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Top 5 Steve/Bucky moments. As extras, top 5 Steve moments and top 5 Bucky moments, as individuals.

Ooo! As much as I love the pleasant, happy moments between our boys, my favourite scenes with them are all about angst. So my Top 5 Stucky scenes, in no particular order:

1. “Let’s hear it for Captain America!”, especially Bucky’s face as the crowd cheers for Steve. I love the contrast – while Steve is rising in status and discovering his true potential, Bucky is falling apart, discovering his inner darkness. It’s the moment Steve realizes all the good he can finally accomplish to help the war effort, while Bucky only sees what war has cost him (x):

2. When Bucky gets his orders and talks to Steve in the alley. This scene is a favourite because of all the hidden emotion in their words. Bucky doesn’t want to go to war, is terrified, but he doesn’t want to hurt Steve with the news - so he’s cocky and makes himself sound excited. Steve is flustered when he realizes that Bucky is actually shipping out, and he doesn’t want to be left behind - but he pushes that aside, for a moment. They both know their lives are diverging, likely forever, and their devastated expressions show it all: they’re so young, and scared, and trying to be brave (x x):

3. When Steve is mortally wounded, and Bucky is trapped. Steve can barely stand, is trembling with the effort, but he sees Bucky’s terrified expression and he can’t leave him. So he pulls himself together to save Bucky, even if it means sacrificing his own life. What makes this scene is the switching of personas: The Winter Soldier is not supposed to fear his death, and Captain America is never supposed to tire. But in this moment they’re just Bucky and Steve, the facades dropped to show their true personalities. They only have each other (x):

4. Howard’s floating car scene. Bucky turns to smile at Steve in excitement, realizes Steve has left, and goes from smiling to worried in two seconds flat. He just wants to spend his last few hours with his favourite guy, and is scared to leave without saying goodbye. Meanwhile, Steve is longing for somewhere to belong, pulling away from Bucky because it hurts to be around him. I think I love this scene because both of them are so young and looking for their place in the world. It’s desperation and fear hidden in charm and celebration (x):

5. ”But I knew him…”/”He looked right at me and he didn’t even know me”. My angsty boys. I don’t have any poetic reason for loving this scene – just that it’s pure hurt/comfort fanfiction dialogue, but in canon. What’s not to love? (x x)

…and there you have it! I’m all about the angst.

Extras: My Top Individual Steve and Bucky Scenes (under the cut)

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In Which Steve Rogers is Correct in Civil War

*This is a rather lengthy analysis that may contain spoilers, though it doesn’t focus on Civil War entirely.

It is a fact well known that I am obsessed with Captain America. However the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has recently dove into the morality pool and questioned if Steve Rogers is always right. Aptly named, Civil War has Avengers and fans alike at each other’s throats. While the heroes battle physically, fans are armed with arsenals of research and allegations to defend their team. Say what you will, but Steven Grant Rogers is absolutely correct.

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(As you may have known, Jaejoong earned his second phone call reward due to his good results in shooting, 1st reward was from grenade training - x)

To get a rewarded phone call (from shooting training), a trainee MUST get The Highest Total Score in shooting ranges of 100, 200 & 300 meters!  (c

(*shooting training - x)

more info:

indeed from No.1 Trainee Kim Jaejoong.  o(≧▽≦)o congratulations! 

We’re all very proud of you

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for the prompt thing: Natasha telling Bucky about all the stupid reckless thing Steve's done while he was gone

“Well,” Peggy says at the end of her story. “It certainly isn’t as heroic as jumping on a grenade during training, but I suppose I did alright for how new I was at this. We can’t all be Captain America.”

She shoves against Steve’s shoulder playfully. He looks away, trying not to blush.

“Hang on a second,” says Bucky, staring straight ahead. “What does she mean, jumping on a grenade.”

Well,” Natasha says, jumping to her feet and brushing bits of glass and plaster off of her shoulder. “That was fun, boys. We should do it again.”

Sam and Bucky groan from the ground.

“These wings,” Sam says. “Were not built to carry both your asses out a window along with myself. Not from that high up.”

“It was pretty impressive though,” hums Natasha. “I mean, not as impressive as jumping from an elevator near the top of the Triskelion. And that was before we had Sam around to catch us - he had to land on the shield. We can’t all be Steve Rogers, though.”

“Hang on a second,” says Bucky, scrambling to a seated position and staring straight ahead. “What does she mean, jumping from an elevator near the top of the Triskelion without Sam around?”

When Krzeminski was talking to Sousa about Peggy, he couldn’t be any more wrong. Daniel Sousa is exactly the kind of man Peggy might fall for, Krzeminski forgets what Steve was before he was Captain America. Peggy fell for Steve before he was a hero to the rest of the world, she saw him as a hero when he jumped on a grenade in basic training, she loved Captain America but she fell for Steve Rogers, a kid from Brooklyn who didn’t like bullies, first. Sousa is a good man and I believe it is entirely possible that he is Peggy’s future husband.

(Info) 30/4/2015

- So this time Jaejoong was rewarded again with another phone-call because of his good results in shooting !! - (x)

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆ Congratulations to No.1 Trainee Kim Jaejoong!  

(last time, on 26/4/2015 JJ has received a reward of phone-call due to his good results in grenade training - x)