I haven’t done a long post in a while. Today I’ll be talking about one of Germany’s most recognizable weapons, the Model 24 Stielhandgranate  or “Potato Masher” as the Allies affectionately called it. For simplicity’s sake I’m going to call it the “stick grenade” from here on out.

Originally introduced to the German Army in 1915, the Model 24 was the standard issue high explosive weapon given to the Landser through out the remainder of the war, and continued to be used throughout WWII as well.

Detonated by a friction igniter, the user would take a cap off the bottom, pull on a cord that had a porcelain ball at the end. When the cord was pulled, it would drag a small steel rod through the igniter which through friction and heat, set off the explosive charge that had a 5 second timer.

Originally starting out as more of a concussive weapon, a serrated fragmentaion sleeve was added to later iterations to make it more effective against enemy infantry.

Compared to the traditional Allied grenade, such as the British No. 36 Mk. 1 “Mills Bomb” or the American Mk. 2 “Pineapple” Grenade, the German stick grenade provided a point of leverage to allow the user to throw it significantly farther. (And speaking from personal experience as someone who is terrible at throwing grenades, a stick is much easier to throw than a ball)

It was also common for German soldiers to increase the power of the Model 24 by removing the explosive charges from several other grenades and attaching them to one, in a bundle. This was known as Geballte Ladung, or bundle charge.

Variants included smoke charges, and incendiary charges.

  • Furuya:There is only one good reason for two people to have sex. And that is, love.
  • Yagami:Satoru, I love you. But there are many more reasons for having sex.
  • Furuya:Name one!
  • Yagami:I can name 50! Make-up sex, break-up sex, someone told you about a new position sex...
  • Izuki:Revenge, rebound, paratrooping...
  • Yagami:Nothing good on TV, you are in a hotel, curiosity...
  • *32 reasons later*
  • Narumiya:He said he love you, but you are not ready to say it back yet...
  • Yagami:43!
  • Matsukawa:Wingman driving on the friend grenade.
  • Yagami:44!
  • Imaizumi:The condoms are about to expire.
  • Yagami:45!
  • *Everybody stays quiet for a while*
  • Narumiya:This is actually getting pretty hard...
  • Izuki:46!

The Grenade Launcher is the fourth ranged weapon acquired in the game. It is a custom assembly of household and commercial parts. It fires grenades that do high damage and have a wide splash damage radius. They are fired at an arc, making targeting at long range require some estimation. Its main weaknesses are a low ammo cartridge capacity, a slow rate of fire, and the potential for collateral damage. However, the damage can be increased and immunity to collateral damage can be gained with upgrades at a Power to the People station, further increasing the usefulness of the Grenade Launcher. The Grenade Launcher has a low ammo reserve capacity, and ammo is somewhat rare throughout the game.

New info for Skull Rain

>Caveira is the defensive Operator of the two. As such, she possesses the “Silent Step” skill that enables her to sneak up on enemies to immobilize and then interrogate them to reveal their teammates’ location. Her arsenal includes an M12 and SPAS-15 for primary weapons, a PRB92 as a secondary, and Nitro Cell C4 and Barbed Wire for gadgets.

>As the attacker, Capitão carries a tactical crossbow that can fire asphyxiating bolts that burn oxygen within a certain radius, as well as micro smoke grenades that can mask positions and team movements. Capitão also has an M-249 and PARA-308 for primary weapon options, a PRB92 for secondary, and frag and stun grenades rounding her available arsenal.

First off, as someone who is fond of roaming, Caveira is shit. Roaming is a fucking art style if you do it right, and most of the roamers pick good ops like Frost, Jaeger or Pulse. But she could be useful, given the situation. And her ability isn’t the roamer style. As a roamer, you’re supposed to be fast on your feet to flank, not quiet. One of the best roamers is Frost with the Super 90.

Capitãu seems like the attacker’s version of Smoke, which is good since I hate that british bastard. And a new model of the FAL with the PARA-308, which I love FALs.

pochowek  asked:

ur a good junkrat... gimme some junkrat tips

1. when you use your tire, unless you have a specific plan for it or the enemies are right there, circle around a little and change your position as much as possible until you’re ready to set it off, so much is happening usually that a lot of people on the enemy team will forget about it after a few seconds and not expect it at the 6-9sec mark

2. don’t fire your grenades in a straight line, move a little to the left or right after every shot. if you’re fighting multiple enemies or just firing up somewhere you’re more likely to hit something, also if you’re trying to find the exact point of a turret that helps loads

