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  • Name: Karina
Nickname: Krissy, Cadmus, Turtle, Canada, Kaylee
Zodiac sign: Leo
Height: 5'5"
Orientation: Bi-ish? Ace ish?
Nationality: 'Merican
Fav fruit: LES GRENADES (pomegranates)
Fav season: spRING
Fav flower: Lilacs
Fav scent: Orange Creamsicle
Fav colour: Violet
Fav animal: Meow
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa?: Tea
Average hours of sleep: 10 or 11
  • Fav fictional characters: Yes
  • Number of blankets you sleep with: Just one. My huge a** comforter is Good
  • Dream trip: EVERYWHERE (or just European capital cities... especially Paris)
Blog created: According to my archive, December of 2012, but I didn't really start using it until mid to late 2014
  • I tag @blurrykins and @thewitchypagan

N: N would save himself of course and try and escape the house. Yes, you’ve been married a couple of years, but he didn’t sign up for this when he got down on that knee of his and proposed and he definitely does not want to get shot. So, he’ll save himself and run far away until he can call the police. Technically speaking, are you considered the police? “HONEY I THINK YOU AHHHHH WAS THAT A BULLET ?!OH NO NO NO NO *choking* I CAN’T DO AHHHHH WHERE TO GO?! I LOVE YOU! *Jumps out window*” 

Leo: OMG THIS WOULD BE SO EPIC. TAEKWOON KNOWS TAEKWONWHIPYOURASS SO HE’D HELP YOU IN THE FIGHT AGAINST YOUR ASSASSINS. AND BECAUSE OF LEO’S ATHLETICISM AND AGILITY THE BOTH OF YOU WOULD KICK MAJOR ASSASSIN ASS TOGETHER. But then when it’s all over with he’ll be really mad that they interrupted the nice meal he prepared for dinner and that you’re a spy and never told him. ”*Out of breath* I think…I think you have some explaining to do. But, my wife can really kick ass.“

Ken: Poor baby. He’d be running around screaming like he lost his mind. This would work in your favor because it’ll momentarily distract your assassins so you could go in for the kill. That’s if they don’t knock him out first because he’s being annoying. "OMG THEY’RE GOING TO KILL US! WHY DID I MARRY A SPY?! OH BECAUSE I DIDNT KNOW!!!!”

Ravi: Ravi will run on instincts and that will either mean stay and help you fight or run away screaming, leaving you to fight alone as he grabs his most valuable possessions before you or your assassins breaks them in the fight. If he does stay and help you, he’ll do whatever you tell him to do and try his best to not get hurt. “YOU WANT ME SHOOT THIS PISTOL?! OKAY! *Puts head down and blindly shoots in the air*”

HongBin: HongBin would freak the freak out. Like he’d dive under the table, but then peek his head out just enough until he sees bullets flying which would cause him to yell, hit his head on the table, and cry out. At that point he’s alerted the assassins to his location, which would cause you to in turn make him join you in the fight. “GRAB WHAT GRENADES IN THE FRUIT BOWL?! YOU MEAN THESE WEREN’T DECORATIVE GRAPES THIS WHOLE TIME?” 

Hyuk: Hyuk would immediately run for cover, but then regret that he left you alone to fend for yourself. So he’d come from out of cover to help you only to see that you are whooping ass on your own. So he’ll go back and hide until it’s safe to come back out. “Yes! We won. Well, since we aren’t dead, show daddy your sniper rifle?”

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I'm sorry but GMOs are a bad thing to animal health to all health it doesn't matter the company that makes it, gmos are cancer causing, allergy causing, they are chemicals with bacteria crap, and then the food, grown in poor conditions causing food to loose nutritional value they are very bad for all life!!

Who told you all this? Unfortunately I see a TON of misinformation about GMOs online and any negative things I’ve read are just simply untrue… This is gonna be big and long so hold onto your butts.

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