Dear Fellow Soul Adventurers,

I am huge advocate of healthy and organic living. I do not always practice what I preach but I am trying to eat more natural,unprocessed and for a large part home grown and locally grown foods.

I love coconut milk. In Grenada and in the Caribbean on a whole we incorporate coconut products into many dishes. Coconut milk powder and coconut shreds and other coconut products are commercially produced and sold island wide and they are alright but nothing beats  homemade coconut magic.

Here is a recipe for coconut milk: (I am not a chef, although I fancy myself one from time to time)


2 whole coconuts

1 liter of water  or however much you want (but if you use much more I suggest you add more coconuts)


1. Drain the water from the coconut by piercing a hole into one of the three round indentations at the top of the coconut (one of them is softer than the rest, that is the one you should pierce) and letting the water drain into a dish (you can actually drink this).

2. Break open the coconut by either smashing it violently onto the pavement or continuously striking it with a heavy object (I actually used a pretty big rock) around its circumference until it cracks open.

3. Separate the coconut fruit from the shell by jamming a sharp knife in between the fruit and shell and using it as a lever to pry out the fruit.

4.Cut or break the coconut into smaller pieces .

5. Place the coconut pieces and water into the blender

5. Blend the ingredients until the coconut is blended into tiny pieces and the water turns white from the colour of the coconut.

6. Let the mixture sit for a while so that the water can further soak up the coconut goodness

7.Drain the mixture to separate the coconut pieces from milk

VOILA! Your very own homemade batch of coconut milk to do with as you please.

COMING SOON! Oil Down Recipe (with pictures). Oil Down is the national dish of Grenada.

Are you living?

Clabone, Sulfur Springs, St. Andrew

Soul Adventurer State of Mind

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”

-Marcel Proust

The other day someone asked me what makes my blog different from other  Grenada exploration blogs.

To be honest at first I was sure. In fact initially I felt that Grenada exploration blogs were not that common and that I was creating something new and fresh.

I reflected for a while, and came to the realisation that I am not simply writing and reviewing different locations and sites on my beautiful island I am attempting to inspire a “Soul Adventurer State of Mind”.

Yes, I capture images and write about the places I have visited to some extent. However, my journey through this island is really about  changing my life perception and attitude towards the experience of exploring and discovering the little slices of bliss that Grenada has to offer.

I am not particularly interested in seeing the “sights” as much as I am trying to experience them. I am chasing that feeling I get, when I  stare at the vast ocean, that makes my mind linger on concepts like vulnerability and my place in this huge world. I love the times when I am not even sure where I am going or where I am, I am with myself, I am with friends and I am experiencing the bliss that that has to offer.

I have lived on this beautiful island since I was seven (7) years old. I have gone on countless tours with my parents but it has not been until now that I have truly come to  appreciate the importance of the “Soul Adventurer State of Mind”. 

It is about being comfortable with the unfamiliar and not expecting anything from it. It is about allowing yourself to take in everything it has to offer without longing for more or less. Sometimes I stand at the tip of a peninsular in some unknown and to some extent forgotten corner of the island, I close my eyes and I just feel, I feel the breeze, I hear the waves and I let my emotions do as they please. I just exist free from all the garbage and clutter life throws at us, I simply feel free. My Soul is running wild.

Grenada affords me these opportunities with its stillness.

I am still exploring and meditating on the concept of “Soul Adventuring”, I will probably never fully understand it, but at least I am trying and I am a lot closer than I ever was before.


Greetings Fellow Soul Adventurers!

Check out these images from back in the day. It is interesting that earlier on this week I went up to Fort George and took pictures of the town and the Carenage. Today as I was rummaging through some pictures from my parents I found a similar picture, only about 20 years younger. Even more interestingly that was not the only picture I took that my father also took back then.

My father is a bit of an ex-pat dividing his time between Europe and the Caribbean for the past 40 odd years, we share a love of photography, adventuring and mind boggling conversations on just about any topic.

Did I mention that I am a practicing yogi?

Hey Fellow Soul Adventurers!

Yoga has been a huge part of my path to self discovery or soul adventuring as I like to call it. It has taught me a lot about confronting those self imposed boundaries and pushing past them to discovering a whole new side of myself. Doing a headstand variation on that rock was one of the most daring things I have done.

No nuts no glory huh!

Peace and Bliss Grenada Soul Adventurer



This week I bring you a blast from the past, a documentary about the 1979 Grenada Revolution. This one brought tears to my eyes, tears of joy and pride. It reminded me that this blog is more than a tropical blog encouraging people to enjoy all that Grenada has to offer. It is also a blog to empower Grenadians, and people from around the world to be Soul Adventurers, to break free from the mundane rut we sometimes find ourselves. It is to serve as a reminder that there are untapped resources of power to change our realities ,if we are not satisfied with them, within each and every one of us. 

Peace and Bliss

Grenada Soul Adventurer

A man practices the art of adventure when he breaks the chain of routine and renews his life through reading new books, traveling to new places, making new friends, taking up new hobbies and adopting new viewpoints
—  Wilfred Peterson