3. aim where someone’s about to be, not where they are, (this includes traps), you can get whoever’s after you more often than not, but if you can’t and they close distance, use your mine to jump out of the way. you might get them with the damage inflicted from that, or you get another shot at killing them, so

4. if you know you’re about to die, just body slam someone. i always fly directly on top of bastions while my team makes a push and if they shoot me they die instantly. each grenade you drop when you die does 60 damage. dying is a valid strategy if everything else fails

5. along with constantly firing your grenades in different directions, jump a lot. 90% of the time i’m hopping around and it makes you a lot harder to hit

6. use your trap as bait. whether they get trapped or destroy it, it’ll flash on your screen, letting you know where an enemy is coming from and you can get the jump on them. it’s like ringing a bell for a HELLHOUND

7. your mine takes out symmetra’s turrets instantly. if you’re having trouble passing a corner because of them, throw a mine at them and boom, no more turrets, now you can use your mine to fly wherever you want without fear of getting shot down so quick

8. enemy teams can barely see junkrat’s traps unless they’re looking for them. they clip into the ground

9. re: the tire again, jump around with that, too. juke people out if you can, it can be caught in zarya’s ult, and an enemy junkrat’s mine is a direct counter to it so watch out if they have a junkrat, your mines do 120 damage to enemies but no damage to you, so

10. don’t save the tire for the perfect moment, use it as much as possible, you’re going to get it again very very quickly by just lobbing shit at the enemy team for a couple of seconds and using it so often is going to make the other team antsy

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he stuffs a frag grenade into the clothed section of the omnic cunt's torso before leaping akin to a frog away from him with fingers jammed within wax encrusted ears allowing manic laughter to follow within his wake <3

  before he could remove the device– it was too late. the explosion went off, and the omnic flew many yards before landing on the ground below. while he was alive, immense pain ebbed through his body, rendering him unable to move. sparks of electricity were visible from where the grenade caused the most amount of damage.

  lying there– the omnic simply curled into a ball and waited either for his demise or someone to come rescue him– since the explosion could easily be heard from a good distance.

working title: Everybody's Working for the Weekend


here you go; because I love you lol

Scrape on the knee from when she tripped over a curb trying to get away from the vicinity of an enemy grenade. Bullet graze on the opposite shin from when she barely managed to dodge a shot before Roadhog grappled the enemy away from her. Elbow scrape from the trip that hurt her knee, bruised forearm from being grabbed roughly, and a bloody, split lip from when a Talon agent tried to drag her off for either hostage negotiations, information, or just to eliminate her and she tried fighting him off until he hit her. She never got the chance to find out since Junkrat pulled him off her and practically mauled the agent while Lucio pulled her away from the scene to heal her up. These were all the injuries Satya had tallied up while waiting just outside their transport. They were still waiting for everyone to regroup, but for the most part those that made it to the meeting point had looked a bit worse for wear. Mercy was currently mending Hana’s sprained ankle while Zarya nursed a bloody nose. Lena seemed to have fallen asleep after she got patched up on a bench; it seemed she had overexerted herself a bit and would probably be asleep for the rest of the night. She hoped Mercy would be finished soon, though at the same time she hoped he would come around any second so she wouldn’t miss it.

Everyone had practically gotten scattered throughout this mission; not knowing where anyone was at was becoming more nerve-wracking by the second. Satya studied the scrape on her elbow, making sure there was no dirt on it before taking a deep breath and exhaling slowly when she looked back up. Heavy footsteps alerted her to Reinhart making his way towards them, helmet off and features tired but overall alive and well. Roadhog, Lucio, and McCree followed soon after, and Winston limped back a bit slowly since it seemed his left wrist was either sprained or broken, she couldn’t really tell. As everyone started to settle down and help heal each other up. She furrowed her brows and took a small step forward, surveying the damaged roads ahead of her for any sign of the junker. Satya fidgeted with a section of her dress, which had gotten rather dirty and ripped along with her stockings earlier, getting more nervous by the second. Just as she was about to turn and ask someone if they had seen him, she heard the distinct sound of his footsteps slowly approaching. Junkrat made his way over slowly, and Symmetra realized the damage his peg leg had taken before noticing his prosthetic arm was missing. He was covered in more soot than ever as well, but Satya ignored that as she quickly made her way over and ignored the warm pain throbbing from her shin. She latched onto him tightly, not uttering a word as she rested her head on his chest and did her best not to think about the dirt getting in her hair or on her face and arms. He stiffened for a second before immediately relaxing into her hold, returning the strong embrace as best as he could with only one arm. She relaxed against him, adrenaline fading away and revealing just how exhausted she actually was.

