Poem - In the Extreme

In the Extreme

Predilections lead me there
to extremes both short and tall
shades that span a spectrum wide
gender can be compromised
as words roll hot to comply
matching what I fancy for
I’ll tell you more of what I like

character is the litmus test
sexiness none can deny
this terra firma is the start
same or opposite both apply
androgyny is the reward
when intimacy finds it course
before the gender can decide
what is pleasant to my eye

back to height my interests lead
tall so fine, I’ll proceed
seeing one at eye-to-eye
or even higher is delight
oh so short is nice to hold
as delicate as a china bowl
grown to speak with mature mind
small enough to dip in kind

attitude can peak my eye
the barb of language invites my mind
whips and chains by words evoke
pleasant thoughts the same provoke
delivered with a side of sass
just add some snark to spice it up
hot tamale, kimchi’s burn
speak the mind with acid tongue

so many colors fill the world
at the ends I’ll explore
each its own pleasant tone
dark to ginger I’ll implore
intense is better I’ll admit
when I look to fill the niche
compliment my pallid tint
add the hues from rainbow’s curve.

oh so many adventures lay ahead
beyond the common everyday
what I am, where I’ve been
who I seek beyond these realms
my predilections look beyond
to the ones you’d not think
lift my heart, skip a beat
shocking they may seem to be
interest me in the extreme.

2016, Sean Green. All Rights Reserved, 20161209.

Perhaps getting older has opened me to seeing beauty in the extremes of the world.  Wait, I don’t think that’s the normal convention.  Just as well!  The poem “In the Extreme” is about where beauty and sexiness is found: in the places others would not expect.