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Would Undertaker and Grell Sutcliff classify as characters with mental disorders? Would it be alright to find people like them and Baron Kelvin in the real world, and be around them to start friendships with them? I guess this is an unusual; idea to have mentally unbalanced people as your friends.

I’m no psychologist or psychiatrist…. 

That said, I don’t think Undertaker has a particular mental disorder. I might change my mind on that later, but for now I’ll say no.

I’m on the fence about Grelle in one respect, because I’m not sure how to classify the gender identity issue; Grelle might indeed suffer from GID (gender identity disorder)/gender dysphoria. Gender issues aside, though, Grelle displays numerous psychopathic traits.

I don’t even want to think about just how messed up Baron Kelvin is…. He’d probably score pretty high on psychopathy tests, as well, but he seems to have way more going on than that.

Honestly, most people have at least one friend, family member, coworker, etc. with a mental disorder of some sort. I don’t think it’s unusual at all to have “mentally unbalanced” people as your friends; it mostly depends on the disorder itself whether this is wise… and whether they are aware of their situation and getting treatment.

Character analysis: Grell Sutcliff

-I’ve chosen Grell as the fourth character on the list, since Grell is one of the characters for whom there is much to talk about. Grell loves shows and plays, and she loves playing different kind of characters, regardless of gender. We’ve seen Grell play Ofelia in the OVA (I know it’s from anime, not manga!), and we’ve seen Grell play Butler Grell that serves Burnett family. What we know about Grell is that she’s a Shinigami, who once committed suicide, and that she has quite a temper, and quite a flamboyant one, too, but I’ve to say that Aleister Chamber has the most flamboyant character in the Kuro World. There is much I’d love to talk about Grell, and I’d love to know what you think of it.

-One of the most asked questions about Grell, is why did she murder Madam Red? As I stated here, the reason has to do with her suicide. We don’t know why she committed suicide, but I guess it has to do with her being male by birth, and with her being unhappy about her body. Grell, most likely, wasn’t accepted for who she was, while she was a human, and had to hide her true self. Also, the fact that she could never be a female, regardless of how much she wanted to, most likely led to her suicide.

 -And, now we talk about why she murdered Madam Red. I see Grell, in her former human life, as someone who was pushed around. Maybe, the people around her, had driven her to commit suicide, and she regrets killing herself, instead of killing those people who were unkind and possibly cruel to her. On the other hand, she admired Madam Red, and I think that Grell saw herself in her; she saw Madam Red as someone she wished she was during her human life. Grell suffered from depression during her life, but I think that some people’s actions were the last straw. She probably felt guilty and worthless, and took her life. Madam Red never thought of killing herself, despite great unhappiness, and was not afraid to take revenge and punish those women. When Madam Red failed to kill Ciel, Grell saw Madam Red as weak, and she no longer admired her. But, what pushed her to kill Madam Red, was not only disappointment, but was also because she saw Madam Red as herself. She couldn’t see herself being weak again, and that’s why she murdered Madam Red.

That leads us to the question if she regretted it? I think she did. Grell is not someone calm and composed, but very passionate and impulsive. She didn’t think much before killing Madam Red, and I believe she deeply regrets it.

-Yana Sensei informed us that Grell main interest is not Sebastian, as we all think, but Will. If Sebastian showed genuine interest in Grell, I don’t think Grell would be that interested in Sebastian. Grell lives for shows and plays, and I think that this is just another part of a role, I guess.

- It’s possible that Grell doesn’t have a fixed notion of who she really is, and maybe her flamboyantness just a coping mechanism. But, in the end, she found herself in the Shinigami world, and I think that she is a lot happier in the Shinigami world. I love how tolerant other Shinigami are to Grell, (Minus William, who has a very strict temper!)Despite everything, she may be still far away from her true feelings and true self.

-I’d to note that Grell’s personality quite changed when her suspension was over, and I wonder what she had to do during that time. *smirks* She was more rule-breaking, and now she was eager that she had work to do, despite having to reap over one thousand people in one single night.

Grell also seems more dedicated to work, but she still keeps wearing the Madam Red coat. I wonder why? Does she keep wearing that coat because she treasures that time with Madam Red, or because she reminds herself to not go back to her old ways?Or, because, Madam Red still reminds her of herself.

 What has happened has happened, and no matter how much she wants to be a woman, she never can. Maybe, Grell, finally accepted the truth, and is trying to make the best out of her situation, or maybe she buried those feelings deep down her, never to be resolved. Each of the Shinigami, most likely, has deep unresolved issues or impossible situations, and that’s why they committed suicide. But, death didn’t solve their problems, if anything it made them worse, as Grell is forced to remain in a male’s body for eternity. What she was forced to face as-long-as-she-is-alive, now she is supposed to face for eternity. This situation would create a very dark emotional world, wouldn’t it?

-I must not forget to tell you one interesting fact I came across while writing this. It seems that Yana Sensei named Grell after Peter Sutcliffe, a British serial killer, commonly known as ‘The Yorkshire Ripper.’ Peter Sutcliffe seems to have suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, and has said that he heard God saying to him to kill the prostitutes.

-I’d want to end this one by talking a lighter topic, Grell’s fashion style. I think like Grell’s fashion sense a lot.  She has an interesting androgynous style. She wears only things that suit her body figure, and we can’t deny that she’s really fashionable, can we?

~by Red Rose Crown  ♕

After his job at the circus, William gathers up the courage to confess his feelings for Grell…only to see her in a jealous fit over how ‘Bassy’ did it with Beast and not her….breaking Will’s heart. Piece by piece. Dropping his patch of red roses that he wanted to present to the red reaper, he turns and leaves….he needed ten bottles of ale.

Little had he known, a spider demon had his golden eyes on Will….with a sickly smile, he quietly follows the saddened Reaper to the nearest pub in town.

“Tonight…he will be mine.”


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Is it me or does GD look like Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler with his new hair?? Either way I'm aallll here for it ๐Ÿคค๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฝ

I had to look him up but his hair sure does look like ji 😮