of sadstuck
-Elena read the whole sequence for us bc we stuck around for so long, and the script for the next update!!

it was a ton of fun!!

This has been a long time coming. I still can’t believe I’ve hit 500 let alone 550+. I can’t express just how thankful I am to all of you. I love playing Pacifica and I love roleplaying…and knowing that other people enjoy my writing…it seriously brings me to tears. I wish I could do more for all of you, and I just want you guys too know that I am always open to make new friends.I’d love too be more than just a roleplay partner for any of you.

ANYWAY. Since I suck at art and art giveaways, I decided to avoid doing another one at this time. Instead, let’s do a forever follow! These types of things make me nervous because I worry I’ll forget someone. If I do, I’m very sorry and hopefully you don’t hate me. *weeps*

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