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80s movie kisses (part 4)

I love my gremlin daughter, Pidge. She is unapologetic in her disdain for everything that makes her uncomfortable (14 y.o. still know how cooties work) and so unapologetic with her special interests! I can see her being happy for Keith and Lance, Shay and Hunk, Shiro and Allura/Matt and showing her pride by making snide comments. Like, I get why people are irritated that her fic portrayal is showing only her disgust, but she grew up with Matt. A male who makes off comments about peas. She’s gonna be disgusted by everything cause I bet you he teased her about EVERYTHING. (That’s what big siblings do.) So, she complains about Klance flirting being “gross” as a compliment, much like she tells her parents when they’re kissing in the kitchen.

I redid my D.VA cosplay for stream. It’s not perfect, but I love it! I just have to get her gun wig and headphones. Any site besides Aliexpress or Ebay? I know Amazon has a few sellers. Or maybe make my own. 




it’s kinda funny how everyone keeps demanding more nonconventionally attractive girls in video games and then when one that isn’t ‘cute’ enough for you actually pops up y’all are making fun of her immediately

embrace-tranquility’s waaaaaay overdue 1400+ follower forever!

                      Thank you kamai-tachi for the promo image!

A long, long time ago, in a land far, far away, I reached the 1000 followers. Then, not too long after I reached 1100, 1200, 1300 and eventually it landed on over 1400+ followers. All this time, ever since the 1000 I said I would make a bias list and a thank you post. But being the goofball that I am, and the fact that I cannot edit pictures for shit, it never happened. But it had to happen, I had to do it! So I kicked my own butt, asked some help from a lovely friend for the image, and here it is!

            embrace-tranquility’s 1400+ follower bias list!

I have been on this blog for a loooooooooooooooooong time. Dating all the way back to begin June 2016. That’s eight months already, and I’m still kicking! (eight months is long for a rp blog…right?) 
But honestly, eight months or not, I would not have been here without all of you, my followers! 

I have had my ups and downs. I’ve seen many of my rp partners come and go. I am terrible at formatting, I don’t use icons, and sometimes I jumble words or sentences because english is not my native language. Yet here all you guys are, supporting and following me! Often I wonder if I portrait Zenyatta correctly, or wonder if I am still wanted considering there are so many other Zenyatta’s, and each and every time you guys tell me otherwise. For someone with depression, it is sometimes hard to believe and recieve compliments, but I have never felt so welcome and loved as that I have here. I simply cannot express the feelings that I feel. If I did, then this post would turn into an essay!

  TLDR: I love each and everyone of my followers, and I am       blessed to have such amazing people surrounding me!

Now, onto the bias list. These are people that I actively chat with, love seeing on my dash, or are just people dear to me. If you’re not it, don’t be discouraged. I still think that you’re hella cool!

         Either way, thank you for helping me get to 1400+                             followers! Here’s to a hundered more!♥ 

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