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Mabel was roaming throughout the mall, occasionally stopping in stores (only the expensive ones that carried high-end clothing and products, of course). She was bored. Neither Candy nor Grenda were available to hang out, she couldn’t find Gideon anywhere, and she wasn’t desperate enough yet to the point of spending time with her brother. So, here she was.

She pulled out her cell phone, checking through her social media as she absentmindedly walked through the mall. It only took about twenty seconds of phone-browsing, however, before the girl crashed into someone else and nearly fell to the floor, but balanced herself.

Though it was obviously her own fault for not paying attention, Mabel was clearly annoyed with the boy whom she had collided with. Didn’t he know who she was?

“Watch it!” she hissed, stuffing her phone back into her purse and locking eyes with the boy.

Can we just talk about this?

How Alex Hirsch made it so that Grenda got the guy by being herself. How Mabel and Candy didn’t get him because they were trying too hard and acting all girly but Grenda acted like she usually did and got the boy’s phone number instead?

Alex didn’t make her change at all. He didn’t have Candy and Mabel give her a lesson on “how to act.”  Didn’t have the guy reject her because she scared/intimidated/wasn’t girly enough for him. He had it so that Grenda was HERSELF, promoting body positivity to the girls who watch this episode. He made it so that Mabel and Candy learned a lesson about being yourself and not undermining people from Grenda.

I love this man. 


gravity falls + text post meme (5/?)


ZERO GRAVITY AU – Full Characters Design and Plot

See Official Story Contents HERE

Somewhere, in the big city, lives a twins in a broken family, their mom is a prostitute, their dad drown himself in alcohol. The twins are victims of child abuse, their names are Bill Cipher, and Will Cipher.

Got sick of their present life, the older one – Bill Cipher, planned to escape from their house. One night in the heavy rain, the twins left the place they used to call home, headed to the last bus which they don’t know where it will go, but they must run, no matter where the bus take them. In the morning, when the rain stop, Bill woke up, and realized a big banner from the far, it says: “Welcome to Zero Gravity town

In Zero Gravity, the twins found themselfs a small abandoned shack in the wood, they decided to stay here, their new home. Just the two lives there, both of them must work at differents places to earn money for their own. Bill and Will discovered an old Journal in the shack, with a symbol of a hand with six fingers and a letter 3 on it. Bill found out great possibilities and power the journal brought to him, he keep the journal, with an ambition: To revenge the cruel world and recreate a fun world, a better world for him, and his brother.

Since then, because of Bill’s actions and consequences, many people show up in the twins’s life, not just any regular human, the citizens call them “The Guardians”

Bill & Will have to face all of them, and their biggest obstacle is the Pines Twins – Dipper Pines & Mabel Pines – Guardians of the World’s Balance.


I’ve done it ;; w ;;)// Sorry for my poor English Grammar ;; r ;;)~ I’ll draw more story of them in the future~ Basicaly, character’s personality and relationships are the same, just the story line’s changed.

Hope you like my AU ;; w ;;)~