Unlisted PV - Grell Sutcliff ver. (CV: Fukuyama Jun)

from the official collaboration between Kuroshitsuji: Book of the Atlantic and mobile game “100 Sleeping Princes & the Kingdom of Dreams” titled “Dream Butler”

(the line shown on the screen in the middle of it says “Will would get mad again if I don’t return sooner” <3 ;w;)

Crack Theory: On The List

Many people have taken Grell’s final words in chapter 125 as foreshadowing that someone might die.

Of course, it might not be foreshadowing, but there’s some fears about who might be scheduled to die.

Oddly enough, even if there someone that is on the list to die in the near future, it doesn’t mean they will actually die. Othello specifically talked about how the list is revised sometimes because of outside of influences. There could be someone that is on the list to die that will actually live.

That much is not really a crack theory. It’s a plausible theory that might have even explain some of past events. However, what I’m about to propose next does venture over into crack theory territory.

What if Ciel is the one scheduled to die?

If this is the case, then that would be why Grell made the comment about seeing each other again soon. Back in the Green Witch arc, Sebastian made a move like he was attempting to eat Ciel’s soul - later claiming to be only 90% serious.

What if something happens so that Sebastian feels the contract if fulfilled or that Ciel has broken it in some manner? Ciel’s name might be on the list as being killed by a demon, and this is what Grell is referring to, but some outside force may stop this.

As it stands, this is only a crack theory at the moment, but I thought it might be interesting.


When I get older...

When I get older I want to own a funeral parlor for it just to be called “undertaker” then in small letters below the big title “funeral parlor” then have my business card say “the undertaker" then the phone and address blah blah ect…at the bottom the quote will be “I put the fun in funeral” that my dream job at this point in my life…lol

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I have this little headcanon that Othello is in love with Grell. He annoys her purposely because he’s trying to get her attention while still trying to act like the cold men he feels she prefers. Ironically, while Grell has worked to get William’s attention over the years, she’s oblivious to Othello’s intentions. She just sees him as a friend. When Othello noted that Sebastian was Grell’s cup of tea, a part of him was upset since he knows he doesn’t have the same look.


All thoses characters are canon so there’s no “This character isn’t (…)” Ok I passed my whole night searching canon characters XD

Modern Black Butler AU Headcanons-

Lizzie: Is interested in the sweet lolita style, likes Melanie Martinez, has a pastel aesthetic blog, has tried dying her hair but didn’t like it much and hasn’t done it since

Sieglinde: Already studying to go to medical school, honestly just wants to wear pajama pants around everywhere, runs on coffee, really liked Lizzie’s dyed hair-

Ciel: Listens to MCR, is the most emo emo to ever emo, wears Lizzie’s eyeliner (she knows about it, don’t worry), makes Edgar Allan Poe memes

Alois: Introduced Lizz to Melanie Martinez, is the sassiest friend you can ever have ever, is getting the love and therapy he needs, has finally fired Claude’s bitch ass

Grell: Has finally had the sex change she wanted, playlist goes from Halestorm to Lady Gaga, has like a million cats and a puppy, also makes Edgar Allan Poe memes

Ron: He hasn’t changed much tbh but I can see him running a meme/shitpost account

Othello: SCIENCE BOI HAS BEEN INTRODUCED TO HARRY POTTER, reminded Grell to be careful after she got the sex change, has one asshole kitten that always hides his pen

Undertaker: Creature Feature is his jam, has a blog made J U S T for Edgar Allan Poe memes and shitposts, has probably yelled “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, MONTRESSOR” at Grell for giving him more corpses to fix up