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The signs as Gravity Falls characters

Aries: Wendy

Taurus: Mabel

Gemini: Candy Chiu

Cancer: Blendin Blandin

Leo: Gideon

Virgo: Pacifica Northwest

Libra: Dipper

Scorpio: Bill Cipher

Sagittarius: Soos

Capricorn: Time Baby

Aquarius: Stan Pines

Pisces: Grenda

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For the fic meme, 6, with Mabel, Candy, Grenda and Pacifica k (ofc u dont hhave to)

6. Time travel (I realized AFTER I wrote this and posted Pacificia was on the list. I am so sorry)


“And that is how this thingy works,” Mabel said as he held up the time travel device for the other girls to see. 

Candy and Grenda ooo’d in appreciation for the device their friend had. 

“Yeah, pretty cool,” Mabel said with a hum, “Probably should get this back to Blar-Blar though.” 

“Wait!” Grenda got up from where she sat and snatched the device from her friend’s hands, “Don’t you want to go on a time travel adventure? Imagine what we could do.” 

“Yes,” Candy agreed as she stood up, “We could go back in time and become rulers of the world with our superior future-knowledge.” 

“I don’t know guys,” Mabel said slowly, “Me and Dipper already went back in time a lot and it did not go well.” 

“Come on,” Grenda said with a smile. The girl waved the device back and forth in front of Mabel’s face, “You know you wanna. Just one quick trip.” 

“Well,” Mabel moved over so she was beside her two friends, “I guess one little trip wouldn’t hurt.” 

The two other girls cheered as Mabel took the device and pulled out the tape. She pulled it just enough to send them back a few years and in a flash of white light all three of the girls disappeared. 

They appeared in a flash of light. They still were in the spot in front of the Shack where they had been before. The difference was that the Shack was not there at all, at least, not in the way they remembered it. 

The building was surrounded by barbed wire and warning signs.

Mabel frowned and looked at the device.

“Weird, I thought I put three years not thirty,” she looked back at the house, “Guess this must be when the house was owned by someone else…maybe?” 

Before Mabel could fix the little problem the device was taken from her hands and Candy had it. 

The girl smiled to herself.

“This is very interesting,” she said, “If it can only take you to the time in the place you were standing next to. I could re-calibrate it to take us to places as well.” 

“We haven’t gone back far enough,” Grenda said as she peered in through the window, “We are only in 1982.” 

“We shall try again,” Candy said. 

“Maybe we should head back before we mess with someth-” Mabel did not finish her sentence. 

Grenda had made her way back over to the group and in a flash they were once again sent into another time. 

The flash of the girls disappearing brought the attention of a man that was dosing away with a red book on his face. Hesitantly, the man peered out the window and ran his hand over his tired face. He did not have time for this; he needed to get food. 

Golden moment of sass from Dipper
  • Dipper: Guys in case you have already forgotten, Pacifica is the worst.*doorbell rings* And that's not just jealousy talking, I'd say that to her face *opens door*
  • Pacifica: I need your help.
  • Dipper: your the worst *slams door*
  • Mabel & co: gASP
Codes/Cryptograms Messages Found in Dipper & Mabel's Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun!

1) Dipper wrote a theme song for himself and sings it in the shower.

2) After nightmares Mabel meows herself to sleep.

3) Soos keeps candy in his belly button for emergencies.

4) Stan was a baby model.

5) The Mayor of Gravity Falls is not long for this world.

6) Wendy wishes she lived in Portland.

7) The end of the world is closer than the end of the summer.

8) Something strange is buried under Gravity Falls.

9) Time Baby is worried about Bill.

10) Bud Gleeful wants to run for Mayor.

11) McGucket has seen terrible things.

12) Grenda will marry rich.

13) That burnt tree by Soos’s house is odd.

14) Soos writes fan fics about Stan.

15) The Gnomes have a clear view of Northwest Manor.

16) Dipper and Mabel’s father worked in computers.

17) Robbie secretly draws anime.

18) The Invisible Wizard keeps untying Dipper’s shoes.

19) The Government can be forgetful.

20) Growing up is optional.

These are all the codes and cryptogram messages hidden in the Gravity Falls book, Dipper & Mabel’s Guide to Mystery and Nonstop Fun! By Bill Cipher

I hope this helps any Gravity falls fans!

I apologize if there are any mistakes in my code cracking. Enjoy!


I’m so glad that “Roadside Attraction” wasn’t just “woman do this to trick men!” or “men do this to trick women!” They showed both sides of the equation, they showed both sides were the victims and the instigators, they showed that both sides are wrong.

I’m so glad that Dipper learned to be confident but instead of getting a girlfriend he was able to apologize to Candy and make a new friend

I’m so glad that the writers showed Dipper copying Stan but learning that it wasn’t the way to go even though he gained something important from the interactions. 

I’m so glad that they showed how much Dipper actually didn’t mean to hurt those girls’ feelings he was just trying to get better but, in the end, it still hurt them and you can’t just use girls as practice.

I’m so glad that no one was in the right.

I’m so glad Candy and Grenda got more screen time and I’m so glad that Mabel loves her friends so much.

I’m so glad that they dropped their anger once they heard Stan was in trouble and followed Dipper, listening to what he had to say.

I’m so glad that Gravity Falls exists. 

I’m just so glad, okay?