“You are filthy…” She muttered as she pulled away slightly, studying him to make sure there were no other injuries on him.

“Not by choice this time, Love. I can assure you that.” He replied teasingly, brows furrowing in slight concern as he cupped her cheek and carefully ran his thumb under her bleeding lip. “I’m sorry I was late… Right now and when they almost got you…” Symmetra shook her head slightly as he rubbed away some dried blood from her chin.

“They were well-prepared for us this time, Jamison… We could not have foreseen this turn of events… I also should have paid more attention to my surroundings. It is my own fault I got hurt.” She assured him, giving him a small, assuring smile a she pat his cheek. “And you came just in time to help me.” She added, making him smile again.

“Couldn’t just let some nobody put his hands on me girl like that, you know…” He joked, leaning down and managing to steal a kiss from her. “Wouldn’t be a good boyfriend if I did…” Junkrat muttered, letting his good hand roam up to comb his fingers through her hair to push it away from her face. “Though I gotta admit this situation’s just rich…” He chuckled, licking some blood off his lips that managed to get on there when he kissed her. “Any other day, you’d avoid me like the bloody plague with how dirty I am right now… What’s the special occasion? Not that I mind; I rather welcome a warm embrace and a kiss from you after that hellish job.” He mused. She sighed, rolling her eyes as she hugged him tightly again.

“Please don’t scare me like that again…” She mumbled against his skin, exhaling when he gave her a firm but gentle squeeze in return.

“I won’t do it on purpose; that much I can promise, Love…” He answered. She relaxed again, wincing internally when she noticed how thick the layer of soot was on his skin.

“And to answer your question, Jamison, my need for the physical reassurance that you are alive and well far overpowers my need to be clean and organized right now.” She started before pulling away to look up at him. “And it also gives us a good reason to bathe together.” She added with a bit of rare playfulness to her voice. Jamison blinked in surprise as he processed her words before his lips curled into a mischievous smirk.

“Well now… I reckon that’s as good a reason as any to enjoy cleaning up with you…”

-bonus/alternate ending: he tries to pick her up and walk to their transport, but breaks his prosthetic leg in the process and Reinhart carries him back



cute stuff good stuff dat sum good cute stuff right there it is! *thumbs up*


no wait, with that alternate ending, she should carry him XD

I admit I had a little trouble figuring out what’s happening on this page.

First, PI flips a switch, and the south (Starboard) wall rotates to reveal a matching set of portholes to the ones we’d already seen. That part makes sense (by Problem Sleuth standards) but I just don’t understand the trajectory of this chocolate grenade.

It goes into the the RED porthole, through the RED street light into the opposite RED street light, and then for some reason reenters the room through the GREEN porthole. Then the cycle repeats like that. Every port side street light is connected to the wrong starboard porthole.

Thinking about it like co-op Portal 2 helps a bit, but it’s still confusing.

i don’t care if we never play another game in that setting, i’m keeping this loser.

Cillian “3ldritch” Deepclaw, the edgiest of private couriers/runners/whatever you want to call them. and also a warlock b/c i am trash, and he is trash. 

he has strong opinions about grenades and doesn’t always notice when car windows are tinted from the inside. gets invited to lots of parties. would rather harass a bellhop than look for an exit. once met jim caviezel.


“Jaaaaunne,” Nora cried, pushing open the door despite his protestations.  She stepped into the room and toward her stuff to pick up some extra grenades for Magnhild.  “I’m not here to bother you, I know you’re sick and being stubborn about it, I’m just here for some grenades…”

As she turned around, she saw him sprawled out on the bed in complete agony.  Immediately, she recognized the situation and dropped the grenades to rummage through her dresser.

“Here,” she said, tossing a bag of chocolate covered pretzels and a bottle of pain relievers next to him.  “These should help.  My ‘time of the month’ stash is in the bottom drawer of my dresser, if you ever need anything.“


Jaune squeaked slightly as Nora came in, pushing himself up slightly to glare at her. Of course, that movement itself hurt, and he let out a groan, flopping back down on the bed.

As snacks and painkillers were thrown at him, he couldn’t help but be thankful. “Nora, you’re a lifesaver. I love you.” He managed to sit up, pulling on a baggy sweatshirt to hide himself underneath. He pulled open the bag of chocolate covered pretzels, sighing happily as he popped on in his mouth. It didn’t get rid of the pain, but it did make him feel a little better.

“Any tips for not feeling so gross?” he couldn’t help but ask, hoping that sentence got his point across.