When you look at your dead/non-canon OTP:

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A Proposal (ha, puns)

So, as most of you know, I will be doing a Swanfire wedding fic for the finale.  While morosely chatting with others about how stupid the entire thing was, it occurred to me that I’m surely not the only Salty Pissed Off Writer that is devastated to see Emma’s characterization destroyed by this stupid half-assed relationship.  I’ve loved seeing headcanons about what a Wooden Swan wedding would look like, a Swan Queen wedding, etc.

So why don’t us anti-CSers have a little fic day for the premier?  

Pick your favorite Emma pairing.  Write a wedding fic.  Post it under the tag Emma Swan Deserves Better.  

Let’s vent by writing.  Let’s write the wedding Emma Swan deserves–without destroying her character (a Grace Kelly wedding dress? Have they met this character?), keeping her edgy and fierce.  

Join me!

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Things I will never forgive OUAT for:

1. Milah’s treatment. I don’t think anything else needs to be said.

2. Emma (and to a lesser degree Snow) never finding out what happened to Graham.

3. Genie/Sidney never being freed.

4. Belle going back to Rumple and that being considered a ‘happily ever after’

5. ‘Forgetting’ about Anastasia, and just the spin off in general, especially after Will came back. Also, recasting Jafar rather than waiting for Naveen. Like I want to make it very clear that I mean no disrespect for Jafar’s new actor there. He did a great job. I just personally hate recasts.